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1.1k · Apr 14
BTW Apr 14
14 April 2021

I would love to climb Mt. Everest
Conquer storied  seas.
Login never gives peace or rest.
Seems I am never me!
Who in the world do they see?
Login never set me free.
833 · Jul 19
Where you are known
BTW Jul 19
Where you are known
19 July 2021

Nothing hidden, secrets hanging clear,
A pool of aqua green waters.
The eagle circles a moonlight sky,
829 · Aug 16
I cannot be you (Haiku)
BTW Aug 16
16 August 2021

I cannot be you.
If ever possible be,
I would not be me.
750 · Jun 7
BTW Jun 7
7 JUNE 2021

Unplugged and disconnected,
Estranged the viral way.
Time lost forever,
Socially astray.

Unarmed by sadness,
Care  by stranger names  ,
Forgotten days of gladness,
Life is rearranged.

One day the doors will open.
Never be the same.
Age line steeply sloping,
Most not in the game.

Clock slowly tocking,
No one can it tame.
Some are still talking,
Don't know who to blame.
728 · Jul 13
Regrets (Haiku)
BTW Jul 13
Regrets (Haiku)
12 July 2021.

Betting long chances,
Risking the joy of each day.
Do you want to play?

(Would you like to stay?)
697 · Apr 18
BTW Apr 18
19 April 2021

To read, is not to learn.
To cry, is not to suffer.
To love, a fantasy.
To pray, is not ecstasy.
To search, is not to find.
To give, is not to be kind.
To take, not greed.
To do well, is not to win.
Who can speak the truth?
692 · Sep 19
BTW Sep 19
25 July 2021

Age, the weights of time waiting,
Heavier than air pressing reality to the gates,
Time brings the unnatural, disease of diseases.
When there are few easing of eases.
674 · Jun 19
BTW Jun 19
20 June 2021

Give me the simple life.
No more can I handle.
Complexity and strife.
That is your beauty,
My wife.
548 · Sep 14
BTW Sep 14
14 September 2021

When things don't make any sense anymore,
Don't sweat the noise.
Not one is listening.
426 · Apr 29
Quiet Morning
BTW Apr 29
Quiet Morning
29 april 2021

Reflections on the sea of responsibility,
Realize the deficiencies of mood and logic.
Decisions selfish and unrewarding, impromptu,
Bring the prize of self defeat, pain and endless regret.
Burdens of debt in the baskets of life.
Unbalanced on the heads of the lost.
Struggling to find the way.
Conscience stirs then looks away, but all pay the price.
Lonely game hide and go seek in the stilled rising sunlight.
How to make call, “:You’re Out”?
319 · Aug 29
Zen Of A Perfect Man
BTW Aug 29
Zen Of A Perfect Man
29 August 2021

The perfect man does nothing perfectly.
308 · Aug 5
Easy Morning
BTW Aug 5
Easy Morning (Haiku)
4 July 2021

Calendar empty.
Day spent plan null focused.
Lay in bed with you.
(Heard the rooster.  .doodle do)
290 · Mar 29
BTW Mar 29
Noise (Haiku)
29 March 2021

When does it stop being noise?
When love listens.
289 · Sep 12
When You Are A Mountain
BTW Sep 12
12 September 2021

When you are a mountain, no hill to climb.
When you are a mountain, stars mill your time.
When you are a river, water clear falls.
When you are a child, you hear my call.
273 · Jun 8
Feeling Guilty
BTW Jun 8
8 June 2021

When our love is over,
And only worked for me.
My judge  murmers dear,
I am not “Guilt free”.
Am I worth the price,
You pay to be with me?
The beauty you carry,
The smile when you greet me,
The day that we married,
So precious they true be.
You are that gentle women,
That always sets me free.
Those times we are together,
When flesh has ruled my day,
Tell me true.
Am I worth the price you pay,
When I am into you?
258 · Feb 10
BTW Feb 10
10 February 2021

Weights of the world shouldered some days,
Pain, sorrow, unkindness, full play.
Friends far away caught in a crowd,
Voices lost to others too loud.
Needing that gentle hand and touch,
Sharing the struggle that became too much.
Age and time take huge toll,
Heavy on even an angel’s soul.
Finding the strength to carry on,
Looking for light, tomorrow’s dawn,
You are the strength that I need,
That last found gentle sweet seed.
Valentine’s day, love's in your deeds.
BTW Jun 27
The beautiful path of life.
26 June 2021

I walk on the edge of your beauty,
Morning sun that kisses the blue of the sky.
Sounds of the beach, rustling the leaves.
The sea of you gently caressing the rock that I am.
Awaiting the joy of your storm stirring me.
Living on the edge of you.
The beauty filled path of my life.
254 · Jun 10
BTW Jun 10
10 June 2021

Sing my lullabies at dawn with the sparrows.
Flirting, chirping awaiting listeners to my song.
Perhaps one will respond.
Words don’t matter.
Only Ares arrow.
221 · Aug 24
BTW Aug 24
24 August 2021

Waiting is the hardest,
Where do I wait startled?
Can we know what could be won or lost?
Can we know what will be the cost?
I long waited for you.
Now you, my life is at risk, you are my life.
Flowers or music hardly tell the tale.
You are my freedom from pains of life.
You are that awesome gift fate has tossed.
Waiting is precious time we have lost.
Yes, we have to take the cost.
Waiting is hard.

Yes we have to take the cost.
Waiting is the hardest.
210 · Jun 23
BTW Jun 23
23 June 2021

Somedays I fill with wishes,
Winning lottery, youth and yacht.
When I put dishes in to dry,
I ought no lie,
To be more grateful.
For what I got,
Before I die.

So much dangled on display,
That will never come my way.
Grateful that I'm still free,
Don't need those things controlling me.

Life amazing every day,
Think I like it just this way.
Family, friends, smiling faces,
Everywhere in my favorite places.

Still once in an ever while,
I'd like to try that lovely style.
Wishes keep me in the aisle.
193 · Jul 23
Happy Endings
BTW Jul 23
Happy Endings
23 July 2021

Submerged every moment,
Heaven wish eternal.
Sovereign love we all share,
Golden life maternal.
Generations joy dare,
No beginning end lent.
Love intense in times spent.
182 · Feb 20
BTW Feb 20
20 February 2021

Foul wind here too long.
No place for you to belong.
Sing your song elsewhere.

(Covid remembrance)
172 · Jun 18
BTW Jun 18
18 June 2021.

It takes the emptiness of another to raise that aspiration for yourself.
169 · Aug 17
Squirrel and the Rabbit
BTW Aug 17
Squirrel and the Rabbit
10 August 2021

Met out in my garden,
Middle of the day.
Squirrel and rabbit,
Seemed to know the way.
Quietly pursuing, appetites in need.
None disturbed the other.
No sign of reckless greed.
Wonders seem to wander,
Past my place and stay.
Humans seem to squander,
Every chance for play.
Why not come today?
161 · Apr 8
Eternity's Touch
BTW Apr 8
Eternity’s Touch
8 April 2021

Music my one, your touch on my skin.
Heaven so close, far from love’s sins.
Songs of your heart singing our rune.
Crossed as your cello, strings finely tuned.
There on beaches, moon kiss each dune ,
We danced, filling heart’s room.
Bright as stars burning the dark,
Keeping together when some forced apart.
In fading light of the day,
Your touch forever, our music plays.
160 · Aug 18
BTW Aug 18
18 August 2021

Lighting strikes tear your world,
Pieces shatter, abyss hurled.
Gut your clothes, naked on edge.  
Careless God back into eternity, darkness.
“Push”  chant shoulder phantoms.
Yet you smile.  No one you grant,
Your peace.
160 · Apr 25
BTW Apr 25
More (Haiku)
20 April 2021

More to poetry,
Than the words spoken,
Not necessary.
148 · Mar 17
BTW Mar 17
17 March 2021

You are the warm blanket, peace as I rest.
The strength of Olympic pillars in my dreams.
The power of love with which I fly.
On the feathered mattress of temporary,
You give me eternity, strength, courage that survives.
Grateful, I rest.
146 · Sep 19
Sweet Time of Morning
BTW Sep 19
19  September 2021

Trees are turning to red, orange, yellow, light green,
A rainbow of colors celebrating the full lives of time.
A bluebird stilling, edges along the cedar of the deck,
While a V of geese break through the sounds of morning.
Cooler weather now starts the day with the taste of dew,
Dripping on the edges of hedges and slimming leaves.
I hear your quiet voice humming a reminder of our celebrations.
Our love coming tomorrow, the sweetest time of morning.
137 · Sep 8
My Fall is Coming
BTW Sep 8
09 September 2021

This morning trees speak of fall coming.
Leaves are changing in the sun and tilt south.
A grey squirrel sitting saucily on the highest twig,
Looks for more tasty nuggets, some already amouth.

Cooler winds now ripple my still fresh blossoms,
Pink in basket, soon to be stirred with frost.
A noisy flock of geese overhead heading like flotsam,
Calling unsettled direction, all loudly following the lost.

Many will return in the spring to continue their lives.
Buds will break through into early rising light of new days.
So many will be reborn, and thrive.
My fall is coming. I feel the flame. I am ablaze.
135 · Sep 16
BTW Sep 16
13 September 2021

Tiw’s day solo anon
The time seconds to dawn.
Heart thirsts love song.

Quietly stir the bed of stars.
Skies open on many wars.
Child broken by youth,
Little soothes me.

Calm is sparse, unreachable.
Harsh too feasible.
Time to reach the well,
Cast coin for voten’s spell.
133 · Sep 26
Bad is bad
BTW Sep 26
Bad is Bad. (Haiku)
28 September 2021.

Bad is Bad.
Wasting too much talk.
Bad is bad.
130 · Jul 19
BTW Jul 19
19 July 2021

Maturity, nostrils of sweated horse,
Cloistered tight grain silo.
Owlets from oaken corse,
Wandering, none ready to **.
130 · Aug 20
Good Fortune
BTW Aug 20
20 August 2021

We crossed paths on that dating site.
Lunch on the road set the GPS.
You were just right, no less.
All dots on the map matched.
Our love story hatched.
Travel passed all the tests.
You know the rest.
Haven’t had any since!
128 · Feb 28
BTW Feb 28
February 2021

My piano is out of tune.!
121 · Sep 9
Illusions of who I am.
BTW Sep 9
The Illusions of who I am

9 September 2021

Father, husband, neighbour.
Manager, debtor, son whose favoured.
Every day a different flavour. .

Patient, uncle, old granddad.
Devil, angel, senile, mad.
Friend, lover, high school grad.

Pilot, mechanic, pianist, realist.
Poet, dreamer, schemer, meaner.
Each day there is a trend,
No end to how I’m bent.

I belong to you, decide.
I have no need to hide.
118 · Aug 8
BTW Aug 8
8 July 2021

Walking in the crowd of naked,
You move worthless.
None notice your pride standing.
Your soulless hanging.
116 · Apr 16
You are my music
BTW Apr 16
You are my music
16 April 2021

You are my music, the strength of summer storm.
Gentle song of springtime, when earth grows firm and warm.
The soft light of morning, dancing waves soft horn.
Sheep in the meadows, waiting to be born.
The miracle of love songs, from those teenage years,
Kind, loving, that rock away all tears.
The healing of young child’s dreams.
Water of fall’s clear falling stream.
Wind kind and gentle, holding life for me.
No place I’d rather be.
You are my music, unfolding of my life,
Holding you in my arms, my wife, my willing wife.
The soft sounds of twilight, pillowed at your head.
Sleep and rest, love times, spoon fed in our bed.
Awaken in the morning, you are my daily bread.
No symphony will fill me, as you do each day.
Every touch of time with you, my proper way.
I found the paths of love with you, the staff that keeps me strong.
You are my music. The Gods have heard your song.
So grateful here, where love belongs.
You are my home, my sweet one, ever on.
BTW Jul 5
More than words can say
5 July 2021

I will hold your hand.
You will never be asked to let go.
111 · Nov 20
No Pain
BTW Nov 20
20 November 2021

Free of pain.
How do you know you exist?
Arthritic old sits daily twisted,
Grey eyes struggle, tears misted.
Lost a friend or mother?
Money, job, sister, brother?
Respect, youth, your truth?
The great questions of life and death,
Answered in last quivered breath.

Each day I awake for the sun.
Listen,  last song she sung.
Wonder stars filling night sky.
Where will I go when I die?
Cry as wars fill the earth,
Heroes finding their worth.
Feeling that child in my arms.
Loving you, kissing you warm.

Pain lies hidden each day,
Holding the answer at bay.
How long can I stay,
Loving you?
105 · Sep 19
BTW Sep 19
2 September 2021

Vivacity hit,
Right in my gut today.
Too late, couldn't wait.
103 · Apr 18
Sleep Dreams (Haiku)
BTW Apr 18
18 April 2021

You are asleep.
Your dreams are sweet and true.
Life has blessed you.
101 · 2d
BTW 2d
Deja Vue
25 November 2021

I have been here when I was young.
Dead bears, wolves howling, wooden stairs, wooden legs.

Nights alone.

At my heels slavering death.
Gasping, failing breath.
Trembling, remembering their eyes.

Falling into the abyss.
This time will I awake?
95 · Apr 3
BTW Apr 3
3 April 20214

Care for our bodies, our world, our spirit, our identity.
Fundamentals of life.
Moments, passions shared in pursuit constitute our entity.
Under morning stars, reflections of seas curling on trees budding.
We can hold our partners hand, quiet affection and appreciation.
Whole hearts fill.
It is not the hook for nourishment in a pond,
Nor a hymn sung by a choir of children,
That brings us to that quiet place.
Rather our common heritage, hearing nature speak.
Can you hear the trees humming, feel their embrace?
Smell storm winds over a desert, empty?
For me it comes with a peace that awaits hunger,
Fed only by sharing honored.
Quiet time in a noisy world distracted.
The bird still sings of life to fill.
The worm dies, the moon is cold.
Fundamentals. Partners in care.
90 · Apr 6
Direction haiku
BTW Apr 6
Direction Haiku
5 April 2021

Direction lost.
Physicality grounded.
Merry Go Down.
89 · Mar 20
BTW Mar 20
DAWN   2021-03-20

The mornings lie quiet, barely awake,
Cool calm air slides in over my deck.
A dove struts across bragging her break,
Of gray-white breaths welcome here.
A squirrel visits chewing full neck,
Sweet cones no cream sparkles left,
On rime holding taste of pine speck.
Gentle beams caress the yawn of dawn.
She stirs to kiss me and drape across
Velvet still hanging over the edge of her calm.
Morning in my soul pulling away the moss.
Rise gentle she wisps whispers my quaking brow.
Tomorrow again and again you will know,
Me. Ever new, ever old, ever on your soul.

B. T. Whittaker
87 · Jul 21
Left You There
BTW Jul 21
I Left You There
22 July 2021

On that cold and broken wooden bed,
In that old cabin we called dread.
No more years left ahead.

I cried to sleep the day before,
Kneeling on that splintered floor.
Winter years showed the score.

Knew one day you’d love someone,
Your lips be for another one.
Darling hon our day was done.

You let me have that final kiss
Gentle, sweet , I’ll now miss.
I heard that leaving hiss.

Today I’m on my way.
No longer could delay.
Bowed my head said goodbye.
Now in that old cold ground you lie.
84 · Apr 26
I Chew on Your Bones
BTW Apr 26
I Chew on Your Bones
26 April 2021

Little meat in my stew, so many of you wry.
Pasty meal, “why try?”
Stories of past victory lie with Valkyrie,
Oars, thrusting seas consummating,
Roaring as blood floods rock cliffs and coast.
Raspberry jam on toast wet with sweat.
Odin sleeps while I starve.
BTW Jul 17
Perhaps Forever
17 July 2021

Perhaps forever,
Some loves never will die.
Today some still try.
77 · Feb 15
BTW Feb 15
15 February 2021

“Cold outside” I said.
“Don’t think get out of bed.”
“These old legs filled with lead.”
Bedside, held my hand, gently smiled.

“Babe I feel depressed a while.”
“This is not my normal style.”
“I feel old, my life held cheap.”
So did I careless speak.
She held my hand, kissed my cheek.

She looked at me, “I Love You”.
“Darling lucky man, you are true.”
“Hold me, I need your hand.”
“Time to stand, you are my man.”
Hugged me, “Count our blessings.”
“Our love will stand life’s wrestling.”

Funny when times are tougher,
We forget that others suffer.
Lighthouse spouse in times of trouble.
Carries her load, my fog, my struggle.
Her pain and tears are my testing.
Make space, count her blessings.
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