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BTW Aug 2021
24 August 2021

Precipice of Desire.
Good and bad in doubt.
BTW Aug 2021
25 August 2021

Perfection is personal
BTW Aug 2021
24 August 2021

Waiting is the hardest,
Where do I wait startled?
Can we know what could be won or lost?
Can we know what will be the cost?
I long waited for you.
Now you, my life is at risk, you are my life.
Flowers or music hardly tell the tale.
You are my freedom from pains of life.
You are that awesome gift fate has tossed.
Waiting is precious time we have lost.
Yes, we have to take the cost.
Waiting is hard.

Yes we have to take the cost.
Waiting is the hardest.
BTW Aug 2021
23 August 2021

There is a tombstone,
Written “I too once was there.”  
"How do I get back? "

(Still have my coat and bags)
BTW Aug 2021
23 August 2021

Days of summer heated, change to a darkening crisper fall.
Life hardens, coils, preparing for the resting-rusting, of winter.
Uncertain. a chick-a-dee flutters nearby, astride berry-laden branches.
Winter snows, will soon burden it's call.

One lone black squirrel, stands squatting on it's edge.
Nose buried in an oddly brown fur tail, it's own.
Remnants of scaled snake skin, hold drops of this morning's rain.
A few old dry brown twigs, hang broken, thorny-brown leafed hedges.

Hints of dampness twist in the mild winds from the south,
Truth of illusion marks a yellow, uneven, fading, distant, horizon.
Somewhere, a tenor beagle howls, mournfully, to emptiness.
Young girls, moving together, striate their celebrations of youth.

There is an ache in my hips and neck this morning.
Heart wane filled, wistful.
Melancholy of dog days on unhealed roads twisting,
Memory of times, long past, fistfuls,
I never can restart, mourning.

I stand beside that long open road, neverland of lost dreams.
Fruit-bare search for meaning. Nature's transitions and streams.
BTW Aug 2021
20 August 2021

We crossed paths on that dating site.
Lunch on the road set the GPS.
You were just right, no less.
All dots on the map matched.
Our love story hatched.
Travel passed all the tests.
You know the rest.
Haven’t had any since!
BTW Aug 2021
20 August 2021

Unappreciated your strength,
So many missed who you were.
Few would take that journey,
None could survive.

Your challenge accelerated,
And you smiled hiding pain.
Legs crossed and open armed,
You struggled again. Undaunted.

Now I have your pain.
You were stronger.
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