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14h · 89
BTW 14h
6 February 2023

Crow hanging on an ancient oak,
Truth spoken.
Quiet unbroken,
Understanding deepened.
I, alone.
1d · 18
Old Married Man
BTW 1d
Old married man
3 February 2023

When we sit together, holding hands,
When you kiss me, make me smile,
When love overwhelms me? a mile,
Sacrifice your freedom for me,
This old man wants you on his knee.

Shivers, passion, loving all your charms,
Hearing that, you love me, my arms,
Tremor-like a boy on first date.
Like a teeny standing at your gate,
Impatient nowhere I can gentle wait.

I only met you late in life, Match Ave.
Not knowing how much we would have.
Grateful lucky for each moment where,
Our time we can our life share.
Thank you for a second ever second fair,
Adventure that we fare and dare.

Journeys hold the challenge, keep us alive.  
Your love sweetest gift on which I thrive.
Perhaps I hold you closer, tighter,
That any man should keep right.
Watching you sleeping each night
When you dream and stir in fright,
I kiss,  touch your shoulder light.
Caring, old married, I care.
Old married man, soul bare.
Jan 29 · 41
BTW Jan 29
29 January 2023

Snow, spiral ecstatic feathers.
Diva dance!
Frisson firs, shiver!
Holding stage.
Aside, "Primal, MyWindow."
Jan 26 · 47
Music Can Make Me Cry
BTW Jan 26
Music Can Make Me Cry
26 Januarys 2023

More than poetry, art, stone sculpture,
A violin, a piano, flutes,
Hold me.
Higher than I can climb on my own.
Deeper than I can reach with these arms.

Love songs cry.
Clear, not words,
Melody, overcome me.

Lifted beyond today,
To a place,  no pain, no fear, no loss.
Children, family, friends,
You are here.
Warmer than camp fire, flame under a star-lit sky.
Over snowy berms, valleys, pebbled lanes,
Opening wheat fields, endless expanse.

Music live.  
In the woods, in the cities.
One tiny bird brings an opera.
Reedy waters, symphony.
From each meadow, divas, a tenor.
Forest, choir, spirits, ghosts.
From Dad’s workbench, voices of angels.
Mom’s eyes, heaven.

Under the streetcar rides my soul.
Clopping hoofs, rhythm, my heartbeat.
Rain drops, my breath.
Ocean waves, my birth, my being.

Today’s sun, tomorrow’s promise, yesterday's memories.
Thunder, creation.

My love, you bring each sweet tone.  
You gift my pedestal.

Sometimes music, can make me cry.
Jan 24 · 77
BTW Jan 24
24 January 2023

Old shoes  tired feet
Home, an empty surrender.
He is complete.
Jan 19 · 35
This Morning (Haiku)
BTW Jan 19
This morning
19 January 2023

Cold, Snowy.
*** bump woke me.
Still snowing.
Jan 14 · 250
By I am as you were
BTW Jan 14
By I am as you were
13 January 2023

Shaken by the possibility you would,
I will be,

To foreclose you.

I am not yet.

To become,  you come, expecting my birth.

I cannot be born. I would be as you are.

Do not mourn the pain you will not bear.

We were never.,

Jan 12 · 34
Didn’t hear you cry.
BTW Jan 12
Haven’t Heard You Cry
5 January 2023

Haven’t been here for a while.
Last time made you smile.
You must be still OK.
Haven’t heard you cry.

We seemed best of friends,
Squawking every day.
Secrets that we could blend.
In a family’s way.

Used to know your clever smoke. .
Such talent made me laughed pgh.
Your kind of saucy poke,
Made my neighbours gasp. .

Remember Mom made splat pie,
Lemon on the run.
Didn’t ever make her cry.
Found that special ***.

Our old dog, ‘one day beast’,
Had to say goodbye.
Took him to Ever Peace.
Didn’t hear him cry.

When your mom did angel fly.
Heard from all her friends
Truly sorry, frightened cried.
Kissed their own sweet end.

Seems most fine treasures lie.
Old photos when they’re found.
Sometimes you were high,
Memory Kodak bound.

I manage, yup still alive,
Toes touched when can bend.
You did make me cry,
Bone pain, round my end.

Lonely as years fast fly,
Found a brand new friend.
Happy times I plied.
Nice if you came by.

Morning comes into sight.
Bacon, eggs are fried.
Six a.m. quite a site.
You think you tried.

Wanting all my money,
When I grow weak and die.
By gosh funny sonny.
Chance I’ll hear you cry.
Jan 4 · 92
BTW Jan 4
Community, Immutability.
4 Dec 2022

Power common community.
Money, survival, impunity.
To have another, reality.

Respect, reliability.
Hunger, viability.
Freedom, liability.
Trust, possibility.

Privacy, brotherhood.
Immunity, motherhood.

Family for kingdom.
Hunger for freedom.

Ruthful, truthful.

Life choices by the hours,
Power all those of ours.
Jan 1 · 71
Left in the, forest
BTW Jan 1
Left in the forest
1 January 2023

There he felt safe.
Trees held his fear,
Jan 1 · 39
Seeing Each Other
BTW Jan 1
See each other
31 December 2022

We don’t see life, all the same way.
We live in worlds, different each day.    
Stress falls to ground, seeding our stay.

We aspire, our world is good,
To make ours, your neighbourhood.
I see you far, try our best.
Together, we pass to west.

Sail to wind, each storm alee.
Sight rest, on peaceful sea.
Care to each other.
Safe and free.
Dec 2022 · 41
BTW Dec 2022
28 December 2022

An old metal toolbox, lock broken, dented, streaked with paint,
Sitting on the corner of Dad’s worn workbench.
Precious beyond measure, those old wrenches, altered, trusted.
Some twisted and bent, others ground, origins faint, rusted.
Years spent working, an old wooden garage behind the house,
Rented for ten dollars, a pit hand dug in the dirt.
Home shared, long late hours with an occasioned brown field mouse.
Dad worked a second job, late at night, second job, curing auto hurts.
Traded to his own sclerotic back, arm wrenched.

There was little treasure, little gold to measure.
Little wealth reflected in the obituary notice, not much,
Home drawn art, poetry, love letter, photos, Dad’s touch.
Little a banker could value.

I eyed that toolbox.
My inheritance he carried every day,
My reflections on years spent in his care.
His songs, his pain, his ability with a baseball, a horseshoe.
Good, bad, success, failure, unmountables, uncountables,
Keeping us safe, fed, loved, together, in historic time.

My inheritance was the ragged edge of that 75 year toolbox.
My treasure, his gift. Mine.
Dec 2022 · 347
Take the time
BTW Dec 2022
Take the time
25 December 2022

Sitting, waiting, pondering in the airport.
Grand Prairie, cold, snowy, windy.
Separated from family, but feeling strong.
Singing my grateful love song.
This day taking my time cause “nothing wrong.”

Short nap on a leathered chair, my love is here.
Travelling together is our bond, our steer.
Only a few years have we met Destiny.
Was time to be as one, loving, healing, complete.
Taking the time.
Dec 2022 · 162
The Moment
BTW Dec 2022
The Moment
Dec 23 2022

One cel in a movie.
One letter in a word, on a page, in a book.
One kiss.
Dec 2022 · 46
Bad year for heros
BTW Dec 2022
Straw Doll
18 December 2022

Edges tattered, shirt torn,
Worn Gray paper hat, eyes scorn,
Empty cob.

Gray border guard Oh Hoy
Was his favourite man toy.
Popsicle stick stuck.

Shelved right side library chair.
Silver belted bald hair.
Knee patch.

Two twisted legs dangle,
At an impossible angle.
One medal.

Jacket stained city brown,
Wrong side of town.
Scot’s tape.

Dated DEC 2022 orange tab.
Smell of stale food had.
Broken  gun.

Love by one in fun.
Straw doll “hon”.
Dog shook.

Bad year for heroes
Dec 2022 · 632
Looking Ahead
BTW Dec 2022
Looking Ahead
18 December 2022

Not much point looking ahead.
Plans are the younger’s futures,
Comfort blanket for aging beds.

Speculations interrupted.
Unexpected erupted.
Reality abrupt ed.

I have no time for ‘wasting’ things.
The monitor rings,
Live in this moment.

I hear you have my plan.
I heard it’s concise.
BTW Dec 2022
Perfect Days, Amazing Nights.
14 December 2022

Perfect days, you are my life.
Special ways you are, my wife.
Celebrating dear, your loving  kindness.
Living clear, no gloved blindness.
Times you hold me, when I feel sad,.
You remind me,  heaven had.

Each tender night, you stand by my bed.
Slender light, little needs said.
That look, emerald eyes,
Perfect nights, my wise.
Let me sing your deserved praise.
Perfect nights, amazing days.

Perfect night,  Amazing day. You are here.
Dec 2022 · 60
The Gardener
BTW Dec 2022
The Gardener
11 Dec 2022

“Who is speaking?” Ogre I know.
“Hateful words”, somewhere below.

I , devil unwise,
Spoke regretful thought,
Stat surprised.

“Lost dark-heathen”, show me your marque.

“Dawn cry-scent blackened”, Beelzebub harked.
“Experience forgetter, thorn ever-last,”
“Asthmatic throb, last-pain-filled gasp.”

“Lucifer, foul-blossom, demon-on-hold,
Craven brass, once claimed true gold.
Alchemist silver, tied at my bow,
Exorcist arrow-rain, will, your way flow.”

Let me lie peaceful, eternal my own.
Fiend away, leave my wooden door home.
Wolf heed us  laden, stay further encore.
Peonies, roses, quiet my core!
Forgotten the devil .
Dec 2022 · 75
Forever Worlds
BTW Dec 2022
A Forever World
Dec 10 2022
My words are my Worlds. Christmas thoughts.

My favorite walk was in the forest,
My body soul got more rest.
Where the wild cried out peace.
Where poverty was only leased.
Where love held and hold.
I felt so brave and bold.
A Forever World kind and right.

My favorite music made me smile.
Words were true and wild.
Mother made breakfast every day.
My best friend called us out to play.
Fresh sweet tarts, jam and bread.
Chores at home filled my head.
War was far away, then stopped..
School visited by the local cop.
A Forever World with steady light.

Rent was due and promptly paid.
Allowance for theatre, table laid.
Uncle and Dad played crazy eight.
Parcels sent never late.
A Forever World with girls and dates.

When I woke up early morn.
A new world  no fight, safely born.
Country drive was never far.
Dad had a old find car.
A Forever World was new delight.

Neighbours near were easy friendly.
Christmas cards mailed, presents sent were plenty.
Chestnut grew on backyard trees.
Same tree where dogs would ***.
A Forever World sweet on sight..

The time that we were living here.
A time with wine and beer.
A time when our loves were warm.
A time we kissed every storm.
Kids played in safe green yards.
That dreamed delicious cakes and tarts.
A Forever World on birthday bright..

If only we were here with words,
A Forever World free and bright.
A Forever World,. Time to start. To All, “Good night.”
Dec 2022 · 71
Sweet Dreams
BTW Dec 2022
Sweet Dreams
4 December 2022

Wonder my sweet dreams,
Filled each eve with you.
Can you hear my tender words?
Spoken kind and true.
Each night flavored wine,
As we head abed,
Holding sweetest mine,
We are gently wed.
Smiling drifting sleep,
Life prayers said.

Every night gathered,
We are not alone.
Waiting calls to come,
An empty phone.

Just around corner times,
Our love singing whole.
Tomorrow sunshine, cold or snow,
Future cannot know.
Dreams of you come with me,
Everywhere I go.
Fate told cruelty hold,
Unable body bolds.

I bring you dream red roses,
Love courage tight enfold.
Will that Gods will bless me,
When time fades to gray.
I dream those times asea,
Every blessed day.

When I rise in morning,
Last yawns loose the dawn,
You’ll be there to hold me,
Listen to my song.
I’ll dream of you forever,
Our love never gone.
Nov 2022 · 77
First Time
BTW Nov 2022
Always The .First Time N.

13 November 2022

With the glow Of first time,
Unbridled love, fireworks.
Nerve on ration.
Excitement in bloom. We are one.
We are bound in those magic moments.

First times.
Let our sea,
Ever be,
The first time.

Standing in the hall,
Waiting at your door.
Asking you.
Love burns.

First time.
Alive and free.
Breathless wind,  
Gasps freeze.
Burden left, steer right.

Make our every time,
Once more, our first time.
Love  Not fade or grey.
Fresh, new, every day.

Take my ready hand.
This time again, turn over the glass.
Stir again the sand in perpetual swirl.
Our first time with my girl.
It’s that time. First time.
Oct 2022 · 71
Take Care
BTW Oct 2022
Take Care (of each other)
Oct 22, 2022

These are the times,
My hope, my wish.
Take care of each other,
Never finished.

These are the times,
When life will unfold.
Take care of others,
Be brave and bold.

There’ll be others
Living alone, waiting for loving.
Cold in their homes,
Living for hugging,
Something they own.

You have the hunger,
Be kind and good.
You are the one,
Who understood.

Many mountains,
Not easy to climb.
Give me your arm,
We’ll be there on time.
Oct 2022 · 83
Love Unspoken
BTW Oct 2022
Love is the art of saying the unsaid,
Touch, smile, an embrace,
Celebrations of quiet.

When I am near you, I feel warm,
At night as you stand by our bed,
Comforted, confident, certain.

Mornings are best, we are rested.
A beautiful new day welcomes us,
Together, holding hands by the window.

Sometimes it is the unexpected,
A past due chore discovered completed.
A piano cleaned, and being played.

Sharing past pains, broken stories, no lies.
Facing every truth of love, loving.
Accepting my failings, my time, my age.

Now it seems contained in all you do,
The nectars of happiness, passion, joy,
I see you. I quietly love you.
Oct 2022 · 58
The Neighbour
BTW Oct 2022
The Neighbour
1 October 2022

Feisty was the neighbour,
Not as old as I.
Didn’t shirk the labour,
I could only eye.

Challenged every habit
Custom we had held.
Bushes for the rabbits,
Slashed and fully felled.

Dressed up the garden,
Flowers pleased the eye.
Became the local warden,
Edging lines awry.

Household soon renewed,
No limit to the purse.
Perfection was pursued.
Made mine feel crude.

Felt my comfort leaving,
To smile would host a lie.
Left alone and grieving,
Time for apple pie.

Garbage now the focus
Where to put the pail,
Glad we have no locus,
Outside be in jail.
Sep 2022 · 60
BTW Sep 2022
September 25 2022

What - A peaceful joyous mind.

Why - Stress of every day.

When- As soon as possible

Who- Every person

How- Get a dog.
Sep 2022 · 147
Fill Me
BTW Sep 2022
Fill Me
19 September 2022

Bring me wine.
Bring me time.
Bring me love.
Bring me youth.
Fill me before I journey to stars.
Empty me as I die.
Sep 2022 · 73
Tide of Age
BTW Sep 2022
Tide of Age
18 September 2022

Remembering the dates, the times, the pain, the loss,
The tides of age wash over me. A deluge of memory,
Wasting, waiting, finishing me.
All has changed, all was new, all unknown, All, gone.
Where are the shores, the craigs of rock, the sand dunes,
That gave me peace and place, defined me, defiled me?
Rattling, rolling, bruised, I lay tattered on it’s mound.
Age destroyed my trophies, gold turned to old brass, broken glass.
None keeps what they win, wanted.
Tomorrow I will be consumed in the thirst of life.
Tomorrow, perhaps you will join me.
Tomorrow, perhaps you will see me.
Tide of age, all time unstoppable, all time loving you.
All time, loving you. Loving you. Loving you.
Sep 2022 · 72
You are beautiful
BTW Sep 2022
Every Day
16 September 2022

You are brave, beautiful, pure.
On every corner, in every place.
I don't know you, or your face..
Simply you live, one day die.
Sep 2022 · 71
When you are a dreamer
BTW Sep 2022
When you are a dreamer
14 September 2022

When you are a dreamer,
Your dreams show all true.
If you are a schemer,
Trouble waits you.

When you’re a dreamer,
Rewards thin and few,
Old love kisses are due,
Romance waits impatient anew.

When you are a dreamer,
Passion steams drum.
Heat weans in shelter,
Sheets left benumbed.

Music fill the morn,
Trumpet blow your horn.
Body holds no warning,
Love sweet and warm.

When you are a dreamer,
Need of great success,
Dreams lost manifest.
Aug 2022 · 45
Pillow Talk
BTW Aug 2022
Pillow Talk
3- August 2022

Head on my pillow, I watch you
sitting on the side of our bed. Hair tussled, eyes closed, night gown twisted showing a bare leg and breast.
You look pretty as a kitten in a basket.

You stretch over, touch my shoulder, bend down for a musty kiss. Soft lips part. Pillow Talk.
Aug 2022 · 56
Hard Times
BTW Aug 2022
Hard Times
26 August 2023

Sudden cold winds sweep the net.
Wrap up wool, thick blankets.
Leave the others, awaiting play.
Little sign, still damp gray.

Dog wandered days ago,
Nott. an easy sow.
Coins totalled wood,
Poor neighborhood.
Family month of pain,
Marking time, time again.
Fears have passed,
Courage strong.
Covid facts,
Street gone wrong.

West coast in sight,
Pavement empty.
Next tough night,
Not so plenty.  
Forage wide ditch,
For meal and clothes.
Nature’s mind must switch,
Wild red rose.

When you can’t get upstream,
When all seem wet dreams.
Alone, struggle true bereft.
When hard times have riches theft,
Spend your day, looking west,
Follow the dog, with wagging tail
She “nose””the way, never fails.
Aug 2022 · 54
BTW Aug 2022
25 August 2022

Blood red on edge,
They pledge,
Blood thick edge,
Home hunger stolen.

Truck gray rolling,
Soldiered stripe,
Green to rust pipe.

Held memory lost,
Promise morn frost.
Aug 2022 · 41
BTW Aug 2022
15 August 2022.

Without judgement or restraint, you curled me,
Celebrating our love and passion, true and free.
Dancing on sweet air,
Hold me, caress me, touch fair,
Every nerve feasting.
My soul, my body, your spirits intwine.
Medusa's blessing.
Kisses soak unbinding, no moral taint,
On a sea of love, we travel heaven’s gate.

Be free, you said, anything you want, I will.
I trust you. Such love God's fill.
Aug 2022 · 61
BTW Aug 2022
10 August 2022.

To die bitter old men, yoeman’s mate,
Stare at the gate. unsaved.

Perils, future plans dangle.
Unloved darkened grave waits.  

Stone etched, trued fate and sign.
Take what I have. ‘‘Twas never mine”.
Aug 2022 · 200
BTW Aug 2022
10 August 2022

Your fingers run down my soul,
Kissing the sun.
BTW Jul 2022
Change II

Leave a little on the table,
Bad karma, you're not able.
Times are tough, to  be fabled,
Saga written every gable.

World has left kindness short.
Take all you can, the old sport.
Many now throw keen sharp darts,
None behind, our fine art.

War and hunger everywhere.
Children crying, pain, despair.
Depending on your cutting back,
Are  they  ever back on track.

Never some for everyone.
Need exceeds each daily run.
Not a time for fame and glory,
Time to write  a better story.

Wish I had more to give,
Disappoint my own two kids.
Spoiled them when they were little.
Now no strings on my old fiddle.
Jul 2022 · 86
BTW Jul 2022
27 July 2022

Never expected, as selected.
Life rearranged, even deranged.

New default, not my fault.
Fate painted, future tainted.

Mad and angry, feeling mangy
Wonder known, time has flown.

New doors open, groping.
Always hoping, wet and soaking.

When I’m ready, feet are steady.
New change comes, still not done.
Used to lope, now it’s run.
Jul 2022 · 234
BTW Jul 2022
21 July 2022

Aging, the inverse relationship
Between capability and need.

A = N / C
BTW Jul 2022
Is there ever going to be enough time
19 July 2022

Suddenly it’s over.
Sun is setting in the west.
The darkness creeps in.
So much today was noted done.
Yesterday was full and felt complete.
Tired and ready to sleep, I pull up the covers,
Put my head down in the pillow, and wish for pleasant dreams.

Waiting this morning, I am blessed with a new day.
When the tears of morning are done,
Excitement of new possibilities sustain me.

Each day is full of promise.
Will there ever be enough time?
Jul 2022 · 75
BTW Jul 2022
15 July 2022

Always feel a cycle pedal,
Up, down, round and round.
Not winning awards, medals,
Mental,  some unsound.

Always try for happiness,
Want you to see I'm wise..
Looks like i raise your guardess,
Lose each time I rise.

Not just you when t feel slain,
Seems the whole **** town.
Pants caught in that greasy chain,
Almost pulled them down.

Harassment turns, looks my way,
Fills up those cold bold days..
Oh well, spin wheel again,
Still got some hell to raise.
Jul 2022 · 257
BTW Jul 2022
2 July 2038

Tattered Checker change-purse,
Zipper broken-worn.
Dented tin-full toolbox,
Sat with Clipper horn.

Handkerchief wash-snot-clean,
Work-boot bright-black-sheen.
Sweaty first dinner jacket,
Dusty rust-skin tack.

Stain-fold loving letters,
Hand scribed fuzzy matter,
Words he couldn’t spell,
Fear of burning hell.

Loved his owned reality,
Lived her life true well.
Jul 2022 · 174
BTW Jul 2022
30 June 2022

Shortcomings in cement,
Anger, pain, really meant,
Open window truth was bent,
Love no longer pays the rent.

Weight of steel bar sent,
Imprisoned acidic scents,
Reflected resentment.
Jun 2022 · 91
Travel Unstressed
BTW Jun 2022
23 June 2022

Travel Unstressed
23 June 2022

Waiting, the airport is crowded and full,
Announcements taking their noisiest toll.
Security playing it's cluster f*cked roll.
One passenger, weeping bag overflow.
Mamma 4 kids, all squawking in tow.
Baggage lost, no place to stay.
Travel past, was never this way,
Horse only needed, one bale of hay.
Price is inflated, oil price today.
Never the less.  we're ready to pay,
Adventure pending, awaiting life weighed.
Cabins out on that  rocky lake  shore.
Fish jumping, hooks already gore.
Canoe drifting, fir green on trees,
Oak logs in fireplace,  burning my knees.
Going to open that lost deck of cards,
Two weeks not mowing  backyard.
Look forward, each summer season,
Straying hot summer, no stress or reason.
Chores left at airport. the master plan.
Mountain country, awesome, so grand.
Passport quaking in shivering hand.
Cameras hanging, old dust and sand.
Can't leave my bag, here at my seat.
Take it with you, if needing a leak.
Safety warnings,  hang every aisle.
Terrorists coming with all their wiles.
No one really daring to smile.
Hearing now that loud roaring sound,
Meaning my flight has been final found.
Finally time to get out of town.
Next year. again, will travel bound.
Friends all gather, end of my journey.
I tell them I never hurried.
Vacation was best ever scurried.
Bank account empty, now my big worry.
Jun 2022 · 186
Strange Friends
BTW Jun 2022
20 June 2022

Strange Friends

20 June 2022

They call early,
Get up, each new day,
A priority.
Good morning friends,
You never end.
Each bend in the road,
We meet.
Strange friends these aches.
My day awaits.
I am awake.
Jun 2022 · 71
BTW Jun 2022
Age (Haiku)
8 May 2022

I pick you up,
Kiss your little lips,
To soon goodbye.
Jun 2022 · 61
BTW Jun 2022
When you are lost
4 June 2022

When you are lost,
Far from home,
No one there you’ve ever
Nothing left to call your own,  
Angel comes to fill your horn

Years have gone since things were right,
Days filled,  fear, nightmare frights.  
All your life  played it tight,
Shared your dreams, lost your might.  

Hungered wolves now pound your door,
Meat and bones their meaner score.
Old and worn, you ‘ope the door,
Give them what they’ve waited for.

Comfort smile on your chin,
Hold that paper wrinkled thin,
Your name scribbled ink and pen,
Never will, be writ agin.

Lessons left in poem and rhyme,
Lost with you in never time.
Partner came from nowhere known,
“You’re not lost, you’re going home”.  

“Peace you sought,  never found,
In past years, local town,
Stark  and bare, sing love and grace,
Leave your goods, find your place”.  

“Other dress up in your clothes,
Play your music, hold your pose.
Now they’ll wander, on their own.
Wonder how, you stood alone.”

“Your strength came not wealth and gold,
Not from simply growing old.
Gifts from others, wise and free,
Lift you up, for truth to see.”
May 2022 · 86
Summer Heat
BTW May 2022
15 May 2022-

Silk sheets. Sweat air conditioned, owl-echo growls.
Not yet summer, war, pain, dissolution, summer on prowl.
All winter waits, snow-broken melt on pavement,
Pressing my head, your shoulder shakes, well-spent,
Winds raise the shingles, we twist again passioned.
Cool fall sun lies best on me like you, unrationed.
Whispering, snarling,  orange-layered ******,
Shake in summer heat's thousand spasms.
Hold back the drear of fallen leaf and dove torn.
Peace, comfort-thunder, insist again, warn,
I open your door unbarred.

Lighting, dark enlightenment, ash, strength spared,
Like ice in cold water , spoil the taste of spice and hair.
Lying touched, challenged, used, we stay bare.
Summer heat holds us here. Night, we become one.
Summer heat. It's not done.
May 2022 · 89
two dollars won
BTW May 2022
8 May 2022

"two dollars said I won.
used to buy a bit of fun.
now worth only one"

Not enough to buy a bun.
A loaf of bread? sorry none.
Tried for galloon of gas,
Tossed  me out on my ***.

Taxes seemed came to three,
Took my money "abc".
Now wonder, two dollars free?
Can't buy one dollar's need.

Told it's called inflation's gain.
Least it's got a pretty name.
Pay it now, all day long.
" 'for it's over, dollar's gone' ".
Apr 2022 · 63
Night Sky
BTW Apr 2022
27 April 2022

My night sky anchors me.
Infinity of stars , song of crickets.
Frogs crying in next yard pool

Surrounding me in gentled darkness,  
Promising light of the next day.
Orion showing the righteous way,
Moon glow.

Scented taste of newly mown
A gown of dewed web shimmering passes,
Awaiting realty of our primal existemce.

Another sound, deep and unwavering.
An owl blurring unnoticed,
A human’s cough and shuffle.
I’m grounded in my insignificance.

Whence comes comfort and stirring?
My belonging celebrates itself.
Apr 2022 · 57
Long enough
BTW Apr 2022
16 April 2022

It's been a long, snowy, cold winter.
Spring has been reluctant, slow.
Peeking in on my life then hiding.
Rainy dark, early morning days.

When is long enough, to satisfy those,
Who prefer, rather than pleasurable shortened times,
Prolonged hours with  friends in garden, park, or mutual consort.

Somehow I find all this focus on weather depressing.
Perhaps I am stretching things too far,
Spending time on the breadth of the tropic.
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