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Aztec Warrior Oct 2016
“Once upon a time”:…
     or so the stories go;
hell even the Raven’s Poe
used these words:
     “once upon a midnight dreary.”
But who is this
knocking at my door?
She was the
in my life
and I welcomed her in
once upon a time.
Upon a time
this time curved around her face
touching sweet dimples,
lips upon my finger tips
and felt time
fold in upon itself
     Upon a once
raging fire
knocking at my door
promising more….
time upon a once

Aztec Warrior/redzone  10.15.16
..... thanks for reading...
Aztec Warrior Sep 2016
“Beds Are Burning”**

“how can we dance
when our Earth is turning,
how do we sleep
while our beds are burning..”
~~ Midnight Oil, 1987
no matter where you look,
no matter where you go;
spin the globe
and point anywhere,
our Earth is burning,
humanity is hurting...

Sleeping beds burn
in human atrocities’ dancing
on the misery and bones,
the living poverty,
all the while,
******* on illusions and allusions
of “freedom;
while thinking everyone,
must live as we,
in blue pill ignorance
and selective amnesia

Let’s get real-
we live in the
“Land of the Thief,
Home of the Slave!”

When will we put all this
in long ago past museum history?
Or do we really think
it is fun to dance
while our beds are burning
and humanities hurting!?

Aztec Warrior / redzone 7.5.16
....thanks for reading..
music link is to song "Beds Are Burning
by Midnight Oil
Aztec Warrior Sep 2016
“Black Velvet”**

There use to be snow up there,
lots of it to be sure.
Then the sun came out somewhere
and now all is melted and demure
in nature and touch,
as everything is covered in bleak colors,
rainy feel and such
displaying too many grays and shadows.

I use to spend hours
watching the witchy Borealis
shifting and shimmering
on black velvet nights.
It was enough to set your heart a fire
running playfully
in those Canadian lights.

Now, some may look for
that “slow Southern style”
and a come on sway, oh my.
But I look northward
to the songs in the sky
with legs that make a skirt wild.
Give me
Borealis on painted
black velvet skies,
“if you please”.

Aztec Warrior / redzone 7.3.16
(Note: quote from the song “Black Velvet”
by Alannah Myles)
....thanks for reading...
the music is "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles
Aztec Warrior Oct 2016
On this Friday night a poem to share with all who wish someone would write them a love poem. Or in some other show of affection give them love and kindness.

Bright Star  
           by John Keats

Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art —
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
And watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like Nature's patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priest like task
Of pure ablution round earth's human shores,
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors —
No — yet still stedfast, still unchangeable,
Pillow'd upon my fair love's ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft swell and fall,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever — or else swoon to death.

I think if I would write a poem of love for the one I love,
It would be to simply voice softly in her ear, this poem written
by John Keats and given to his love,  ***** Brawne….  redzone to_,
a softly voiced enchantment in the night’s sky.
....thanks for reading...

I didn't write the poem, Keats did... Bright Star besides being a poem he wrote to his beloved, was also the movie made of this love... a bitter sweet and tragic love story...

I put this piece together 9/30 as a "Friday Night" poem and it was inspire by a friend who said they wish someone would write them a love poem...
Aztec Warrior Sep 2016
Butterfly Flutterby**

The music swirls Cherry Blossoms,
pink petals fluttering in the air
as if plucked by morning notes
and you glide in dawn’s sweet touch
like a slow butterfly song.

Break down:
hey hey baby
come come
my lady
are you a butterfly
all fluttery sweet
and crazy down,
maybe you’ll dance with me

Flip side:
this fusion, hard rock
and hip-hop
swirls cherry blossom petals
fluttering in your crazy breeze
of sweet tasting
butterfly notes.
Baby baby
you are a
sweet butterfly song
in my heart...

Come come
my lady
and I will help you sing.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 8.27.16
Note: I drew heavily on the song by Crazy Town, “Butterfly”
the song embedded below.
....thanks for reading...
music is
"Butterfly" by Crazy Town
Aztec Warrior Oct 2016

A song
     in the emotions
sung as melodies,
into the fabric of time
drifting along the edges
    of a night sky
and into your heart.

A simple song
          we are
     in widening circles
continuous and complete
     in lover’s ache
     as in your touch,
     fingers speak soliloquy
and I create etudes,
     opus and symphony,
     my love to you.

We are a simple song,
a rainbow, colorful

Aztec Warrior/redzone 10.11.16
(Note: written after watching an art film- “Youth)
....thanks for reading...  music is from the movie..
Aztec Warrior Oct 2016
Crows On A Rainy Morning**

It’s a rainy morning
since you’ve been gone,
the grey consumes and I just moan.
Crows visit and circle my home
with their mocking caw, caw
cawing me, calling me,
while pecking my eyes, reminding me I’m alone.
They gather on the Juniper,
on my clothes line tearing the shirts of mine
you always wore,
offering me dropped black feathers
to build a dream catcher
so I can relive all the nightmares
of losing you.

Mornings use to be alive with the scent of you,
singing our old songs as you dressed for the day
while I made us coffee, strong,
rich and dark, the way you liked it
and we would sit under the oak
down by the stream.
But first, always first
we faced in all directions one by one
giving thanks to the rising sun,
to Grandmother for another day,
to Grandfather’s balance.
On most days we listened to the river
singing songs to the trees,
hear strange tales of deer playing tag with
wildflowers and dandelion.
Sometimes the old back bear would come by
showing her cubs how to fish.
I will remember these days,
hold them to my heart.
They were days made by you,
by your touch on my face
as you leaned into me,
by your sandalwood scent.

Now, years later, it is a cold,
rainy morning as the grey consumes me
to its moan.

Aztec Warrior/redzone  9.28.16
...thanks for reading... wasn't able to earlier so here is link to the music that goes with this poem... "Moan", by Robert Cray:
Aztec Warrior Sep 2016
Cruel Summer**

It’s a long cruel summer
since you’ve been gone;
starless skies
greet dreamless nights
and shadows eat my sight.
I thought it would be easy
not ever seeing you,
but everything I do
calls me to unsaid words
in many colors, but mostly blue.
Life is mostly hard,
filled with pain
abuse that makes no sense
and leaves us hollow sometimes.
Whether it’s at the hands
of those who raise us,
or the one who promises
to love us forever.
And worse, we sometimes lose
the ones we love the most-
like mourning dew
on a warm summer’s day.
I know all this,
honestly I do.
Yet I never thought
it was you I would lose.
Don’t ask me why
I can not explain
my Daliesque dream
that you would remain.
Perhaps it was my penchant
at windmill jousting;
or reading too much into
Cervantes’ and his chivalrous
Dulcinea desires
that imaged you
dancing from chandeliers
or around those gypsy fires
on cool spring nights;
teasing me into submission
and confessing my “sins”
of falling for you.
I have no words
or rationale for any of this.
I just know
it’s a long cruel summer
since you’ve been gone,
leaving me all alone.
Maybe today,
while it’s sunny and warm,
I can find my sanity,
the rationale
to get out on my own
and sing some silly
80's songs.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 6.26.16
....thanks for reading...
music is "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama
Aztec Warrior Aug 2016
Dream-Walk Sunset**

From the Highlands they came.
Even before we saw them
we felt the earth shake.
Drums pulsed,
feet danced
to ancient runes,
to didgeridoo
and haunting pipes;
danced to dreams come true.
From the Highlands
to the sea,
marching to those cliffs
over soft white sands
they came.
Magical Fae and Folks of old
traditional ways
where life and death
were just Gaia’s breath
in harmony with the rest,
a dream-walk sunset.
Can you see them?
There- they dance
to a sound so bright
you can see it
even in this dark night.
There- they float
on Witch and Fae spells
to set the world right.
There- all those points of light
billions and billions they
march to anciet songs
of magic held in the notes
of the didgeridoo
and Asturian pipes.
Over the Highlands they came
marching to the sea
and those cliffs
above soft white sands,
magical Fae and Folk of old
traditional ways.
Will we join them
in Gaia’s dream-walk sunset?
Or just watch
as they fade away?

Aztec Warrior/redzone 7.24.16
...thanks for reading... here is the link to some Highland Music,
"Busiindre Reel"  by Hevia
Aztec Warrior Aug 2016
Into You**

oh, you can go
or you can stay
and I’ll walk with you
until you fade
into that strange place you go
where oblivion eats you so
you are known only to shadow
and a crying
midnight blue;
where I long to follow
and fade along with you.
“fade into you.”

Aztec Warrior / redzone 7.16.16
Note: quoted words at the end is
the Title of the song embedded below
...thanks for reading... here is the link to the music
by Mazzy Star, "Fade Into You"
Aztec Warrior Oct 2016

Her season,  a sweet nectar,
the fragrance of fresh cut clover
on a Spring day.
She fills rainbows with colors.
She is….   just
arms, legs,
hair and lips,
just kisses and delight
morning, noon and night.
She is…    just
Summer heat
swirling Autumn leaves
Winter’s freeze
and a Spring shower with me.
She makes me feel
In the air she breaths
I see
      I feel everything!
She is…   just
      my beloved.
Aztec Warrior/redzone  10.14.16
(Note: still thinking about the music in “Youth” and the movie)
....thank you for reading...  music is from the movie
Aztec Warrior Aug 2016
Fire & Rain**

Several mornings ago
I woke up to a rainy tomorrow,
today though was a raging fire.
It singed all my thoughts of you,
burnt the marrow you placed in my bones
leaving me painfully hollow.
Rain and fire,
rainy fire
and acidic spit;
how foolish to think
I would see you again...
Woke up tomorrow,
wrote down this poem
with the pieces of me lying around
cause I never could find a friend.
Sweet dreams have disappeared
in a long and lonely day
where the sun shines
on a Winter’s wind
and icicles form on my shriveled skin.

“Yet I always thought
I would see you again”
Fire, spit,
and lonely
rainy days,
though this is the end
of those foolish thoughts
of seeing you again.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 7.19.16
(Note: the quoted line is from James Taylor’s
song, “Fire & Rain”; as is the inspiration
for this poem)
thanks for reading... here is the link to the song,
"Fire & Rain" by James Taylor..
"but I always thought I would see you again"
Aztec Warrior Jan 2017
For Mom:
(b. 1925; d.2016)*

She held on to the sunlight
longer than anyone thought.
Palms swayed as she breathed
in all her strength,
all her power
until it all calmed
Night cooled
as barren
descends, now
a dark that sings no stars
or sweet songs of life.
Her last breath
carried by crows
brushed across my cheek quietly
as I did not get to her in time.

As my sorrow fingered with my heart,
I saw the hungry abyss descend with her smile,
Still I heard in her whisper,
“do not mourn for me,
like our ancestors before,
I have found the balance
in natural tones;
in the music of stars
and in the songs playing
on Owl’s wings.
Do not mourn for me, my loves
I am alive still in the flow of worlds.”

There is a weight
taller than Denali;
heavier than Big Mountain;
I carry it with me
in my back pack
next to my jeans and dreams
as I follow her tracks,
smiling with her life.

Aztec Warrior/redzone  12.29.16

For all of you who "liked" and or commented on this poem I thank you from the bottom of my heart... your words are a comfort to me and my dad (I showed him the comments)... you have touched us deeply... I hope all of you the best...

And Nagi, you are wonderful in your kindness and a special thanks for shinning a "light" on this poem....

....thanks for reading
music is from Dax Johnson,  "Rain"
Aztec Warrior Oct 2016
Friday Night Music Part1
“Cherry Cola”**

A Side:
“ooh I know I want you
don’t know if I need you
but ooh I’d die to find out”

so the song begins
and like “chicka cherry cola”
you came into my life
with intoxicating sways
and dragon breathing fire
and I’m inspired to drink
you in some more,
double shot straight up.

B side:
You say-
“come stand a little bit closer
Breath in and get a bit higher”.
Come, find out
What these lips are all about.

Aztec Warrior/redzone  9.30.16
Note:  the quoted lines are from the song “I Want You”
By Savage Garden. The song is embedded below
music ink:
Aztec Warrior Oct 2016
Friday Night Music: Part 2
Untamed Heart**

My untamed heart has fallen for you
more than I could ever say,
more than I ever should.
You are my blue moon
on a cloudless night;
you are my peace
soothing this chaotic heart.
And in my dreams
I see your face knowing
“the greatest thing
is to love
and be loved in return”.

Aztec Warrior/redzone  9.30.16
Note: quoted lines are from the song “Nature Boy”
By Nat King Cole and was in the movie “Untamed Heart”
(Marisa Tomei and Christian Slatter) which is one of the
Best tragic love stories. The music link:
Aztec Warrior Sep 2016
Give Me That Funky Stuff**

Dress me up
in Uptown blues
and get down funk.
So hot, *******.
Say what!

I heard once
someone say,
“If you lick my soul,
I will feed your funk”.
So in a wave of funkadelic haze
let me soul up your funky,
spunky dance floor displays
with rhythm, blues
and dance hall daze.
So girl,
let me funk you up!

Aztec Warrior/redzone 8.28.16
....thanks for reading...
the music link is to "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson /Ft Bruno Mars
Aztec Warrior Sep 2016

cool jazz smooths out the day
as a blue haze swirls
around the tables;
the sax played around
with your long legg’d sway
as you near’d the table
and handed me a very *****
***** martini
with a wildly wonderful
red lip’d smile.
how could I resist;
it was like the fusion
of cool, smooth melody
of Boney James’ soprano
with the hard edged notes of
Coltrane’s alto
and I was entangled
within your sensual flair.

as I pulled you closer,
my fingers playing in your hair,
I saw the universal twinkle
of shooting stars
in your eyes
and my heart beat
in tune with
“In A Sentimental Mood”.

the smooth jazz mellow’d
out in a gin joint haze
and we sway’d
in and out of a shifting phase
of warm lips
and a raspberry scented daze
as we moved closer
into this ****** craze
of my syncopated fingers caressing
your lemon-vanilla scented
piano flavor’d skin.
key strokes gently
ease into me
and the music of “Fallin”
eats me like air.
not in piece by piece delights,
but as a ravishingly
lustful whole.

and I find
“I’m falling in and out
of love with you”.

but helplessly, I find
I’m still in a sentimental mood
as my dream catcher
knows I love the silky,
cool jazzy feel of you.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 8.27.16
Note: there are references to several songs
and musicians in the poem. The title is a song by Boney James
found in his album “Ride”. The musicians are Boney Lames,
John Coltrane, Alicia Keys, and Dr. John.
.....thanks for reading... Eliot says I can't do 3 links... sorry... you will have to look them up yourself...
Aztec Warrior Aug 2016
Hell’s Abyss**

Often I want to join you
in those swirling notes of blue,
the old down low
of ebbs and flow
that cascade like ebony’s glow
and from there and back,
let me “fade to black”.

You always loved to tease,
to take pleasure
in darkened rooms
where demons could
coddle your heart
and take you to their lover’s shack,
while you just let me
“fade to black”.

Oh, you knew how to fight,
you always had the knack
to take my love
then stab me in the back,
sending me to the edge
of hell’s abyss
where with one push
I “fade to black”.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 8.20.16
Note: the quoted lines are from the song:
“Fade To Black” by Dire Straits. Song
is also embedded below.
...thanks for reading..
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015

(a poem by Warsan Shire. She is a 23 year-old Somali born, London-based author and educator. This poem has been posted all over the internet. I found this copy in a revolutionary journal called, “A World To Win News Service” their web address is;

no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark
you only run for the border
when you see the whole city running as well
your neighbors running faster than you?
breath ****** in their throats
the boy you went to school with
who kissed you dizzy behind the old tin factory
is holding a gun bigger than his body
you only leave home
when home won’t let you stay.
no one leaves home unless home chases you
fire under feet
hot blood in your belly
it’s not something you ever thought of doing
until the blade burnt threats into
your neck
and even then you carried the anthem under
your breath
only tearing up your passport in an airport toilet
sobbing as each mouthful of paper
made it clear that you wouldn't be going back.
you have to understand,
that no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land
no one burns their palms
under trains
beneath carriages
no one spends days and nights in the stomach of a truck
feeding on newspaper unless the miles traveled
means something more than journey.
no one crawls under fences
no one wants to be beaten
no one chooses refugee camps
or strip searches where your
body is left aching
or prison,
because prison is safer
than a city of fire
and one prison guard
in the night
is better than a truckload
of men who look like your father
no one could take it
no one could stomach it
no one skin would be tough enough
the go home blacks
***** immigrants
asylum seekers
******* our country dry
******* with their hands out
they smell strange

messed up their country and now they want
to mess ours up
how do the words
the ***** looks
roll off your backs
maybe because the blow is softer
than a limb torn off
or the words are more tender
than fourteen men between
your legs
or the insults are easier
to swallow
than rubble
than bone
than your child's body
in pieces.

i want to go home,
but home is the mouth of a shark
home is the barrel of the gun
and no one would leave home
unless home chased you to the shore
unless home told you
to quicken your legs
leave your clothes behind
crawl through the desert
wade through the oceans

be hungry
forget pride
your survival is more important
no one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear
run away from me now
i don't know what i've become
but i know that anywhere
is safer than here
I am proudly posting this poem because of the fascistic views being prominently displayed as legitiment views in american and european media and society... for inhumanity and barbarity there is NO equal in the world than what the US has done in it's entire history down to a few seconds ago... Warsan Shire's story is just one of literally millions and millions... but posting a poem is not enough, it is up to all of us to stop these wars of aggression waged by our own government
Aztec Warrior Aug 2016

Laying atop the carved-stone mesa,
feeling the chill of Perihelion’s air,
I am seeing long past millennia
in the night sky.
Snuggled inside my bed roll dreams
I feel earth’s motion
swirl distant galaxies,
as your red-shift light warms my face,
a celestial journey begun long before
our sun,
this planet was even formed.

Stardust memories blaze the night sky.
Each point a puzzle
holding onto so many whys,
giving forth, shouting out their mysteries
and expanding sighs.
Suddenly, in a snap shot moment
of earthly time,
I stand naked to face you
and your far distant hue,
as the rhythm of the wind,
its winter rhyme,
tussles my hair,
tingles my skin.
You are probably long gone
but I had to wave,
shout out my incantations,
acknowledge your presence
and warm glow sensations.
Standing, arms stretched wide,
Naked to the stars
I can sense your aeons ago reply:
   “We are children of the skies
   you and I.
   the creation of melting nebulae
   transformed into conscious activity.
   I will know you
   by the tracks you leave
   by the way you persevere
   in seeking and up-holding truth
   in bettering the spirit of humankind.
   I will know you by your smile.”

Aeons ago I sensed your touch.
As I raced back to the warmth awaiting
within these bed roll dreams,
I felt earth’s motion
rotate distant galaxies.
Staring into your starry night,
smiling at all the unknown,
I am ready for
all earth changing possibilities,
hastened along by distant hues
riding on this winter’s wind.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 1.6.04
...thanks for reading...
the music link is to Enya's "Watermark"
Aztec Warrior Aug 2015
POEM 37 (Inside Your Heart)

A man can tell
a thousand lies
and never blink.
But I say this:
my truth lies within
the bold sensitivities
of your beating heart.
Look inside and you
will feel the touch
of my warm lips
and know that,
like Neruda’s Isla Negra,
and its coconut sands,
I will carry you in my heart
and yearn for
“a thousand kisses deep”.

Aztec Warrior 8.2.15

(Note: must give credit to Poetessa,
as her poem on Leonard Cohen
chased me to hear him read his poem “A
Thousand Kisses Deep”. Hauntingly beautiful.)
Aztec Warrior Nov 2016
Some people say and will say, let us unite and heal. Unite round what exactly? Fascism??  This is at best a pipe dream and in reality a nightmare for billions of people everywhere on the planet. There can be and there should be no unity with fascists and a program of global violence and destruction (already under way for several centuries now)..  An historical reference: People who say this are actually saying "be good Germans" do not protest or resist the death camps and slaughter of Jews and others. Their cry: "Uber Germany - Uber Alles" - "God, Fatherland, and Motherhood".  In our case 2016, it is non whites, Black, Muslims, Mexicans, GLTQ people, women and abortion rights, and the environment that will be the targets of this "resurrent America"... and why would anyone want to "unite " with this?? In the name of humanity, I will not unite, collaborate, conciliate, nor capitulate to a fascist America.

In this light I offer a statement / message that is being distributed throughout this country and where ever people are protesting and resisting, including to people in other countries who are looking to us to see what we will do. Here is the link:­html

While I encourage everyone to read  by following the link, I am also going to post the message below.

In the Name of Humanity,
We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America
Rise Up... Get Into The Streets... Unite With People Everywhere
to Build Up Resistance in Every Way You Can
Don’t Stop: Don’t Conciliate... Don’t Accommodate... Don’t Collaborate

Donald Trump has now won the presidency. Under the slogan “Make America Great Again,” he has viciously attacked Mexicans and Muslims, threatened to deport millions and boasted that he will build walls and close borders. He incites people to fear and hate those who are “different,” or who come from other countries or nationalities, or practice different religions. He crudely demeans and degrades women, and openly boasts about molesting them. He’s a champion of white supremacy who has insulted and threatened Black people, and whipped up a racist lynch-mob mentality. Trump has mocked the disabled.  He is an aggressive and unapologetic militarist, who threatens to use nuclear weapons and will have his fingers on the nuclear codes. He openly advocates war crimes and crimes against humanity"including torture and killing the families of people accused of terrorism. He plans to pack the Supreme Court with justices who will gut and reverse the right to abortion, gay rights, and other important legal rights. He calls climate change a hoax and his policies will wreak further devastation on the environment. He has attacked and threatened the press and stirred up his supporters to do the same. Trump has utter contempt for facts and the truth, and consistently lies to advance his agenda. As for the rule of law, Trump went so far as to openly threaten his opponent, Hillary Clinton, not only with jail, but even assassination. Donald Trump is an outright fascist. And he is now the president-elect.

Fascism is a very serious thing. Fascism foments and relies on xenophobic nationalism, racism, and the aggressive reinstitution of oppressive “traditional values.” Fascism feeds on and encourages the threat and use of violence to build a movement and come to power. Fascism, once in power, essentially eliminates traditional democratic rights. Fascism attacks, jails, and executes its opponents, and launches violent mob attacks on “minorities.” In **** Germany in the 1930s and ’40s, under ******, fascism did all these things. They imprisoned millions in concentration camps and exterminated millions of Jews, Roma people (Gypsies), and other “undesirables.” And ****** did almost all of this through the established institutions and the “rule of law.” This is where this goes. And yes, ****** himself could “talk graciously” when he felt it would serve his interests and lull his opponents.

Trump did not even win the popular vote, (even though he did win the “electoral college” which decides elections in the U.S.). ****** himself came to power through democratic procedures, including through the process of elections. Should people have accepted ******?! Unfortunately, they did, at a horrific cost to humanity. Today, with nuclear weapons, that cost could be far higher.  

In the name of humanity, we must refuse to accept a fascist America!
The fact that Trump won as many votes as he did must be understood. The fact that he got more than even 10 percent of the vote is disgraceful and reveals some very ugly things about America. So why did this happen? The world today is turbulent, full of changes. Those who supported Trump’s fascist program were overwhelmingly sections of white people, especially but not only white men, who yearn for the days of open white supremacy and American global *******, and the blatant subjugation of women. A significant minority of white people did oppose him, but we have to confront how deep the racism, the national chauvinism, and the hatred of women is woven into this society... and not give in to this, but vigorously challenge and fiercely oppose it. 

But even more than this, Trump was backed by powerful forces in this society. Beyond those who directly supported him, the media, the Democratic Party, and others treated him as a legitimate candidate, refused to call him out as the fascist he is, and now call on everyone to accept his ascension to power. All the major powerful forces in this society bear the responsibility"it is they who have, over decades, either built up this fascist force or have “enabled” it.

You cannot try to “wait things out” with fascists. Those who lived through ******’s Germany and sat on the sidelines, looking on as ****** rounded up one group after another, became shameful collaborators with monstrous crimes against humanity. Trump and his regime must be resisted and defied, beginning now, in many different ways and in every corner of society. 

Reconciliation and collaboration would be nothing less than criminal and deadly. Literally. Come together... resist... and let the whole world know that we will not allow this to stand!
it is a wonderful sight here in NYC to see so many youth and others out protesting, marching and opposing a fascist America....
Aztec Warrior Jan 2017
I Was Told**

Well, I was told,
but who listens
when a heart is on fire.
I was warned
but you turned me to ash,
and I burnt so passionately
in your arms.

There’s a fiery madness here
found in your silent words
and I was warned
your touch would freeze
my heart in frost bitten sanity.
But it doesn’t matter
as this madness swallowed me whole
and I need to know
are you real;
do you care?
Or am I
just the ash falling
from your fingertips,
like a smoking cigarette
still burning in madness.

Aztec Warrior/redzone  12.8.16
.....thanks for reading.... music is  "Madness" by Muse
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015
I want to thank all of you who have read my poem "I Fell In Love With You" (POEM 99). I am truly amazed that so many of you fellow poets have found this poem to your liking, re-posted, left comments or just read.

I will do my best to read and comment on your poetry, to visit and say HI in some way over the next few days.

For a lot of you, and me as well, writing poetry is like breathing air, we would die if we didn't (not sure who said this first, don't think it was a poet, but an author), perhaps not literally, but definitely inside we would be dead. So for me your reading and all is like fresh air and I am amazed and humbled by all of you.

Thank you.
okay, now lets all write like there was no tomorrow... and have a few beers (or whatever you drink) on me.. hell even throw them on me if you want!! lol ;0)
Aztec Warrior Sep 2016
Life: A Carnival

In so many ways
we are a human freak show,
just a breathing carnival attraction.
So get the ******* your high horse,
look around
be mesmerized,
and wonderized by a world of awe.
Let’s get real,
move a few strands of DNA
from here to there,
drop some chromosomes at the deli
to re-arrange their eating patterns
and we would see that
those mindless amoebas down the street
is talking our language.
Of all the billions of species
populating this planet,
we humans are the most
ignorant, opinionated,
**** for brains fools.
We puff out our stupidity
on a regular basis,
books, movies, music,
TV and social media
there is no end to the
racist, slime eating,
brought out in grand displays
as “experts”
in a single hour
of opinion disguised as “news”
on Fox, or CNN,
a menagerie of fools.

The world is a marvelous place,
alive with diversity,
which we should embrace.
All of us, humans wide,
emerged from Africa,
humanities origins
10's of thousands of years ago.

We humans are a carnival,
a side tent freak show,
all diverse and magnificent.
And to all those idiot
religious fanatics,
USA, USA ignoramuses,
de-evolve your brains,
slither back under your rock,
go back to your ancient,
long gone
humanoid origins,
become like you are,

Aztec Warrior/redzone 8.28.16
Note: yes it’s a rant after watching an hour of Fox
CNN and MSNBC news... I must go throw up now.
Apologies to Natalie Merchant whose song “Carnival”
is embedded below, her song is a much more kinder
celebration of our diversity.. I on the other hand
cannot stay calm in the face of fascist fanatics
pretending to speak for human beings.
....thanks for reading...
the music link is to Natalie Merchant's, "Carnival"
Aztec Warrior Jan 2017
Mother Is A Song**

I was born on the wind
swirling through tall trees,
downstream fed valleys
into open, high grass plains
where nights twinkle stars
and days are a warm yellow
because Mother is a song.

I was raised on her voice,
carried by wrens’ wings,
spoken in blue jay chatter
that told of black soil
giving life to African Violets
sprinkled neath tall Sequoia
as each word whispered her name,
cause Mother was a song
and I was born
to be her singer.

She often spoke in violins
sounding like a fast-moving rill
cascading over smooth rock
and deep cello metaphor
dancing gleefully through
the eons old gorge
while oboeing calmly
toward the delta’s sea.
Her seas, symphonies of blue-green
waves playing with whale pod sonatas,
dolphin leaping concertos
as clown fish nestle among coral
listening to tides and meter
where all life began
and now witnessing death.

Mother is a song
and I am born on her cymbals,
loud and angry like thunder;
raised to be her lightning singer.

Mother is a song
no one listens to anymore.

Aztec Warrior/redzone  11.30.16
(NOTE: an ode to the large death of coral in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef due to rising sea temperatures and pollution)
...thanks for reading
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016
Not A Poem: A Personal Message to Hello Poetry and A Pledge**

None of what has been going on here at Hello Poetry makes any sense but it is hurting many poets here and driving many poets/friends away (8 and counting)... my only thinking is that it is a deliberate attack not only on poets but poetry, and these web sites where poets gather and is part of a growing american culture of barbarity.. it's like those U.S. drone attacks done from behind closed doors that no one sees coming and then everything and everybody gets destroyed... it must stop and we must stop it!

For all those who are interested, I will do the same as Quinn has done and post ANY and ALL private messages that are character attacks or personal attack on me or my friends (if they allow); or ugly comments left on my poetry... Walt Livingston’s  comment on Quinn’s poem should not be tolerated here at HP, and called out for its inhumanity. It has nothing to do with poetry or the poem he left it on. Not one thing he said can be verified and this kind of thing has to stop. It’s like watching Fox or CNN news- ******* opinions posing as news and training us on what to think.

Also, for the record, if anyone receives a message claiming to be me do 2 things, first ask me if I actually wrote it sent it and 2 send it to me... I do not really know (that is I do not yet have the proof needed) who or how many are behind this, BUT I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE AS LONG AS I AM AT HP. And this goes for any other site I may visit. So please block me now all who think I will not stand up against plagiarism, attacks, harrassments, trolling, stalking, and any other form of oppression.

I also know that I may lose a few friends in doing this. To them, I can only say, that this is not a reflection on or directed to you in any way and I am sorry if this has hurt you, deeply sorry...


PS  Oh, and by the way, the friends I am referring to know who they are, so if there are any questions about this,  message me and ask me.. no one has the right to declare friendship without my say so...

Wish I didn't have to say this, but since part of the sneak attacks have been done by people using other people's names to pick fights and attacks... yes it has gotten that bad.. That insidious...

So poets of HP, Let’s write poetry, support each other with mutual respect (even if and while we debate the content/ideas of a poem); build a community of poets that is a MODEL for the way human beings should and can treat each other, with mutual respect and listening to and seeing our diversity of ideas and nationalities as a great advantage to art and society and to ourselves... this is not a call for love and peace, since this will have to be fought for, nor is it a call to live and let live... there can be no place among human beings for these attacks... as well as no “free speech” for wreckers and attackers..
Let our language be poetry
Let our words be open and honest debate over poetry and art
Let our hearts be filled with fresh new ideas about life
Lets create wonderment and awe with our pen!!!!  
Come on HP poets, Lets Go!!

Aztec Warrior 1.25.16
Well, this post has sure caused an uproar. I am tempted to say, ya'll deserve each other, so *******, but that would be foolish and wrong of me and get us no further, and the attacks on each other would continue and the real poets, those who want to actually write poetry and have it read and appreciated are leaving. So the first think I want to add to this post is: Quinn, and the rest of you (Rick who is "r'and also "woody", a few others; along with Gary L, Nagi,and I think Jack and Vicki were named in Woody's comment that is not gone) STAND DOWN!! No more poems, comments or messaging spreading rumors or attacking people for who they like or block or what happened  months ago or at another poetry site. STOP.

Look everyone who actually cares, someone (and all admit they do not know who he is or was) by the name of Walt Livingston posted and ugly attack. It 's one of the reasons why I posted the above post. This WAS NOT a defense of Quinn, as it is a method being used in several poetry site to create dissention and havoc.  No one knows who this is and yet everyone thinks they know and they spread this rumor far and wide to anyone who will listen. It has to be Quinn he just wants attention. It has to be 'r" he's been attacking me forever and on it goes round and round until it is almost impossible to find the truth. The truth is someone created that account and look at the results Instead of pointing fingers and coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories, lets put or know how together and find out.

I do not know who this is nor will I speculate. But I will say this, all of us at this point are being played!!! And attacking each other is not helping to get at this problem.

No matter what Quinn did or didn't do at WC that got him kicked off, there was continued trouble at WC that Quinn had nothing to do with. Does this mean Quinn is innocent, no, it just means this mess we are dealing with is bigger than one individual. Look I know you all don't agree with me on this, Which leads me to the main point.

I put the center or heart of the above post last for a reason. To make it stand out from the part where I was saying what I would do to prevent attacks on me and friends (if allowed). Maybe I was wrong in doing this because you all have ignore it. Or at best gave it some general nod and then went right into attacking each other trying to prove who was the real hero/heroine and blah blah. Why?? Why couldn't these points be the glue that can help sort out this "sad state of affairs at HP"  as someone put it. They certainly do not detract from the "Rules of Conduct" Eliot has posted. and everyone "agrees" they will abide by. They could actually act as a banner of sorts that people could come around and express why they like or dislike them and as a means of determining disputes. But I am also convinced that if these points do take hold it will be much easier to root out and identify anyone or someone who is provoking bs on the site.  Are they perfect? hell no. And that is why it will take many many of us to do this including CRITIQUING THE POINTS. But there will be no tolerance of knocking at people for any reason.   It's easy: critiquing points, yes; critiquing people, NO..
I hope I am not talking to the wind here...
Aztec Warrior Nov 2015
Perhaps many of you have already gotten a similar plea from Eliot York. But I wanted to post this as a way of helping to spread the word that money is needed to keep this poetry web page going.

I am not able to do much by way of donations, except for a few "sun shines on a poem or two each month. Perhaps if a few more of us could do the same, it might be a small way that would add up and Hello Poetry could be kept afloat.. Below is Eliot's message to me and I am sending to you..

Hi Aztec,

This is Eliot, from Hello Poetry. I hate to bother you, but I need to raise funds to keep Hello Poetry running.

If you're able, Hello Poetry could really use your support now. Buying sunshine, donations through paypal, or spreading the word-- anything helps!

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

All the best,
If say 20 of you could shine up 2 poems each month at $5 each, that would be $200 a month and may help a lot!! This is what I will try and do each month... why not join me??!!!
Aztec Warrior Aug 2016
“On Every Street”*

dusty winds carry
the tumble weeds of your heart;
those wayward ideologues of love,
***** nilly,
like time’s arrow
down every street.
sometimes they catch
in the shrubs by my house,
other times in the sewer grate
down at the corner,
but always,
always they sing,
like whistling tears,
and dance with a barren earth
to a melancholy tune.
tumbling down every street
I see you
and try to hold onto
your slippery sighs
thinking you may sing your tears
for me,
creating in my garden
the colors Of Spring.
but you slip through these fingers,
tumble **** light,
blowing down every street.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 8.16.16
Note: the title of this poem is from the
song “On Every Street”, which is also
embedded with the poem.
....thanks for reading...
Aztec Warrior Jun 2015
The sky broke with thunder
as lightning cracked down tall trees
and another day turns inward
soaked with sadness and pain.

I miss you.
Aztec Warrior Jun 2015

I remember walking the Trail of Tears
wrapped in diseased laced blankets
under small pox filled nights.
I witnessed the first ‘Holocaust’
of middle passage genocide
and untold body count
of African lives.
All of this is the moral fabric
of today’s American values.

I saw a sticker the other day,
as I walked my small town
and it has given me some hope.
“Stop Thinking Like Americans
Start Thinking About Humanity.”
It was posted on a street light,
right there on Main Street.

And I thought,
if this view point can be found here
in Small town USA,
think of what might happen
if it were also found
in all the big cities!?

Maybe we still can find our humanity.

Aztec Warrior 6.13.15
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015
Take These Songs*

Songs flow through me
falling slowly in time
and these memories;
are they dreams,
are they true,
or fleeting fantasies of you.
If you want me
then reach out and touch me.
I am here
within your sighs,
within your melodies.
So take these songs
and take me home
there’s still the time to fly.

Aztec Warrior 12.9.15

(Inspired by the movie “Once”)
enjoy the music:  "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once"
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015
POEM 101
Devouring You In Poetry**

I awake to tangerine,
red licorice skies
staring at me with
chocolate covered caramel eyes,
creating apple spiced flavored,
cotton candied words
that kaleidoscope
off my tongue,
down my chin
moving my finger tips
to drip
gooey marshmallow
and smiling butterscotch words
across your lavender scented,
sleeping rhythmically
cherry cream *******.
With desirous morning sighs
your blueberry lips,
and open arms
invite me in;
into your humid jungle folds
to bathe in your gorges
and waterfalls,
unleashing my coppery nouns,
my amethyst adjectives
into your liquid opal synonyms,
devouring me in your rich tones
of ****** poetry.
With our metaphors
deliciously spent,
and a golden sun
rising toward the moon,
you nestle even closer
and whisper
in alive, wild poppy hues,
“tonight, my love, fill me with haiku,
as I come to you in sonnets.

Aztec Warrior 12.11.15
it's Friday....
enjoy the music:  Madonna, "Fever"  from her ''Erotica" albumn
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015
POEM 102

*It was the summer of ‘42,
her hair fell to her back,
streaked with sun light
and scented with salty air.
As her tanned toes
wiggled in the sand,
she turned and smiled-
a brown eyed, freckled smile,
pulling me
into a sea shell spiraling summer;
into a warm ocean’s kiss.

Aztec Warrior 12.14.15
thanks for reading... enjoy the music,
theme song from the movie, "The Summer of '42"
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015
(means 'peace' in Nigeria)

What is in a name?
Sometimes it is a story.
Sometimes it is just a dream.
Your story began,
as many stories do these days,
"The men came and they...
     burned my village-
     ***** my girls-
     killed my husband-
     cut off my *******.
     I ran away-
     through the bush-
     found a ship-
     crossed the sea-
     and then they put me in here..."
I read your story,
then had to put the book down-
especially when I could see
the woman with no name,
a woman who had no papers
to prove she was real,
dangling from the rafters,
chain gripping her neck
in a breathless embrace;
her feet swaying
showing her nakedness,
her paperless demise.
You told how she peed herself at the end.
Her once life a liquid puddle on the floor.
And I couldn't read anymore,
her image burned too brightly.
Even tears could not ease the realization
the cold-chained grip
was more loving
than living her life,
than being forced to return home,
facing the way every story began-
"the men came and they..."
Your story didn't stop there,
it refused to be quiet
and held me close,
as page after page
revealed more of your life;
made me question my humanity.
You gave me your secret,
whispered it in my ear
and asked,
"would you cut off your finger
for the likes of me"?
"Would you dowse the flames of oppression
with the redness of your blood?"
"Would you fall on the enemies sword,
let it rip out your beating heart"?
"Would you give your all to change the world"?
"Would you, would you?"
You gave me your secret,
whispered it in my ear...
You gave me your name.
You gave me your story
and more, you gave me
a dream, a reason to live.

~~redzone (Aztec Warrior)1.18.2011
(as you can see, wrote this poem a few years ago
using a different pen name)
written after read the book "Little Bee" by Chris Cleve.
It's a very good bookand I think they were going to
make it into a movie. I recommend reading it, though I think his
ending is simplistic and doesn't get at the root of the problem he is
writing about....
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015

"Abdullah Thani Faris al Andzi lost both his legs in a U.S. bombing campaign in Afghanistan while he was employed as a humanitarian aide worker. After his first leg was amputated, he was arrested by bounty hunters and turned over to U.S. forces. While in custody, his second leg was amputated. He has been held at Guantanamo since 2002, where he has received inadequate medical treatment and often been forced to walk using prosthetic limbs held together only with duct tape."
- from "poems from Guantanamo: the Detainees Speak"


As the bombs rain,
they tell us they are for peace.
So I ask them:
Do flowers bloom
or grass grow
held in such chains;
or seeing humans
suffer such pains?
Mountains weep,
and I speak in tear filled oceans,
whose ebb and flow
erode my beach of hope;
all I have left are curses
told in Arabic qasid verses.
As the bombs rain,
ripping apart innocent people's limbs,
they say they are for peace.
And I ask:
will birds fly
and sing their songs,
or will they,
like so many of us,
have only plastic legs
held together with duct tape?

~~redzone (Aztec Warrior) 9.23.10
(Another earlier poem I wrote using a different pen name)
Even after promise after promise of release and proven innocence there are still over 100 detainees at Guantanamo (Gitmo)... everything about this represents war crimes and crimes against humanity... but the U.S. has never ever stood for anything but crimes against humanity...
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015
Angelic Burning, Sinful Yearning**

Time stood still once.
The earth spun off its axis,
the moon dropped from the sky
as leaves turned bright lemony
and violety blue.
You wrote me a poem
covered in gypsy dust,
laced with ****,
lust filled sin,
and I devilishly took you in
as you whispered seductively,
“Do you get it now!?”
Oh yes, my love,
I get it.
But I must ask,
“Do you get
I hold you like fire
inside my heart?”
And then time started again.
An Autumn moon
got caught in my dream catcher’s web
as stars ran in circles
dripping cosmic radiation
on wildflower ecstasies
of insanity’s desires
and you vanish into the
dark vistas of night,
leaving me only this
angelic burning
and sinful yearning

Are you still out there?

Aztec Warrior 12.22.15
was reading old poems at another poetry web site and this poem came tumbling out...  enjoy the music: Chris Isaak's  "Wicked Game"
Aztec Warrior Dec 2015
POEM 106**
“Lose Yourself to Dance”

It’s a new year
so ‘lose yourself to dance’;
wild gyrations laughing
at hips swaying the air
in riotous tones
and happy feet.
‘Come on, come on
everybody on the dance floor’,
yes, even you
with those doubts and fears,
let me dance away your tears,
just ‘lose yourself to dance’.
I know the world’s a mess,
that we live in light and dark,
inner turmoil
of what we are becoming;
self conscious insensitivity
to atrocity after atrocity,
have we lost our humanity?
As the world,
our lives,
teeter in this chaos
let’s   STOP!
And lose ourselves to dance.
‘Come on, come on come on,
everybody on the floor’;
bodies afire with rebel music
we won’t live their way any more.
Let’s dance in our gardens,
plant our seeds,
harvest a world
without their criminality.
‘Lose yourself to dance’.
Yes even you
with all your fears,
all those self-cultivated doubts
pass them through music’s prism,
a mirror of refracted life,
a pathway to hope
and our humanity.
Come on, come on, come on
it’s a new year - 2016
everybody on the floor
join me in rebellious dance!

Aztec Warrior 12.31.15
First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR poets of HP!!!  A bit of explanation. This poem is inspired by several things all at once. First is reading a poem by Vicki ("in the savage garden") and I used some of her ideas in this poem; second is listening to this song by Daft Punk, "Lose Yourself To Dance" (the link is : ) hope you enjoy it; and third in a few short hours it will be 2016!!!  So I hope everyone enjoys the poem and has a very happy, healthy new year!!!
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016
I’ve Said Too Much**

if you think of me
    like i think of you
then i will come to you,
find my way from this deep, deep abyss;
find my way
    to your touch
        your warm embrace
            your strawberry lips.

oh no, i’ve said too much.
i’ve opened my dreams
and fantasies
to your silence.
    and i wonder

who stole your heart?
who left you broken
on the floor with lost innocence,
flayed skin
    bloodied bones
        with chains and locks
            on all your doors?

this cruel life.
my hands around his neck.
it's for my relief,
i know i can't save you.

oh no, i’ve said too much
now you know my anger,
opened my hatred
to your silence
        and i wonder

if you ever dream of me
    the way i dream of you?
running carefree
through a field of wild flowers-
red poppies
    blue bells
        yellow daffodils
            violet snapdragons.
just happy.
cause then i would come to you.
find my way to
    your touch
        your warm embrace
            your strawberry lips.

oh no, i‘ve said too much.
i’ve opened my desires
to your silence.

Aztec Warrior 1.3.16
...thanks for reading...
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016
Whitman Revisited**
(Note: apologies to Walt Whitman.. this poem is metaphor for American/U.S. and not, as in Whitman’s classic poem “O’Captain, My Captain”, about Lincoln.)

“O’Captain, O’Captain"
the ship you sailed from port to port,
its prize did surely win,
but its sails were always blown
by winds of war and sin.

"O’Captain", your dreams
were born of pure fantasy of myth
to benefit a few,
all was needed to see the truth
was to take a whiff
of stench in genocidal schemes
turned into tears and screams,
creating chaos and more
from shore to shore.

“O’Captain, O’Captain",
your Yankee Clipper has won,
a single flag was raised
but never should be praised;
from the Halls of Montezuma,
to the shores of Tripoli,
your bombs and drones and unjust wars
have blown many Peoples away
on every single shore.
It’s called the good ship
Manifest Destiny -
it should sink and sail no more.

Aztec Warrior 1.6.16
Further Note: Walt Whitman was a wonderful poet, controversial in his views and style of poetry at the time, but Whitman saw Lincoln as a hero for uniting the states and ending “legal” slavery (though as history has shown, a different kind of slavery emerged after Reconstruction- share cropping. As stated in note above in beginning of poem, my use of Whitman’s poem is not about Lincoln, but is a metaphor for America/U.S. and it’s “myth” of the greatest country in the world and having a “special heritage”, “special people” and “destiny”. There are NO special people anywhere in the world. One of the best things to come out of the 60's was that for literally millions living here, began to understand that “American Lives Are Not More Important Than Anyone Else’s Lives.” And the politicians, and official spokes people hate us for it.
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016

December dreams spiral
thru the whiffs of smoke,
emanating from forest hidden Cherokee homes.
They pirouette the way notes
imagine Lester Young’s
tenor music to be;
the way Blue Jays flap
while protecting their territory.
The Eastern mountains,
snow covered and brown,
rise gently as I walk
yet provide glimmers of ancient valleys
carved out by receding ice.
There is the feel of human destiny
washing me as a breeze
sings thru wild peach trees;
And a breeze lifting sharp talon hawks
with its hunting melodies
carrying the owl's secrets
thru even more exotic landscapes.
Over looking the Talamaque River,
I rest on the brown
frozen earth becoming
lost in ancestor dreams.
I can see the blood flowing west.
I feel the tears soaking the ground
where Dogwood now grows.
And Grandfather speaks to me
with a warm sun in the ‘long ago tongue’:
“Redzone, it is good to
have these memories.
To remember the trees
the bear and the chic-a-dee.
One day, May will arrive with the morning crows
and Turtle will once again discuss
constellations with the Moon.
Our people, will no longer be forgetful
of who we are and how far we have to go."
December dreams spiral
thru whiffs of smoke
and Lester Young plays
with the flapping Blue Jays.

~~Aztec Warrior/redzone 12.15.01~~
(written after finishing a collection of poems
by Ron Welburn called “Coming Through Smoke
and the Dreaming”)
This is an older poem written when I was using redzone as my pen name..  it is also influenced by some of my Native American heritage..
Aztec Warrior Jun 2015
Namaste morning.
What is life if not -
the aroma of Hyacinths in the Spring;
two squirrels playing tag under the Oak tree;
the howl of the wolf to its lover
on a moonlit night;
the imagination of your breath on my neck
as I write this poem;
and the shy twinkle in your eyes
as I turn around.
Namaste morning

Aztec Warrior 6.15.15
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016

This spirit journey, dream walk starts with a single step taken while standing on the very edge of the precipice, over looking the path of truth far below. Not the abstraction of a never reaching truth, or the truth of some idealist, subjective plane of reality, but a reality that serves humanity, its desires to dream and make real an earth of no pain.

For too long we have only blindly followed the world, known only its suffering and seen its vast oceans of tears shed for many millennia. We have felt the wounds festering in our souls, tasted the salty bitterness of broken promises and wasted lives, even as we have worked and toiled with all our might.

So much is yet to be done though this dream journey has already begun. Soaring along the condor’s wind, breathing in the crisp snowy air as it washes us clean, savoring each crystalline speck, we follow the gathering avalanche as it cleanses the earth in newness along with our ability to know how to fulfill our collectivity, our humanity.

In tomorrow’s land, where wolves have learned to whisper to elk and bear; where our journey’s dream continues, I will still step off the precipice edge seeking truth as it knows and changes the world. Perhaps you too will walk and stare with me at the night’s sky and hear the songs our ancient ancestors sang to the galactic winds.

~~Aztec Warrior/redzone 5.5.04~~
I was looking back through my notebook again and found this poem of some years ago. This one was also written using "redzone" as my pen name... hope you enjoy reading
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016
POEM 111*

Sometimes I feel like
I’m in a Nicholas Sparks novel;
one of those deeply romantic
love stories fated to leave tears
contouring your emotions,
and now I am walking alone,
down by this old river,
ear bud melody
of “Sweet Jane,
sweet sweet Jane”
holds my heart
hoping I might find you again.
Could we ever get back home;
dance those back porch dreams,
dive into the clear blue river
holding hands? Laughing?
“Sweet Jane,
ah, sweet sweet Jane”
you hold the best part of me.

Aztec Warrior 1.10.16

(NOTE: poem inspired by the movie, “Best of Me” and the song “Sweet Jane”, done originally by Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, but covered nicely by the Cowboy Junkies.
Here is the link:
Hope you enjoy...
never, ever watch a Nicholas Sparks movie alone... and not be able to talk with someone afterword, share coffee and thoughts... maudlin poetry results
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016

Perhaps I am just getting older,
struggling to understand life’s dance,
or just from living alone
but I have turned,
listening to jazz once again
and its deep tonal mysteries.
There is something in its rich idiosyncracies
that appeals to my urge to return home,
to the deer and the hawk
to the old council lodges
and the circle dance;
broken for too long by self-serving philosophies
of a society that has lost its humanity.
“Kind of Blue” is an album that settles me,
comes closest to a round dance
that turns inside and outside of time.
It lets me enjoy my worn out jeans,
oft washed flannel shirt
and soft moccasins.

Aztec Warrior 1.13.16
NOTE: “Kind of Blue” (1959) is the title of a Miles Davis
album that is one of his best in my opinion. I embedded
the link to the entire album.
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016

A dirt blown wind
stings my face as I walk
this dry river bed below the mesa.
It is a barren time of year and
cold, with some snow on the ground.
This is the land of our ancestors,
it calls to me
even though I now live in a larger city
east of Four Corners
and the Four Sacred Mountains.
It is in the hogan of my Grand Mother’s family
that I am learning the ceremonial dances-
the Blessing Way;
to sand draw the signs
and dance the dance
that can heal the diseases
of the belegana’s hatred
for our traditional ways:
the Ghost Dance of the Sioux;
the Katsina Songs of the Hopi and Zuni;
the Circle Dances of the Cherokee.
Belegana society teaches our young
the ways of money, alcohol and ****,
of scorched earth, casinos
and death.
I am only a small part People,
my moccasins too new
and still hurt my feet.
And yet, I would willingly sweat out
every ounce of belegana blood
for just one glimpse of seeing
the full moon rising over Big Mountain;
of watching Coyote dancing
to Kokopelli’s flute;
our People happy, in balance
above and below,
no longer forgetful of our Origin Songs.

Aztec Warrior 1.15.16
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016
Falling Man & The Mountain**

The gathering of stones grew
the higher I climbed,
I could climb no more
realizing too late
the mountain would never touch your sky.
Never meant as invasion,
just some coffee and hi.
Maybe talk some about
the Birch and Oak
down by the small stream;
or the way wild marigolds told
of their sun soaked scent;
and how long ago our youth was spent
star gazing from our grand mother’s porch.
Your’s from a small town in Italy;
mine from the country side of Pennsylvania.
While I will climb no more,
I am not sorry for the journey
as it was made honestly
like the wind, Spring touched,
as it whispers through the valley
bringing green grass and clover.

Aztec Warrior 1.15.16

NOTE: I wrote this poem after reading Nagi’s poem (“High Value”)
and Vicki’s poem (“the moss and the moon”). Both poems spoke to me and inspired this poem of introspection, since I have been chasing “skies”
and am in need of a “waning moon”... Thanks Nagi. Thanks Vicki.
Your poetry truly does inspire. So I hope I have not in any way
disrespected you or your poetry.
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016
Spirit Ghost**

I was listening to
Guns N Roses yesterday;
to Axl’s “Sweet Child O Mine”.
It’s funny cause
I always thought he was singing
“Oh oh, sweet Caroline”.
Ever have that
fantasy meets reality, or
is it reality’s fantasy feeling?
Can’t answer that one
and my guess is that
some mountains should never be climbed.
But Slash’s guitar riffs
pull me in and I start to sing,
“Oh hoh oh sweet child o mine”,
oh hoh oh sweet Caroline
as dark hair carries the wind
spiraling me into the fragrance
of moon soaked lavender,
lilies and a hint of wild sage.

“Where do we go now”?
I do not know
but there are Juniper trees on the horizon,
and dust mingles with sweat
as the sun rises to calm skies.
Walking this path
brings me face to face
with a dancing voice in the wind,
a ghost spirit seeing
present and past,
a sweet voice of healing, she sings
just when I needed it most.

I would love to dance you under the moon,
braid and feather your hair
in the old style of soft caring
and sing of the moon’s shadow
smiling in your eyes.
The music shifts,
moving more gently
into a song of renewal,
into the circle dance, into
“Ly-o lay Ale Loya”.
Come, dance,
circle, counter-circle;
let me show you the friendship,
the spirit in the ghost
you have shown me.

Aztec Warrior 1.22.16
I hope this small poem shows the respect and admiration
I have for a friend who has shown me her strength and
calmness and treated me as a human being.
She is a more than special.
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016

India Pale Ale nestled comfortably
in one hand,
Pilot G-2  .05 rested anxiously in the other.
The ale went down
like it was the end of the day-
smoothe, cold
and tasted like more.
The pen just looked at me,
daring me to let it
caress this page,
spread its inky passion
like the rainbow of colors
Jimi created with his guitar.
It reminds me of recent conversations
with Brian Greene
about strings, resonance
and vibration;
about the make up of the universe
and the meaning of symmetry.
Conversations about the harmonics
of Calabi-Yau shapes,
expecially as multi-dimensional
expressions of gravity,
time and space.
But I think
if you want to really understand
the elegance of the universe;
feel the fabric of the cosmos
and its loops of energy,
then you have to listen as
the stretching of Jimi's guitar strings
vibrate, bend and fold.
Jimi created rainbows
when he played.
And what are rainbows
but vibrating color in various shapes.
These colors, escaping his guitar
and melting into the vastness of space.
Some say Jimi was an alien.
He stayed awhile
but then slipped out again
into the 9th dimension.
But I think
he emerged from the resonance
in a Calabi-Yau hole of infinity
found in the notes of "9 to the Universe".
He then disappeared in the rhythym
of flaming color arising out from
"Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)".
Jimi would pick those strings
at Planck length speed
causing flames to leap
and go higher,
igniting the universe
with vibrations of blues
and riotous laughter.
Jimi knew how to fly
and amuse.
He knew how to laugh
and play jokes
on the universe!
He would make us smile,
keep time with our feet,
and 'kiss the sky'.
Finishing up the last of the Pale Ale,
putting down the Pilot pen,
I am ready to seek rainbows
and listen to the universe sing.

Aztec Warrior 1.28.16 (re-worked)
If you ever listened to Jimi Hendrix, you know what I mean
Aztec Warrior Jan 2016

     “I was discovering
     the laws of misery,
     the wounded, worn out heart,
     and the sounds of the dead, tearless,
     dry, like falling stones.”
         ~~from ”The Injustice”  by Pablo Neruda

Stones have always been our tears
leaving deep ruts
carved into brown weathered skin.
Stones, filled with our blood
littered over many trails
splashing crimson,
staining the already ochre ground.
Similar it seems to the way light
sometimes becomes a green dancer
spreading out neath the forest undergrowth.
These tears,
stones of sorrow,
stain the earth with our children’s fears,
with our fallen lives,
with our endless
sewing, cooking, making bread,
planting corn, sowing and reaping
our dreams of despair
like black coal
gouged from the earth.
It has been such since
the first grains of sand
were washed ashore
carrying simple strands
of carbon life.
And so it will continue
till all are made into
tears of stone
leaving deep ruts
made crimson by our silence.

Aztec Warrior
...silence = complicity
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