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You are there to grab the little feet of  each baby,
welcoming into this world.  
You were there beside my betterhalf
to assist her giving birth to my babaies,
you wrapped them clean and warm,
handed me those precious bundles of joy with a smile,
Vaccinated each  little arm  by pricking lovely,
You were there as a soothing cold swab in high fever
You were there in the stroke ward to support,
reassure, encourage and help my Mom walk!!
helped her out to defy hemiplegia, illuminating life!!!
When i stood beside my Dad in the cold of the ICCU,
numb and void,  you were there gently pressing shoulder
fed me, insisted to be strong
elightened me on life and death, prepared me
to  accept the  inevitable departure of Dad's soul,
stood there with prayers as he passed away peacefully
Brave heroes, frontline fighters
My heart beats, overflows with respect on recalling the faces of each one of you.

Mountains to boulders to rocks to dirt to dust
Come clouds and crystals of ice;
Tight ball of hot metal
***** dust settles

A storm develops
Universe ****
A solar system's lust is born,
and everybody's ******* like rabbits!

It's a big ***;
A couldron;
A stew is cooking and boiling over
As it tips, it spills out upon Earth
Filling the mountains and valleys and seas with life
Galactic money shot hit pay dirt

Gary L
she was only ten years old
when he made the video tape
the film shows a horrid crime unfold
that little girl was *****

(the story that remains untold
a past she can never escape
available for an easy download
fuel for a pervert's sake)

they have their way with her over and over

******* eyes watch with bad intent
she is a victim again and again
every time that file is sent
she is ***** by other men
stepping back to my cherished boyhood

It passed a quarter century to step out of my Alma Mater
My Santa Cruz High School…….
Still your revolving gate brings back
those cherished memories revolving back
there comes a ****** from the heart.
Stepping back into your court yard,
I feel the warmth of my mom’s arms…
The same warmth that escorted me
to step into your pavements on the first day.

Still I feel the breeze under the canopy of your rain-trees
hark! still we hear that cherished clang of bell
hit by Alphonse uncle in his unique rhythm…...
our beloved teacher’s voices are still flowing in the air
Now class rooms are empty and still,
But once they buzzed with our giggles and chats
They took us to the Daffodils of Words worth
To the frozen lakes of Robert Frost…
Through the lyrics of Tagore
And showed the renunciation of Gowtham Buddha
marveling arts and thrilling sciences
gave us wings to fly in colors

Friends who stayed in merits and demerits
stood together in good deeds and mischief
All those golden good old days
Of the teen spirits of arrogance
Enthusiasm and outraging curiosity
Joking peers and merrymaking leisure,
all those lessons earned us life
more than the scores those syllabus gave us.
we had a get together 26 years after we passed out from our beloved Santa Cruz High School. All those cheerful faces are now grown grey and wrinkled, yet that boy in the heart is still alive
Days passed, weeks, and then months
Years passed flipping the calendars
Yet time is still without any change!!

We were born, grown, cried and laughed
Had sobs and giggles pleasure and pain
Steaming teens and yelling youth
Matured to men and women folks
Hairs grew grey, feelings turned straight
And time didn’t change but it changed all of us.
time is eternal, we try to grab it into our spheres of vision, trying to schedule it into seconds, minutes hours and days, into weeks and months and to years ,,,,
but it goes on infinity
time doesn't change
and changes comes only in ourselves....

— The End —