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Bethany 1d
The world
Is on fire
Is trying
To win

All lives
Do Matter
Is losing
The fight

This stand
Is important
Is needing
To be served

The calm
Must prevail
For a life lost
Without Violence
Bethany 1d
The wine
And the ****
Will get me
Through the night

The promise
And the words
Will get me
Through the day

The silence
And the loneliness
Will get me
Broken to pieces
Bethany 4d
I’m broken
This girl
You see
All put together

I’m lost
This girl
You see
Wondering paths

I’m tired
This girl
You see
Traversing oaths

I’m ok
This girl
You see
All put together
Bethany May 14
I hate how
You rush over me
With your heaviness
That I can’t resist

I hate how
You swallow me
In your blanket
That comforts me

I hate how
You linger inside me
With your promises
That make me hope
Bethany May 6
I can’t do this
All the roles
The provider
The worker
The care giver
The teacher
The cook
The cleaner
The support
The disciplinarian
The shoulder
The comedic relief

But I’ll do it
Because I’m the mom
Bethany Apr 30
So, I’ve this heart
That’s too big
And accommodating
It welcomes all

It’s the most beautiful
Tragic thing
You will ever

It loves unconditionally
And uncontrollably
To all that dare
Cross it’s path

It’s broken
And misshapen
But so full
It’s busts at the seams

It has no boundaries
And no limits
It’s yours for
The asking

You can take
What you want
And leave what
You can

In the end
I’ll find peace
Even if only
Ashes remain.
Bethany Apr 22
This loss
Is not
Your gain

This failure
Is not
Your win

This bump
Is not
Your path

This mess
Is not
Your win
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