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Bethany 2d
No one
Will put me on a pedestal
And buy me a tiara

No one
Will watch the eclipse
And tell me that they’re falling

No one
Will love me for me
And  make  me think I’m enough

No one
Will make me believe
That the past is the past

No one
Will convince me
That I’m what they’ve been waiting for

No one
Will make me trust
That their words are the truth

No one
Will gain my trust
And make me believe

No one
Will stop out of the blue
And leave me alone
Bethany 2d
a drift
on my own
maybe no port exists
to dock my vessel
there is no safe harbor
to calm my tempest
i'll find no dry land
to find my footing
how will I survive?
then I recall
there is an anchor
to hold me still
i have a compass
to point me home
my faith is strong
to get me through
calm waters
crashing waves
ill find my way
Bethany 3d
I loved you
Long ago
When stars mattered
And dreams were real

I believed in you
Sweet words
When hope lived
And possibility existed

I needed us
Perfect story
When it seemed impossible
And yet came true

I realize truth
Sad endings
Happen too
And yet I don’t give up
Bethany 3d
I got nothing
No insightful words
Or encouraging prose

Love is beautiful
And heartbreaking
In the moment

We choose our battles
And pick our sides
Feelings be ******

Yet truth be told
Emotions exposed
This pain is real
Bethany 6d
I’m angry
I hate you
In the moment

I don’t care
I despise you
In the now

I’m over it
I won’t love you
In this life
Bethany 6d
The line is thin
I walk it nonchalantly
As if I don’t care
Secretly I do

The bridge is high
I dangle carelessly
As if I’m not scared
Maybe I am

The end is close
I tease it unknowingly
As if I know
Truthfully I don’t

The day is long
I fake my way through
As if I’ll be here
Probably I won’t
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