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Bethany Feb 2022
You are straight lines
I am scribbles

You are clean floors
I am dust bunnies

You are hospital corners
I am an unmade beds

You are perfect creases
I am wrinkled pants

You are straight and narrow
I am slightly off course

You are the one
I am the forgotten

You are in love
I am so afraid
Bethany Jun 2021
I miss the early us
Where our clothes
Hit the floor
Before our eyes met

I miss the early us
Where we expected
Nothing but
Before the truths surfaced

I miss the early us
Where mornings
We’re lazy
Before days changed us.

I miss the early us
Where dreams existed
In our heads
Before reality set it
Bethany May 2021
I want to weep
To shake the walls
Maybe wake the dead
As I wail
The pain bubbles
To the surface
I’ll tremble
With release
And beg forgiveness
For uncommitted sins
Missing your shadow
And what
We might have been
Bethany May 2021
I’m lonely
The silence
Is palpable

I’m sad
The melancholy
Is heartbreaking

I’m lost
The uncertainty
Is frightening

I’m indifferent
The numbness
Is life saving.
Bethany Apr 2021
It sits on my chest
Like an anvil
Weighing me down
Causing me pain

It feeds on my soul
Like a parasite
Eating away slowly
Leaving me empty

It steals my joy
Like a thief in the night
Robbing my being
****** me bare

It leaves me lonely
Like a closing door
Sealing my fate
Breaking my heart.
Bethany Mar 2021
Stupid girl
No one cares
Your troubles
Are your own

Stupid girl
No one knows
Your alone
all by yourself

Stupid girl
No ones coming
Your strength
Is all you have
Bethany Jan 2021
You ripped
My heart
From my body

You betrayed
My trust
From my being

You exposed
My insecurities
From my soul

You loved
My self
From your side

You never
My forever
From my heart
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