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Teezy Feb 2017
You're  Majestic in your physical being
But that's the only thing I'm seeing
Feelings quickly fleeing
Intentions misleading

Stanza adds up the entire body of our courting in the lyrical sense
Feelings so dense I can't get over this...
Love , or so it was supposed to be
But your games compelled and controlled my very being

I'm speaking of the pain that brought me to my knees
The pain that held my breathe to a slow crunching wheeze
Blinded by your golden skin gave me every reason to sin
Thoughts of anxiety every time I let you in

2 years with nothing but meaningless words
Gestures that you didn't deserve
Time waisted on anticipation
Forcing my other life to become complacent

I won't stand for it this is different
Your love withered away drying out in the distance
You weren't there for me
You couldn't see why you should believe in me

Typical fixes for you wouldn't do
I wasn't the man you could be true..
Falling for every one of your tricks like I'm new to this

These were my roses to you years ago
Roses that I thought would end this steady flow
Roses that passed away in time
Roses representing my heart and my mind

Roses resurrected in the spring of 16
Roses reflecting the future of you and me
Roses resembling the love I had for you
Roses resenting the pain you put me through

Neglecting the instinct of the Chivalry that molded me into the man I am today
Stabbed it through the heart repeatedly until the thought of it deteriorated away
But autumn was at the end of the blade
Dead for a season but I couldn't keep it at bay

It'll never die
Awoken again from the sound of these words cry
Awoken by the tears of another's love
Awoken by realizing that I am enough
Part 2 of Chivalry's Wake
Teezy May 2016
Why do we walk with our heads held high?
Why do we refuse to turn a blind eye to our dead brothers laying to the side
Of the curve for being unjustly murdered for walking down the street
To catch public transportation to a job to provide for his family and give them what they need

Why do we address the issues that arise from racism and hate?
Why do we stomp hard to boycott our brothers and sisters falsely imprisoned behind those metal gates?
Unapologetically black I guess that's why we're always under attack
Ready to steal everything from us but refuse to acknowledge that fact

Blamed for the wrong doings of this world and the poverty of our communities
In debt forever just to get a degree and still no equal opportunities  
Punished for the color of our skins like its a plague or some kind of sin
White girl screaming **** just so a young brothers life can come to an end

They're above and below where can my people go
Trying to fight back for our freedom just to receive a lethal blow
Raising  our black queens and kings to become more than just a statistic
Refusing to see us come together hate to see us uplifted

White supremacists protected because of there right to speak
It's a different day we refuse to embrace fear we refuse to accept defeat
Blatant disrespect rally's full of hate and evil
Trying to play our culture false support constantly deceitful

Our souls are unmatched our skin will not crack
We stump with more rhythm our fist won't retract
We know our pain we understand our odds are stacked
It's a shame that's the price to pay for the greatness of being black
Teezy Apr 2016
Why did we meet?
Wanted love but I'm faced with defeat
Souls confront at the moment of separation
Hours of captivation lured my makeup to sedation

Homecoming brought aspiration for our unities firm imminents
But elapsed time left liberty for another's feelings of intense sentiment
Fortune brought the tides of our fates to fasten in sync anew
For the light of your sheath left my lips to never mutter another adieu

Lack of presence molded every ambition to conclude with you
Fondness for your heart carved no room for our courting to undo
Your very structure reproduced in facsimile to my psyche
Bountiful love influx my spirit bounding my soul from defying

Uncontrollable passion awaited the culmination of my hour exile
Expecting the ripest of the body but faced with something more juvenile
Incandescent feelings brings pain to my mind, body, and soul
Waiting patiently for these long awaited feelings to unfold

Into heartless darkness robes of a man without compassion
Or someone unlovable but masked with false face of a former gentleman's attraction
Forced the realization true love is not attained through a man's unchangeable chivalry
But a savage bleak mind that seeps more and more through open pores unwillingly
Teezy Apr 2016
Human nature seems to let you down when you need compassion most.
Slow to give a helping hand but quick to boast.
Vibes of the world leads the young to feel the grass is greener on the other side.
When really the end of the genuine helps the antipathetic to multiply.

Adolescent minds learn to move up from dragging their brothers behind.
Slow waterfall of hate leaves death and pain to accumulate and never subside.
13 year old girls raising baby's to follow down the same avenues as their childish mothers.
Never receiving unconditional love to pass to the abused girl selling her body to help her younger brother.

16 years young found in a pool of blood by his baby mother and his juvenile child.
Shirts plastered rest in peace to my brother, the good die young never had a chance to reconcile.
With his father who sat in the crack house with the OG's and the dope boys he looked up to for years.
Never realized how long his untimely death would bring painful sickening tears.

Bible on the corner and pistol in the center.
praying hands on his chest but bullet through the temple.
Paralyzed mother in the chair young toddler on the phone with the police.
"My mommy's hurt my daddy's dead police man help me please!"

Lords prayer on the wall with shadows of raised hands being lifted.
Elevated not for the good of God but to come down striking on a women to be restricted.
Loss of a child from the constant stress and impure molestation.
Sisters telling her to leave but she refuses as she smiles numb to the painful sensation.

Lord we pray a change will come our young can't handle the unjust extinction.
Just only if our brothers would subdue the violence and just listen.

— The End —