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Charles McCue Sep 2016
In Time* the darkness rises
In Time we walk alone
In Time the child wanders
In Time we lose our home

In Time the moonlit night
In Time will bare the soul
In Time the poet yonder
In Time will yet grow old

In Time great love once burning
In Time dwindled to coals
In Time the heart once fickle
In Time will bury hope

In Time the monster cornered
In Time bites feeding hand
In Time the thoughts once pondered
In Time will join the sand
Charles McCue Sep 2016
Wishing both Passion and Anonymity
The same side of two coins
After ever, Eternity
First defeat had won
A growing cold beneath the flame
The careful waters nurtured
A passing notion for a kiss
Death presents His virtues

Will and Strength both in jest
Along with Constitution
Stir the muddied waters
Governed by Inspiration
Now chastened Fear beneath the moon
The aweful sonnet wispered
Left drunken Sorrow quite confused
On how he could have missed her

The quiet chains of Solitude
Sorrow kept in tow
Drug over the corpse of Pain
Where flowers never grow
The Writer with hypothesies
Sleeps beneath the covers
Quietly while on His sholder
Torture kindly hovers
Charles McCue Sep 2016
The darkness flees into the night
The hunger gladly chases light
The fear indulges in the fight
I cant get it right

The desperate often come out sore
The lover always asking more
The silent child always cries
But i can't scarecly get it right

The ache can dull the greater pain
The solitude can mend or maim
The whisper can confuse the lie
Still i won't get it right

The honesty set on the shelf
The past begrudging future help
The day breaks naught but for itself
So i must get it right

The Once and Future comes no more
The Poet taken for a bore
The story none have heard before
Once I get it right
Charles McCue Sep 2016
The crying, the screaming,
The pain without meaning
So complacently patient
So sick'nenly silent

A thousand deaths
Can't wash away
The torturous wounds
You've bestowed to me

The hate and the lying,
The constant crying
Unobservedly nuicent
'Cause you've found your place yet

You cannot see
Scars, you gave to me
The death of a saint
To the sinners grace

All I have left
Is your second best
Charles McCue Aug 2016
Growing destuction from creation
Forgoing the art of appreciation
Not watching, no participation
Ignoring my own emancipation

Pulling the plug on my own demise
Ignoring the painful distant cries
Oh, how the world yearns for lies
Its honesty they will despise

Calling out for vallidation
Alienating my own nation
Walking without trepidation
Not questioning this amputation

Cutting all familiar ties
Hiding from my soul that flies
Only till the time it dies
Oh, how i would open my cold eyes

Building peace with agitation
Waiting for my cancelation
Wishing none would feel abrasion
Leaving most with palpitation
Charles McCue Aug 2016
A heart of stone
Has no fear
Pain and Joy
Have no place here

One cant feel
If it is near
A silent, calm
Ship I steer

Needing not
To shed a tear
Or anguished cries
Of yours to hear

The outside of it
Almost sheer
The silence if it
almost queer

With robotic
Response to fear
But Joy in
solitude found here

Letting no one else
Draw near
Away from friendship
It will steer

Scoffing at a
Lonely tear
Sadness will
It never hear

Its rocky ledges
Are quite sheer
With great, deep caverns
Just as queer
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