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bethiem Dec 2012
If anyone asks me what i want right now

besides the obvious answer being YOU,

all i want is to write poetry and

see your face in my head as the words come to me.

it's not hard to believe that you are

the sole subject of my prose.

As if writing about you could heal my soul

i hate that you have this hold on me

i never knew how weak i really was.

For as often as i see you,

you might as well be on Jupiter instead of the

other side of town
bethiem Jan 2013
The next time I see you

will you do a double take like last time

will you pretend you don't see me

will you smile and act as if everything's dandy

or will you be real and look deep in my soul when

you see my eyes

will you care

will you see all the hurt and hope and dreams i have

for us


will you get yourself to the mr. softee truck

just as soon as you possibly can
bethiem Dec 2012
How does it feel to be on that pedestal?

is it lonely up there?

i know you didn't ask to be there

things just worked out that way

"Plant the seed and the universe will

help you get what you need" or words

to that effect

well, it ain't happenin'

not on my timeframe

if i ask heaven and earth one more time

to bring us together

will i get a busy signal?

i am working on transforming and developing

my mind, just like the Dalai Lama said i should

but if i can only think about you

is it all just pillars of sand?
bethiem Jan 2013
Unrequited love.

even the name is depressing

love that's given but not returned

what's so ******* special about you that

you've turned my insides outside?

everything. everything about you is special

maybe you're doing me a favor

until i can wake up each morning and not have you

etched in my brain,

i will continue to weep silently and sew the gaping hole

in my heart

stitch by painstaking stich

— The End —