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Nov 2017 · 306
I am a woman
Natasha Meyer Nov 2017
I am stronger than you think
I'm the melody behind the perfect lyrics
I am a woman
A force to be reckoned with
You attempt to break me down
But like Stonehenge, I stand
Through storms and wars
Mysterious and powerful
And like stars scattered in the heavens
My light will never fade
Memories of me will remain
Long after I'm gone
Because I am a woman
To my dying day ... and beyond.
Mar 2017 · 372
Who knows
Natasha Meyer Mar 2017
Who knows what will happen next
The sun may fade
The stars may fall
When yesterday is nothing
But a memory caught
In a time capsule
Of Facebook
Oct 2016 · 230
The truth is...
Natasha Meyer Oct 2016
The truth is...
Pain is inevitable
Heartache is a fact
The truth is...
It's unavoidable
as the rising sun
and the season's dawn
Scream it from the roof tops
Shout it to the heavens
The truth is...
We are human
Oct 2016 · 255
Natasha Meyer Oct 2016
So fragile
so small
tiny hands
perfect fingers
and tippie toes
thrown into a world
where lies freely fall
If I could
I would keep you
safe from rage
broken lies
inevitable pain
Safe in my arms
Wrapped in my heart
Forever sweet little Alissa
Aug 2016 · 380
Small Boat
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
I'm the small boat
In an ocean of pain
Tossed about
The fight lost
At my souls cost
Aug 2016 · 445
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
Doom and Gloom
It surrounds me
Like a vortex pulling me in
Nothing I do
and nothing I say
will make it go away
I'm drowning slowly
In indifference
My life ebbing away
I have so little left to say
Oh I cry, I scream
But there's no-one who really listens
So I grow silent
Until I'm left out cold
Aug 2016 · 269
Not Cool
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
You make me sick
with your five digits prancing about
crawling over my body
like a uneducated boy scout
you claim to hold my heart
but its been torn apart
shattered across the vast expanse
absent of a second chance
go away you pathetic fool
what did you expect?
This was so -NOT- cool
Randomly me, angry and depressed. It's just how I feel today.... maybe tomorrow I'll feel better...
Aug 2016 · 233
A poem by me
Natasha Meyer Aug 2016
I read a poem from Stephan
It made no sense to me
All those coriographed lines
To the untrained eye unseen
Lies a secret or two
That may contain the key
To his so called happiness
In our own lives lost at sea

So tell me Stephan...
What is it with all this love?
What about some animosity!
I just had to!!
Jul 2016 · 290
If I fly today
Natasha Meyer Jul 2016
If I fly today,
I might die today,
If I die today,
You might cry today,
If you cry today,
You might lay today
In a lonely bed
Filled with regret

So instead
I won't fly today
So I won't die today
then you wont' cry today
and I will lie today
because everything is
As it should be
Jul 2016 · 525
Selfish needs
Natasha Meyer Jul 2016
Like a knife
Against my neck
Selfish needs met
you ruin my soul
love conditionally
When you're tired
I'm expended
Broken and bent
like a used rag
tossed on the street
just because of you
and your selfish streak
My body
My temple
In three days torn
to the ground
with no hope
of rebuilding
what you stole
Jun 2016 · 249
I never really loved you
Natasha Meyer Jun 2016
I never really loved you
Because you never really cared
All it was in the end
Was an infstuation
That left me alone and scared
I gave it my all
Until my soul was left bare
A barren ground for weeds to sprout
Were anger and pain
Gave the loudest shout
I never really loved you
Because you never really cared.
Jun 2016 · 250
Next Best Thing
Natasha Meyer Jun 2016
It's the next best thing to love
And the only emotion
I will entertain
Jun 2016 · 194
Natasha Meyer Jun 2016
It's the next best thing to love
And the only emotion
I will entertain
Jun 2016 · 332
Time to let go
Natasha Meyer Jun 2016
You push and pull
I scream and curse
It's a deadly pill
Filled with remorse

We try harder
But fail more
Run further
Keeping a score

You win this time
I win the next
I lose what is mine
And become more vexed

It's time to let go
There's nothing left
Another senseless row
Love, dead and bereft
Jun 2016 · 374
The city
Natasha Meyer Jun 2016
The city is like a wicked temptation
At day a concrete jungle
Cold and made of stone and aspalt
At night it transforms
And mimics the night sky
With stars sparkling bright
What a magnificent sight
But then the sun rises
And it's nothing but cold stone
May 2016 · 226
C'est La vie
Natasha Meyer May 2016
When all that is left
Are pieces of me
Scattered across the vast expanse
Of the life I used to live
And only mere fingerprints
Are left as brief reminders
Of the lives I did once touch
Then that will be all that is needed
To keep my memory alive
And to all of you I never knew
C'est La vie
May 2016 · 498
I tried
Natasha Meyer May 2016
I tried to write a happy poem
But nothing came to mind
Then I tried to write
A happy song
But all the notes were wrong
I tried to smile
I tried to laugh
Accomplish a higher state of grace
But all I saw
Were tears of sorrow
streaming down my face.
May 2016 · 411
Natasha Meyer May 2016
The invisible force
That suffocates
Bringing forth
Relentless hate
Despite the hope
That once shone bright
Now there's nothing left
But the darkest night
May 2016 · 284
Finally broken
Natasha Meyer May 2016
She finally broke
As she slumped to the ground
Head hung low
With not a soul to be found

Years and years of work and toil
To keep what was hers
To nurture her home
Now nothing but glowing embers

No tears to be cried
No battles to be won
The moon has risen
A total eclipse of the sun
May 2016 · 265
Just stop
Natasha Meyer May 2016
Why can I not stop the tears
When everything inside me
Feels like it's being ripped apart
Shrapnel of a broken promise
Leaves shards of infestation everywhere
I just wish...  I could stop the tears
I just wish I could stop feeling anything
Oh God rip out my heart and feed it to the dogs.
May 2016 · 1.0k
Little Gnomes
Natasha Meyer May 2016
All the morbid sad poems
Are like little wicked gnomes
Gnawing at my ankles
Beckoning my downfall

Their little beady eyes
Glare hungrily at me
But who am I to stop them
When I can hardly flee

Maybe I should swing a left
Try a new approach
Kick the buggers in their teeth
And go out on a shopping spree
May 2016 · 218
Natasha Meyer May 2016
I'm inspired by my pain
Intoxicated by my sorrows
The only thing that keeps me
From landing in the burrow
Is the inspiration
From all that seems in vain
May 2016 · 910
My Crypt
Natasha Meyer May 2016
Welcome to my crypt
Where dreams dormant lie
Covered in cobwebs
and gathering dust
Calcified veins
Once abundant with blood
Now a coniferous wood
May 2016 · 269
Natasha Meyer May 2016
It's me
It's always me
Blaming myself
Relentless Guilt Trips
Always failing
To see the light
At the end of an endless cylinder
A conflicted mind
A desolate plain
Among the stars
In the dark of night
Is where I cry my plight
Away from the anger
The pain and the sorrow
I know it will get better
Not to day
But maybe tomorrow
May 2016 · 203
Forever Lost
Natasha Meyer May 2016
Is this really what you want?
A legacy you built
Thrown to the wolves
Torn to pieces
And scattered across the landscape
Pieces of us, strewn everywhere
Missing for eternity
In the vast expanse
Forever lost
May 2016 · 185
Natasha Meyer May 2016
For better of for worse
A silently spoken curse
For Richer or for Poorer
A self inflicted horror
Until death us do part
Through a broken heart
May 2016 · 614
Natasha Meyer May 2016
Numbing your mind
Is a temporary resolve
For a nagging conscience

When you know
It's not your composition
But a sad love song

In a minor-key
Dramatized music
That floods the soul

Until the walls break
And dry tears turn
Into a flash flood

Exasperating the ache
Exposing the wound
Ripping it open

Numbness resolved
Love evolved
But in the end....

Meaningless, if not returned
May 2016 · 234
Life Support
Natasha Meyer May 2016
I don’t know what to say
Since an apology is irrelevant.
They way forward seem shrouded with animosity and regret.
But I know I love you.
Unfortunately love does not overcome everything
Despite what people say.
Sometimes hurt and animosity smothers love,
it rests comatose somewhere in a white germ-infested state,
where it lies dormant kept alive with life support.
All it needs is for someone to flick the switch
Through the years, our kids, our home was that life support,
and I know once that is gone, the power will fail
With no backup generator and no hope for life
It’s no secret, that love is running out of time
Each labored breath, drawing love closer
to an eternal grave, cold and lifeless
Love Hurt Animosity Death
May 2016 · 258
Love with out Pain
Natasha Meyer May 2016
There was a time
When animosity throttled me
Draining my life force
Slowly but Surely

But that time has passed
I've grown stronger
Or have I just grown
subtly ignorant

Where did my emotions go
Why can't I feel the pain
Without it I'm nothing
With it I'm something

If we are not worth fighting for
Then why bother
If there's nothing left to say
Why do we pray

Pain and Love
Goes hand in hand
Like Night and Day
A seasonal display

What is the night
Without a bright day
Nothing but Darkness
a Chaotic disarray
May 2016 · 198
Vicious Circle
Natasha Meyer May 2016
Is it the truth we live
Or is it a lie within
What is in a smile
If the eyes are bleak
Cloaked in the pain
We try to fight in vain
Endless endeavors
To be what is expected
An vicious circle
Never ending.
May 2016 · 222
Natasha Meyer May 2016
My soul is bereft
Stuck in desolation
In a colorless world
I sit and wait for the end
Silent songs mourn my death
My spirit buried
Beneath the canopy of trees
Blocking out the sunlight
I once yearned for
A deafening silence
Stifles the beat of my heart
Once so proudly shrouded
In joy and laughter
Now nothing but a rock
Cold and hard
May 2016 · 175
The Rain
Natasha Meyer May 2016
It's the beauty of rain
That washes away my pain
As it showers down
My heartache drowns
Quitening the anger
That causes havoc in my soul
My emotions comatosed
I feel no more
May 2016 · 302
Musings of a PC
Natasha Meyer May 2016
What is it with these humans
punching my keys like there's no tomorrow
Feeding me with their own greedy needs
and filling my mind with senseless pleads.

Are those crumbs?
Are you going to pick them up?
Or are you going to leave them to grow
And create penicillin for better days to come?
May 2016 · 562
My Alter Ego
Natasha Meyer May 2016
In the corner of my room
I see her standing there
Not a single breath
Or a single sound
But she simply stares
Down at the ground
A lot to say
Afraid to pray
A lonely mind
With so much to say

My alter ego
Apr 2016 · 607
Don't fucking touch me
Natasha Meyer Apr 2016
Don't you ******* touch me
Don't you even dare
This body is mine and mine alone
And it's the one thing I won't share

**** the vows and promises
Said before man and God
You should have thought about it
Before you broke my heart

Don't you ******* touch me
Dont you even dare
My heart left ruined and broken
There's nothing left to spare

**** the good times and the  bad
It's nothing but a memory
Of things that never should have mattered
And never should have been.

Don't you ******* touch me
Don't you even dare
Cause next time I'll break your arm
I sincerely ******* swear.
Pardon the foul language... But the heat has spoken
Apr 2016 · 484
The End
Natasha Meyer Apr 2016
We spin around in circles
Like a merry-go-round on steroids
Chasing empty dreams
Unraveling at the seems
We've tried so many times
To forgive each others crimes
but nothing ever changes
It just gets rearranged
Why do we waste our time
When its clearly our own pride
That keeps us hunting ghosts
But there's really nothing more
Than empty dreams and promises
An ending with no means.
Mar 2016 · 289
Forgive me
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
Like raindrop kisses
My tears fall down
Reflecting on the pain
That broke the crown

Words said in haste
Where love once prevailed
Now desolate and empty
Two souls derailed

If I could go back in time
I would try over again
Until all the hurt and pain
Is nothing but a faded stain

I would crucify myself
Again and again
To show you the love
that still remains

I never meant to hurt you
or cause you such pain
I hope you can forgive me
And that we can try again

Through all the fights
and unshed tears
It is still you
I want to draw near

Let me hold you
And kiss away your tears
Catch every last drop
and soothe away your fears

In the end
It's you and me
Our eternal love
For all to see
#Love #Fears #Tears
Mar 2016 · 254
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
In the darkness,
Through the forest she runs,
She searches for asylum.
Images of times gone by
Haunts her every dream.
Helplessly, she runs forth
Fleeing from the shadows
Anxiously, dreadfully crying
For a vigor to help her through

Her soul grows weak
As she stumbles
Through the land of the unknown.
Hoping, praying, searching,
Her spirit to atone
Far from all sanity she rests
But for a while
As the darkness and shadows
Envelope her
In depression she deeper falls

Her complexion fades
As her breath become shallow
Effortlessly she tries to reach out
Only again to let go
Once a proud and loving soul
Now motionless and alone
No faith in what once was
No trust in what could be
The battle's lost, she counted her costs
Forever a nomad she will be.
Mar 2016 · 219
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
Uncertainty Hangs overhead
Like a cloud of fog rolling ahead
Distorting views and opinions
Pushing them into oblivion
Until all that's left is emptiness
And all that's seen is heartbreak
Mar 2016 · 772
Tug of War
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
This Tug of War
An emotional storm
We scream and fight
Slamming doors
Cry and accuse
Throwing out clothes
Opinions forced down
In a whirlpool of abuse
We hack at each other
Around every turn
Throwing our love
in a furnace to burn
till there's nothing left
but smoke and ashes
Mar 2016 · 340
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
Empty halls
Broken frames
This house but a shell
A home torn apart
Senseless accusations
Cut deep into my soul
Tearing at the very essence
of the woman I once was
Leaving nothing
but a distorted reflection
In a broken mirror
Mar 2016 · 302
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
Muted words
Hushed tones
Downplayed emotions
Hurt like stones
Bottled up tears
Unspoken fears
Nothing but regret
A constant threat
'till all that is left
is a soul bereft
Mar 2016 · 364
The only way
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
Letting go
  of the pain you sowed
    Is the hardest part
       for my failing heart

A breathless whisper
   A subtle lie
      An innocent love
         Is left to die

But let go I must
    My heart I need to trust
       Its the only way
          I will be okay
Mar 2016 · 1.8k
For the sake of Peace
Natasha Meyer Mar 2016
I suffocate my voice
Slit the wrists of my words
Anxious to be spoken
All for the sake of peace

Through the silence
Words unspoken
Deafening defiance
Happiness stolen

Leaving my soul empty
Desolate, deserted
Shipwrecked at sea
My soul departed

All for the sake of peace
I let you hold the key
And ruined this masterpiece
That no one will ever see
Feb 2016 · 715
The Protagonist
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
You are the protagonist in a love story
The one everyone wants
but no one can have
A distant dream
for the lost and lonely
Perfect in every way
Your flaws make you perfect
Your smile turns butterflies
into killer bees
You turn blue Mondays red
And make weekends feel like holidays
Oh how I wish, this was my romance novel.
Feb 2016 · 335
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
perfectly matched
skillfully patched
Animosity hatched
Feb 2016 · 284
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
You came like a thief in the night
Stole her virtue, ignored her plight
Took what wasn't yours to take
Leaving her world shattered by a violent quake

You're filthy hands so freely took
As inwardly she violently shook
Trying to ignore the pain
But it was all in vain

Her innocence forever lost
Her childlike heart turned to frost
Never to feel joy and love
Or feel the sun rays from above

Feb 2016 · 721
Let me be me
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
Why can't you just go
Leave me to my own
Let me be me

Why can't you just leave
Stop tormenting me
Let me be me

Why can't you just stop
The constant blaming
Let me be me

Why can't you just be
And Let me be me
Feb 2016 · 425
Delicate Compilation
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
Over Onyx and Ivory Keys
Her fingers glide
Sensually dancing
To its own melody
Majors and Minors
Sustained, suspended
Speaking the language
That the heart portrays
Happiness and Sadness
All coiled into one
A delicate compilation
A wordless song is sung
Feb 2016 · 224
Where has she gone
Natasha Meyer Feb 2016
In the shadow of indecision
she concedes her past
compare her present
And contemplates her future

Who is this child
Staring blankly back at her
Through a mirror of dreams
Yearning to be free

Her innocence deprived
Shipwrecked ideals
Trampled to the ground
Her broken heart revealed

Can she find her way
In the dark complex maze
Through the pain and hurt
Through the condemning blaze

Where has she gone
This little child
Lost for too long
Her essence exiled
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