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 Dec 2013 bethiem
 Dec 2013 bethiem
I'll hold you in my heart
Until I can hold you in my arms
I'll cling to every word you say
And wish you weren't so far away

I'll kiss you softly whenever I can
Because I don't know when I will again
And who cares what the world thinks of us
When I think the world of you

So yes, perhaps distance is a drag
And yes, people can be too
But love of mine please give it some time
Because in time I'll be with you
For my sweet girl, who lives an hour from my arms.
 Dec 2013 bethiem
You poured into me
like cream into coffee.
And once it began,
impossible to stop.
You dove into my core,

You didn’t try to destroy
the dark parts of me.
You embraced them,
kissed them
Lightening the dark,
by sharing the burden.
You told me my strength
was beautiful.
And that being strong
doesn’t have to mean
being alone.

We were unassuming yet
And I grew comfortable in the close quarters
of our singular pronoun.

Life without you now is
like giving up coffee;
It’s so hard to wake up.
Until one day,
it’s not.
 Dec 2013 bethiem
 Dec 2013 bethiem
You are an artist
but I am not a masterpiece to be painted.
You are a mathematician
but I am not a problem to be solved.
You are a writer
but I am not a story to be penned.
You are a scientist
but I am not a hypothesis to be proved.
You are a musician
but I am not a song to be played.
I am not a prize to be won.
A code to be cracked.
A text to be translated.
A poem to be recited.
But I will not define you.
 Dec 2013 bethiem
Katrina Wendt
I can lay
right next to you
and never touch you

I can see you smile
from across the room
without kissing you

I can watch you
leave the room
and resist hugging you goodbye

But sometimes
when I'm next to you
you have to ask me to move away

Because for a few minutes
I let fantasy get confused with reality
and I lean against you during a movie

And it's so warm
your arm and mine, touching
for that minute I'm at peace

But when you ask
of course I make room
Because I don't want you to feel uncomfortable

And if you weren't my friend
I would probably try it
just once, to know what it would be like to kiss you

But ideally,
I'll get over this
and when I am, we'll still be friends

So in the meantime
I try not to think about kissing you
and I only hug you when I have reason to

What I'm saying is
I will do what I can
to keep myself sane and our friendship intact

But just know
that with every look I give
I wish I could give so much more.
 Sep 2013 bethiem
Amanda Jerry
You probably understand. Or maybe you don't, after all. Either way, it is jumping around inside me and if I don't let it out soon all my carbonation will fizz up and run over the side of my glass and I don't want to waste all that sweetness.

I want to kiss you underwater.

I want that kiss to be the only thing keeping us alive. Down there we are foreigners, aliens. Grasping, I want to feel your flesh in stark contrast to the smooth wetness all around me, like a secret.

All that life where we cannot live. Exotic, forbidden, so lovely. I am sick with love.
 Sep 2013 bethiem
Jane EB Smith
God I'm lonely.
 Sep 2013 bethiem
Jane EB Smith
I loathe him.
I like the sound of that one.
Loathe. It stretches out the tongue and draws the lips together.
Loathe. Webster's says that it expresses utter disgust and intolerance.

Execrate. I execrate him and all he stands for.
"to declare to be evil or detestable"
Sounds ******, just like him.

I abhor him.
Abhor--to regard with extreme repugnance.
Abhor has that hard air sound in its middle like the sound made when
preparing to spit.
Yes. That works.
Except he's not worth spit.
 Sep 2013 bethiem
Jane EB Smith
Here’s what a divorce does:

Takes a remnant of a family from the house they moved into 10 years before
when their family numbered 6
then added a 7th

Takes them from the house where a new daughter came home
a new Marine came home
the first daughter-in-law came home
the first grandchild came home
the newest daughter to be came home
where we battled illness and survived
where we laughed till we cried.

Takes them from the house where friends have gathered to celebrate
a prom
a dinner dance
a wedding.
takes one away
puts two in limbo
makes three leave
four-legged family members
who can’t live
where they are going.

shatters family
abandons dreams
mutilates memories
condemns the future.

only helps the one who wanted it.

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