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Feb 2017
You're  Majestic in your physical being
But that's the only thing I'm seeing
Feelings quickly fleeing
Intentions misleading

Stanza adds up the entire body of our courting in the lyrical sense
Feelings so dense I can't get over this...
Love , or so it was supposed to be
But your games compelled and controlled my very being

I'm speaking of the pain that brought me to my knees
The pain that held my breathe to a slow crunching wheeze
Blinded by your golden skin gave me every reason to sin
Thoughts of anxiety every time I let you in

2 years with nothing but meaningless words
Gestures that you didn't deserve
Time waisted on anticipation
Forcing my other life to become complacent

I won't stand for it this is different
Your love withered away drying out in the distance
You weren't there for me
You couldn't see why you should believe in me

Typical fixes for you wouldn't do
I wasn't the man you could be true..
Falling for every one of your tricks like I'm new to this

These were my roses to you years ago
Roses that I thought would end this steady flow
Roses that passed away in time
Roses representing my heart and my mind

Roses resurrected in the spring of 16
Roses reflecting the future of you and me
Roses resembling the love I had for you
Roses resenting the pain you put me through

Neglecting the instinct of the Chivalry that molded me into the man I am today
Stabbed it through the heart repeatedly until the thought of it deteriorated away
But autumn was at the end of the blade
Dead for a season but I couldn't keep it at bay

It'll never die
Awoken again from the sound of these words cry
Awoken by the tears of another's love
Awoken by realizing that I am enough
Part 2 of Chivalry's Wake
Written by
   Lior Gavra
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