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Apr 2016
Why did we meet?
Wanted love but I'm faced with defeat
Souls confront at the moment of separation
Hours of captivation lured my makeup to sedation

Homecoming brought aspiration for our unities firm imminents
But elapsed time left liberty for another's feelings of intense sentiment
Fortune brought the tides of our fates to fasten in sync anew
For the light of your sheath left my lips to never mutter another adieu

Lack of presence molded every ambition to conclude with you
Fondness for your heart carved no room for our courting to undo
Your very structure reproduced in facsimile to my psyche
Bountiful love influx my spirit bounding my soul from defying

Uncontrollable passion awaited the culmination of my hour exile
Expecting the ripest of the body but faced with something more juvenile
Incandescent feelings brings pain to my mind, body, and soul
Waiting patiently for these long awaited feelings to unfold

Into heartless darkness robes of a man without compassion
Or someone unlovable but masked with false face of a former gentleman's attraction
Forced the realization true love is not attained through a man's unchangeable chivalry
But a savage bleak mind that seeps more and more through open pores unwillingly
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