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Jan 5 · 175
Axl Rose Jan 5
But you were perfect in my eyes
And that doesn't mean not having mistakes
But just being You
And constantly trying to be someone you've always dreamed about

Aren't we all
And constantly fighting battles
Within ourselves
From this society
Our mind and our fears

These tears
Come everyday to tell me
"You're still perfect in my eyes."
And love isn't a possession
We both need to have in order to be able to give

I have so many things I tell myself everyday
None of them reaching you
None of them you're going to know anyway
And none of them gonna make you come back

But still
And still
You're the first person I always want to tell everything to
In my mind,
I tell everything to you first
Nov 2019 · 50
Axl Rose Nov 2019
I got up feeling good this morning
I'm set to participate in this Fun Run
Beneficial, for a Cause
Aligned with our goals today, hoping for a progress
I found myself stopping at 1.2 km
Nowhere near that 7 km Finish Line
Suddenly, I felt my knees weak
My hand with so much space
Once occupied one of yours
I am running
Possibly just so I can feel how my heart can beat fast again
Like whenever I hear the sound of your name
But I am alone today
Even tomorrow
Others did 7 km already
But I am here stuck in this space
With just one moment
Flying like a cobweb
Producing plenty other more
Unending, cycling
I always look back from the Start
Because that's where I want to run to
Jul 2019 · 143
Curtain Call
Axl Rose Jul 2019
Tableau is set with two women in their 20s
One, short haired, glasses, eyes that see through you, soft hands, sharp teeth, gentle lips
Second? You can ask One
Not facing each other
Setting in an open space
Day and night
Spotlights circling the two
One, holding a college diploma
With long list of goals, dreams and to-do's
Second just finished an interview
Wearing a uniform that sends you to the Corporate World
It was on the First Scene when Second asked, "How do you see yourself in five years?"
Even though she knew
She has read One's list after all
She knew the bullets, the edges
Those words in bold, underlined being priorities
Some marked X
Others erased, but still there
Words Unsure, words Unknown
"Not here, not on this stage", replied One
Turned their backs, leave the stage
Lights off
There was no applause
The audience was confused
Ushers suggested that they leave the theater
There's no Scene Two
Jul 2019 · 94
Axl Rose Jul 2019
As I went inside my Grab
The driver immediately said
"Good evening po, Ma'am."
To which I replied with "Hi."
I can't lie, that day wasn't very good
Placed my bag beside me
Sitting rightmost
I didn't check the ETA
For the first time ever
I hoped for traffic
Because I didn't want to know
"You'd reach your destination in
A hours and R minutes"
I don't want to move yet
The driver was blasting News
Oh! More important matters
What should I probably minding
What should I probably focusing
But my mind was blank and my heart heavy
There's only one News in my mind
And it's that there's no U in Us anymore
An answer to Y that turns to X
We can no longer V
To which a moment I recalled
"Do you mind, the camera's not focused"
It can't see clearly what's right in front
But a woman, standing
The battery's low now
Drained from too much clicks
Turns off, no photo taken
Smaller in lens, bigger upon glance
Even with glasses
I can't see you clearly from where you are
But still I want to say
Look here,
Sep 2018 · 374
Axl Rose Sep 2018
As I move towards the sea
I hear the loud crashing
The waves coming
Inches from my feet, three
Strong winds
Lightning flashes
Bad news
Evacuate immediately
First step,
"You can't even swim."
"You're afraid of the waters."
"Local TV's on but the lifeguard's out."
"Nobody's gonna save you from drowning."
Aug 2018 · 133
Axl Rose Aug 2018
As I put milk in my breakfast cereal I think of you
The A's, the Y's, the R's, and the U's
I have put in too much milk
These Cereal Letters suddenly melt to smaller pieces
Can't recognize each anymore
C? See
U? You
S? Soon
The next time I pour milk to the letters of your name,
I'll make sure to put in just the right amount
Because too much of what I can give can make you unrecognizable, drowned
When I give too much water to the sea it swims away from me
Aug 2018 · 465
Axl Rose Aug 2018
A Beautiful Voice came rescuing my soft sobs
It didn't tell me to stop
Instead, It said "go on"
When I've come crashing like pieces of stones
Ruined by steps and huge machines
I am the last piece of stone residue
Threw myself at the waters
Hoping it would take me away far from here
But with Its most Beautiful tone,
"This last part of you is still a part of you
And I'd collect all others
That's been lost
When and where you've crashed
In the deepest of the lands
Through every tunnel,
And under the dark bridges."
After a while
This Beautiful Voice came back to the waters
Bringing all the cracked stones which were once part of me
I didn't get them
Instead, showed It what's left of me
And said how It came again with the most proper timing
Through the lowest and highest of tides
For although the Voice offered to make me whole
I was assured whatever's left of me
Has been completed the moment It came back to where I was lost
How ironic
The stone was Hit with a Voice
That couldn't even make a single hint of Touch
Mar 2018 · 253
That Night
Axl Rose Mar 2018
"The night was dark blue
Drenched in pink
With rays of silver
And a moon too bright",
That's what you said to me
For I never knew how to describe it
Who cares how much of the stars aligned
When the wind was blowing the ashes from our steps
It could have been miles but we were no more than 5 inches apart
And as time passes, I can barely understand the words from your voice
I didn't need any mountain or the waves of oceans
I was only looking at you
Jan 2018 · 276
What He Feels For You
Axl Rose Jan 2018
What he feels for you doesn't equate to your worth.
What he feels for you should be either by his own will or it's just the truth.
What he feels for you doesn't bring nations together,
prevent global warming,
or progress an economic status.
Although it brings the sun,
glitters every black,
and mends such pain.
However, the sun shall set tonight,
with stars scattered,
waiting for a meteor shower
go straight to where it can hear your heart.
Oct 2016 · 3.8k
Stop This Dance
Axl Rose Oct 2016
The music starts
Our directions
Oppose with the wind
But we smile through the wrong steps
Unending search for intersection
Shifting of melody
Another tone
Hindered our duet
Turned out to be the longest song
Until we reached the chorus
As we sing lies
In unison
Oct 2016 · 449
False Alarm
Axl Rose Oct 2016
Careful, we are surrounded with whispers
And that you might have heard wrongly
Whose fault, then
When you can't even fish others for proof
Cause it's only meant for two
Oct 2016 · 512
Glimpse of Heaven
Axl Rose Oct 2016
I've been finding ways to catch your smile
So genuine
It'd make your eyes look like a fine line
Too wide
Showing your teeth all at once
I've been finding ways to catch your smile
Maybe I should look more often
But you're the type to hide them
Then I realized all I needed to do
Was to make you
Oct 2016 · 732
With You, I Don't Mind
Axl Rose Oct 2016
Sweeter than sweetest candy?
No hundred dollar meal
Can pull it off if you're not with me.
No sky's a limit
Long as you're in it.
A lover's heart
Pumps recklessly
Through the veins
To your brain.
"With you, I don't mind."
Mar 2016 · 818
I knew your way home
Axl Rose Mar 2016
I knew your way home
I knew how big should the steps be, the number of challenging roads to pass through, and a lot more traffic lights
New lands, cotton candy clouds, and the scent of branded air
I knew your way home
At the same rate I knew why you left
So even with all things I know how
I won't
For the sole reason I knew
When I could drink wine with you,
Whisper how I see stars whenever I look in your eyes,
And how much your touch could keep me warm all night
I knew your way home
But you've already set up a barricade,
Closed all roads,
And sent hints like guarded gates in front of you
So even when I knew your way home
When the traffic light hints Go
I'll change directions,
Away from the intersections
To all possible places of your destination
Mar 2016 · 378
Do You Love How I Love You?
Axl Rose Mar 2016
I was so ******
I got annoyed to almost anything thereafter
No matter how shallow
I wanted to break glasses, cassettes, and the colored pens I just bought
I wanted to break ties
I wanted a wider distance
Farthest, in an instant
The one you can no longer reach
With your hands
With your eyes
With your breath
I wanted to do all sorts of bad ideas
Wishing to form at least something good
But then I had all these forgotten
The pieces went from pair to a dozen
After all I have gone through
I realized I just needed to see you
Mar 2016 · 387
Axl Rose Mar 2016
A lover once told me that I wasn't enough
That it wasn't me but my loving
My calls were few
The number of hours we spent together were limited
And the way I said "I love you" didn't convince him I do
A lover once told me I should try harder
So I tried calling as often as possible
Whenever I'm free, even when I'm not
I spent quite an amount
I made sure to see him whenever I could
Prepared, and always bring the most genuine smile I could possible produce
I've told him I love him
Through poems, love letters, and sticky notes
"I love you, Honey. Try not to forget."
A lover once told me I was enough already
I considered my trying to be the assurance of our possible everything
A lover once told him to try harder
His calls were few
The number of hours he spent with me were limited
And the way he says "I love you" didn't convince me he does
**But he didn't try harder
Mar 2016 · 1.4k
Hundred Miles [Nearer]
Axl Rose Mar 2016
I hate the oceans,
Every bridge,
And busy streets
The irony, of what could bring us closer
Keeps us apart
Mar 2016 · 1.4k
Honestly, I Lied.
Axl Rose Mar 2016
We juggle the words and let them stumble
Only to miss out the truth
The worst thing I fear the most
Is how much we misuse our words
When Yes means No,
None means Full,
And Him means You
Mar 2016 · 283
Dark Clouds
Axl Rose Mar 2016
Sipped my morning coffee
Only to recognize your scent
The smoke which reached my head
Leaves a question
"Why are you still cold?"
Cause the warmth after today's raining
Could only result from your embrace
Mar 2016 · 271
Axl Rose Mar 2016
When do words become enough
When I've never said a word
When I don't say I do
It doesn't mean I don't
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Trick or Treat
Axl Rose Mar 2016
We'll dress up like puppets, queens, nutella, and your favorite Game of Thrones character
We'll dress up like what we've been planning to for almost a year now
Finally, today arrives
And for tomorrow, we'll dress up like what we've been always put up with
The truth
But just for today,
Can we dress up like a pair?
Mar 2016 · 274
Axl Rose Mar 2016
In any case
I'll still turn to you
Kiss you lightly
Tell you softly
"You're free to go."
I'll pray for smooth roads
And for your water to last at least the flight
But you'll have my tears inside your pockets
Love letters under your shelves
The curtain rises
Another day without your face
But your skin lingers
Through the wind
Surrounded by the clouds
Far away, near the stars
And so the plane can't reach
Mar 2016 · 295
"He Will Add"
Axl Rose Mar 2016
It was less than an inch distance
Touching shoulders
Breathing heavier after each second passes
And as we go up
Someone had to touch the other
But we won't look at each other's eyes
So I held tighter
"Sky's the limit," you said
On which I didn't bother to answer
If sky really was the limit
Why do I feel we had the entire universe to roam around with
The stars to count when we got tired of chasing every sunrise
Why do I feel like the Father has assigned the earth to push me always towards your side
Aligned all planets just not to interfere
The space He gave
I believe the best way I could fill out
Like an orbit
I long to be around you
Dec 2015 · 488
Axl Rose Dec 2015
An open letter, an amiss, my biggest wish
Late night calls, obvious hints, good morning texts
After such long list, exceptions, and dates

Is there really a need for selection
Don't I deserve your full attention
To become the only reason of your affection

For I'd never fight to be the best out of your possible options
To be the strongest opponent just for your own satisfaction
When there has been only one name you'd always choose to mention
May 2015 · 1.2k
Long Distance Relationship
Axl Rose May 2015
How far is too far?
They say numbers don’t lie
But so do our feelings
How does someone know it’s something you can’t pull off?
You can’t reach, you can’t hold, you can’t keep
“He wouldn’t hear you from here.”
I didn’t know love has to have hands
I didn’t know love has to hear, has to see
When I saw you, I didn’t remember how far was the distance between us    
Between our love
But know you don’t have to be here
To take my hand
To brush off my hair
To kiss me on my right cheek
To be able to feel your love
You stay where you are
And I’ll be where I am
And we’ll love each other
Against the light and its shadows
Beyond the highest mountain and longest bridge
I’ll love you more for not being near
Because that’s when you needed it the most
May 2015 · 584
Axl Rose May 2015
Wrapped in dirt
Taped with guilt
From bruises
To kisses
A convention
Of affections
A sensation
From emotions
An indifference
From inferences
Measure the distance
An inch between us
May 2015 · 412
Unrequited Love
Axl Rose May 2015
S** he loves me
H e loves me not
I f it isn't me
T hen everybody else cannot
May 2015 · 2.4k
Axl Rose May 2015
Rough skin
Too thin
Chapped lips
Broad hips
They look, but don't see
Your scar still bleeds for me
May 2015 · 1.0k
Axl Rose May 2015
There's nothing you'll get
Not wanting to forget
May 2015 · 517
Axl Rose May 2015
The farthest place I have been
Is from where you are
May 2015 · 1.1k
Axl Rose May 2015
In dark places
Small pieces
You've already been burned
But still the ashes return
May 2015 · 1.3k
Silver lining
Axl Rose May 2015
In destruction we find out the weaker points
The assistance comes right after the storm
Your trophy of proof
And fruit of labor
Are under the sands, stones and the waters
You need to dig deeper
Spread the unnecessary farther
And fight with the slap of waves
To be able to go in
Embrace the idea of darkness
Because even shadows have the right to shine, too
The stars can't wait to shine brighter tonight
To give you a sense of hope
Try wishing aloud
And in being able to hear clearly
Makes you think twice
"Is this what you really wanted in your life?"
So tomorrow, you have another chance
To choose wisely
Make sure to search for it behind the soft and thin clouds
And when you do,
It'd come with a lightning
Hitting you with a hint of your silver lining
May 2015 · 670
Axl Rose May 2015
I'd want you to love me
Like your personalized doll
Dress me
Put me to sleep
Push me
In order for me to do the same
I'd want you to be always here with me
You have probably noticed I can't do a single thing without you
You have built me a home
You have provided me with everything I needed
But love
Because loving me means not being your personalized doll
Loving me is letting me do whatever the hell I'd want to
And I'd rather be someone you don't love
Than to live in some place in your heart
And the ticket of entrance is only being able to do what you want
May 2015 · 756
Axl Rose May 2015
I have come to the point where the line stops drawing itself further
It has come to where I am in need to decide for myself
But my point doesn't mean an ending
When I've created a line that also starts with one
Mar 2015 · 423
Warm Coffee
Axl Rose Mar 2015
I am at our favorite coffee place and immediately ordered my favorite. I took a sip. It burned a part of my tongue. It was when I realized it’s never so good to hustle. “There’s time for everything,” they said. It’s both true and otherwise. There’s enough time for everything, and since I had considered you as my everything, there was enough time for us. And when it’s us we’re talking about, there’s nothing and no one else. Two people, couple, pair, partners, tayong dalawa lang, only the two of us. In reality, we don’t have the time for everything, we only have time for our selected priorities. Funny how my world revolved only with you before. Never had it occurred to me that it wasn’t my time I was spending with you but yours solely. Everything was mostly about what you wanted for us, never what I wanted for us and most especially for myself. They said true love hurts, and that it should. Do we really want to believe that *******? Isn’t love supposed to be making us better, happier and stronger individuals? Love never told you to give her everything she’d want. Love never obliged for a date every month. Love never asked for a bouquet of flowers whenever someone steps out of the room. Love didn’t make you feel insecure. Love didn’t tend for you to be jealous all the time. Love didn’t want you to become selfish. These are only actions resulted from your loving. I never wanted to associate love with hurt. God didn’t put that into our heads. And our hands were beautifully made to caress. Our eyes to see beyond what’s visible. Lend me your ears, I was created with a tongue to utter the words that could save us for telling the truth: So I patiently waited for my coffee to get warmer. Thinking, I deserve this one. I prepared almost two hours for this, drove miles and saved enough. The next time I take a sip of love, it won’t hurt anymore, for I wasn’t created to be burned, especially by you.
Mar 2015 · 360
Axl Rose Mar 2015
It was a long ride going home. The distance didn't matter cause it was the solitary moment. I couldn't see what's outside clearly because of the windows, but I see enough to make me feel safe inside. The cars pass as the people inside them: driving, sleeping, texting, singing, or like me, staring blankly at something intangible- air. It was a long ride going home, not because of the distance, but the countless thoughts that reminded me of you. I see you everywhere, or I just tend to assign you to some things that could somehow remind me of you. Oh the color red, that was what you wore one time we met for dinner. Look at the stop sign, it's red, like the shirt you wore one time, right? Remember, dinner together? Roses are red. "Red" is how you pronounce the past tense of Read. Red's now my favorite color, when I don't even see it as one anymore. 'Cause when I see something red, I'd always immediately associate it with you. Funny how things could symbolize people. Maybe it's something I purposely do. Because even if I think about something else, I don't want you think it's not you.
Mar 2015 · 385
Axl Rose Mar 2015
It's time for you
To be affectionate
To the real ones
And not the idea alone
Mar 2015 · 959
Axl Rose Mar 2015
We are more than a dozen roses
Steak at the most expensive restaurant
Diamond ring
And a mercedes
We are made of each other's eyes
Helping hand
Warm embrace
And a loving heart
Mar 2015 · 13.6k
Axl Rose Mar 2015
Maraming natapong tubig nang hinawi mo ang baso papunta sa direksyon na sigurado kang maiiwasan ko.
Alam ko na sinubukan mo lang akong takutin.
Alam mo at alam ko na walang may balak manakit sa atin.
Matalas ang aking memorya para masabi ko na ni isang beses, hindi mo ako pinagbuhatan ng mga kamay mo.
Walang nabasag na mga bote, naiwang marka sa katawan at mga kalat sa sahig.
Ngunit katumbas nito ang masasakit na salita, matabunan ng sakit at mabigat na damdamin.
Hindi nila alam kung ano ang nangyayari sa atin.
Hindi nila alam kung gaano tayo naging masaya sa piling ng isa't isa.
Hindi nila alam kung papaano tayo tumawid sa tulay na naitayo lang nating magkasama.
Hindi nila alam. Pwede ding wala silang alam.
Pero nang dahil alam mo at nang dahil na alam ko.
Nangako tayong hindi susuko.
Nangako tayong walang magiging ibang kasalo.
Nangako tayong mahalin ang isa't isa.
Nangako tayo na parang ang lahat ay maaaring gawing pangako.
Hindi pa tayo kasal, pero ang mga pangako natin ay katumbas na ng mag-asawang tila may apat na anak at matagal na pinagsamahan.
Masasabi kong iba ang naidudulot ng pagibig.
Iba ang nadudulot ng labis at tunay na pagmamahal.
Mahal, kaya mo ba ako iniwan?
Nang dahil sa labis at tunay na pagmamahal?
Ayun siguro ang huli na nating nalaman.
Na pwede din palang malipat sa iba ang pakiramdam.
Pero huwag kang magalala, naniniwala pa din naman ako sa konsepto ng pagmamahal at pagmamahalan.
Pero sa ngayon, hayaan mo muna hanggang sa matanggap ko na hindi ikaw ang nararapat kong pagbigyan.
Mar 2015 · 319
You have a message!
Axl Rose Mar 2015
"Saw u last night. Been a while. Hair's longer now."
"Yea. Rmember how u used to say it suits me."
"I meant Hers."
Mar 2015 · 363
Axl Rose Mar 2015
The man you love
Loves someone else
When would it feel
Like loving
Without expecting
To be loved in return
Like reaching for the fire
and don't get burned
Mar 2015 · 429
Axl Rose Mar 2015
It was one night during summer. Everyone was planning to go on vacation but us. They were asking why we wouldn't want to join them. We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and laughed because we did it at exactly the same time after three. From that moment we knew, how our glances could mean a thousand words, my right hand on your left shoulder meant carrying each other’s baggage, and our presence means never leaving. We always knew what each wanted but our indifference never hindered. We didn’t look literally at the window but its beauty when opened. We saw each other through thick walls, climbed the tallest mountain and swam countless seas. We could not have done all these without accomplishing each, together.
Mar 2015 · 416
Axl Rose Mar 2015
I'd want to be where you are right now. Maybe initiate a conversation that could go on for hours then go back home relieved that I did. I'll keep the glances I stole, your name on my chest and the promise to meet again. I'll write to you, everyday. I'll tell you how my day went and how far it was from the day I expected it to be. How different were the days when I was with you compared to those I wasn't. I'll also ask you how did your day go. Did you like your breakfast, and if you are still the same person I've known ever since the day I laid my eyes on you. All these, and many more. Everything that you are a part of, I'll always keep with me. Inside my pockets, locked in my chest and sealed in my heart.
Mar 2015 · 513
Axl Rose Mar 2015
I've already burned the photos you left that night. I decided to tag along all the things you have given me - my favorite necklace, the pink shoes that I usually wear during our dates, and the our leftover cake. I've turned them into pieces, ashes, and nothing. The only things left now are your letters. I couldn't afford to reread them until before I write this. Yes, I am actually writing this for you. This is probably the last thing you'll ever receive from me, and not even a hint of apology. This is the last thing, last letter, that would remind us how things got bitter when we were in them, together. So this is me, finally letting all the hate, hurt, and suffering go. I am finally freeing myself from you. From the words, sentences, and paragraphs. Tonight, they'll be no letters anymore, not even a single from the 26 in the alphabet.
Mar 2015 · 604
When Souls Speak
Axl Rose Mar 2015
The night is dark
An obvious description
For something you see everyday
The sky is blue
For a person who knows exactly how to differentiate colors
"Wasn't really that difficult," he said
But these are only visible to the eyes
And I have never believed in love at first sight
If I could always describe the night as bright when I'm happy
And the sky to be purple when I'm confused
There are a lot of things we didn't mean saying
But only few we meant feeling
Mar 2015 · 467
You sans Me
Axl Rose Mar 2015
The memory of you was soft, fragile, and uncommon. There was once that I had to hold it not too firm and not too loose at the very same time. I had to remember it at least once a day in order to become fully aware of it, that such memory existed. I had to seize every moment, because those weren't what you could just pick up in a nearby convenience store. The moment was priceless, it was vague but it was clear that we're in it, together. But the memory I have right now is only me, trying every single day to recover whatever it is that has been supposedly ours.
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
Axl Rose Feb 2015
In a world full of pretension
Secrecy and bad intention
The most fulfilling
Is to have finally found yourself
Within a person
When words don't crumble
Where sentences never stumble
We'll be the loudest click
Most fascinating wit
Slowest kiss
And hardest fall
Axl Rose Jan 2015
You're looking at hundreds of photos every day. A lot of apps and sites could immediately get a response from a single photo. Positive, negative and maybe just right at the middle, when you didn't just care. Emotions trigger as fast as bullets shoot. Bang! You'll love me. Bang! You envy me. Banged, bang and banging. I know for a fact beauty is subjective and we could spend billions of years trying to defend what really is beautiful. I am also a victim of the norm, what's the trend and am surrounded by people who tell you which is considered to be proper. But the human soul could only bring you one reason to finally disclose the meaning of genuine beauty, love. The good, the nonjudgmental, the acceptance, and the truth. It's in the human soul that you should see through the real beauty of a person. Not because someone wears your favorite brand of clothing, same type of bands, or a 'like' in Facebook. It's rather a bonus, than the entire package itself. "You are more what meets the eye." A shout to my co-victims, we know how tangible things are rather temporary. So I'll probably never really believe in love at first sight until I hear what you have to say.
Dec 2014 · 237
Axl Rose Dec 2014
You're like a poem
That doesn't rhyme
With how I feel
But that doesn't mean
It's not real
Isn't that what matters
Not which words
Fit better
But what they mean
Dec 2014 · 322
Senses and sensation
Axl Rose Dec 2014
I tried my best
to draw every detail of you
but every time I tried drawing your eyes
I'd rather stare at them
I can't take mine off yours
When it was about your nose
I recognized more of your scent
than its shape, size and holes
Your lips, I could draw
Only when leaning mine
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