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Brian Downs Jan 2012
to be quite honest
I hate you
you make my insides burn
and my ears ring
with rage,
I rake my nails into my palms
when your voice
rattles down my ear canal
and into my brain
and your laugh
it makes that vein on my temple
flare and pulse
like a earthworm on acid
you you you
are the reason
I have these thoughts
and drive around
with my eyes wide
and senses dull
are the reason I write

so thank you
Brian Downs Jan 2012
we can make it if we run
we mustn't let the night catch up
and spoil all the fun
let it be known
that days are never ending
and the spoils of existence ring true
let yourself be decadent
and the world will become one with you
bring all of your pleasures
with you on your back
take your mind to the sailors star
and watch it from the dock

as the boat rocks....

don't be bothered
just be free
close your ears
and come with me
well float away
to mystic lands
sift our brains
and strangers sands
colors bright
and feelings bold
ask the lights
and truth be told
Brian Downs Jan 2012
I'm walking towards the ground
I'm never looking back
I'm taking what I want
and I'm keeping it
I spent my whole life
reaching for the meaning
made it to the top  
now I'm leaping off
poised painless weight
towed down by the immortal force
I'm ready for the end
and I'm feeling it
the sensation behind the mask
hidden in the point of no return
I found it for myself
and I'm keeping it
Brian Downs Jan 2012
Im a poet at heart
but sometimes i can't hear my heart
because my brain is too ******* loud
and thats when i get *******

and write things like this

and throw ****

like this remote
Brian Downs Jan 2012
the dark man sits in a cherry tree
whistling a melody
for them to sing along to
his faded overalls hung
over his strong broad shoulders
and his straw hat shaded his sweaty nose

The dark men stalk the steamy field
singing the melody the cherry man whistled
their coarse earthy claws continually latched to the cotton
potato sacks and whicker baskets tied around their waists
holding the accumulations from a long cruel day

They picked till they bled
and then picked some more
but the cherry man sat
and hung his legs
and let his haunting tune
shepherd the peons
Brian Downs Jan 2012
please join me baby
on a sinister ride
please join me baby
crystals in the tide
please join me baby
i think its time for change
oh join me baby
in a heartless game

ill give you all my reasons
ill show you all my cards
and if you think of leaving
ill surely fall apart

so join me baby
oh join me baby

im breathing heavy
you drank my wine
your sinful whisky
burnt in my mind
I'm sliding under
im fallin in
come join me baby
reach it again

please join me baby
Brian Downs Jan 2012
i will never bend in such a way that will disturb
the perfect equality that i strive for
but never fully achieve

i will forever place the quenches of my own comfort
above any annoyance that prods my soul,
and remain as welcoming as a rusty hammer

i will never blink at the innocent eye
of any woman until i snake my way in and out
of every hell burnt curve of her vulnerable body

i will forever spend eternity
twisting down the long black hole of existence
reaching out into the breathless air
hoping to catch enough
to exhale the final breath of my cowardly life

i will always be

Don't know how i feel about the ending, i was under a different set of emotion towards the closing lines.
tell me what you think of it
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