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Sep 2016
“Beds Are Burning”**

“how can we dance
when our Earth is turning,
how do we sleep
while our beds are burning..”
~~ Midnight Oil, 1987
no matter where you look,
no matter where you go;
spin the globe
and point anywhere,
our Earth is burning,
humanity is hurting...

Sleeping beds burn
in human atrocities’ dancing
on the misery and bones,
the living poverty,
all the while,
******* on illusions and allusions
of “freedom;
while thinking everyone,
must live as we,
in blue pill ignorance
and selective amnesia

Let’s get real-
we live in the
“Land of the Thief,
Home of the Slave!”

When will we put all this
in long ago past museum history?
Or do we really think
it is fun to dance
while our beds are burning
and humanities hurting!?

Aztec Warrior / redzone 7.5.16
....thanks for reading..
music link is to song "Beds Are Burning
by Midnight Oil
Aztec Warrior
Written by
Aztec Warrior  NYC
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