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Axl Rose Jan 24
i like that we're on the same page
at the same time
the part where i read
you said the next line
our eyes met
you asked for a name
i wouldn't say much
until you said the same
from all the chapters
i hope one day,
with your name as the title,
you'll read mine
Axl Rose Mar 2018
"The night was dark blue
Drenched in pink
With rays of silver
And a moon too bright",
That's what you said to me
For I never knew how to describe it
Who cares how much of the stars aligned
When the wind was blowing the ashes from our steps
It could have been miles but we were no more than 5 inches apart
And as time passes, I can barely understand the words from your voice
I didn't need any mountain or the waves of oceans
I was only looking at you
Axl Rose Oct 2016
The music starts
Our directions
Oppose with the wind
But we smile through the wrong steps
Unending search for intersection
Shifting of melody
Another tone
Hindered our duet
Turned out to be the longest song
Until we reached the chorus
As we sing lies
In unison
Axl Rose Mar 2016
I hate the oceans,
Every bridge,
And busy streets
The irony, of what could bring us closer
Keeps us apart
Axl Rose Mar 2016
We juggle the words and let them stumble
Only to miss out the truth
The worst thing I fear the most
Is how much we misuse our words
When Yes means No,
None means Full,
And Him means You
Axl Rose Mar 2016
When do words become enough
When I've never said a word
When I don't say I do
It doesn't mean I don't
Axl Rose Mar 2016
We'll dress up like puppets, queens, nutella, and your favorite Game of Thrones character
We'll dress up like what we've been planning to for almost a year now
Finally, today arrives
And for tomorrow, we'll dress up like what we've been always put up with
The truth
But just for today,
Can we dress up like a pair?
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