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Axl Rose Jul 21
Tableau is set with two women in their 20s
One, short haired, glasses, eyes that see through you, soft hands, sharp teeth, gentle lips
Second? You can ask One
Not facing each other
Setting in an open space
Day and night
Spotlights circling the two
One, holding a college diploma
With long list of goals, dreams and to-do's
Second just finished an interview
Wearing a uniform that sends you to the Corporate World
It was on the First Scene when Second asked, "How do you see yourself in five years?"
Even though she knew
She has read One's list after all
She knew the bullets, the edges
Those words in bold, underlined being priorities
Some marked X
Others erased, but still there
Words Unsure, words Unknown
"Not here, not on this stage", replied One
Turned their backs, leave the stage
Lights off
There was no applause
The audience was confused
Ushers suggested that they leave the theater
There's no Scene Two
Axl Rose Jul 14
As I went inside my Grab
The driver immediately said
"Good evening po, Ma'am."
To which I replied with "Hi."
I can't lie, that day wasn't very good
Placed my bag beside me
Sitting rightmost
I didn't check the ETA
For the first time ever
I hoped for traffic
Because I didn't want to know
"You'd reach your destination in
A hours and R minutes"
I don't want to move yet
The driver was blasting News
Oh! More important matters
What should I probably minding
What should I probably focusing
But my mind was blank and my heart heavy
There's only one News in my mind
And it's that there's no U in Us anymore
An answer to Y that turns to X
We can no longer V
To which a moment I recalled
"Do you mind, the camera's not focused"
It can't see clearly what's right in front
But a woman, standing
The battery's low now
Drained from too much clicks
Turns off, no photo taken
Smaller in lens, bigger upon glance
Even with glasses
I can't see you clearly from where you are
But still I want to say
Look here,
Axl Rose Sep 2018
As I move towards the sea
I hear the loud crashing
The waves coming
Inches from my feet, three
Strong winds
Lightning flashes
Bad news
Evacuate immediately
First step,
"You can't even swim."
"You're afraid of the waters."
"Local TV's on but the lifeguard's out."
"Nobody's gonna save you from drowning."
Axl Rose Aug 2018
As I put milk in my breakfast cereal I think of you
The A's, the Y's, the R's, and the U's
I have put in too much milk
These Cereal Letters suddenly melt to smaller pieces
Can't recognize each anymore
C? See
U? You
S? Soon
The next time I pour milk to the letters of your name,
I'll make sure to put in just the right amount
Because too much of what I can give can make you unrecognizable, drowned
When I give too much water to the sea it swims away from me
Axl Rose Aug 2018
A Beautiful Voice came rescuing my soft sobs
It didn't tell me to stop
Instead, It said "go on"
When I've come crashing like pieces of stones
Ruined by steps and huge machines
I am the last piece of stone residue
Threw myself at the waters
Hoping it would take me away far from here
But with Its most Beautiful tone,
"This last part of you is still a part of you
And I'd collect all others
That's been lost
When and where you've crashed
In the deepest of the lands
Through every tunnel,
And under the dark bridges."
After a while
This Beautiful Voice came back to the waters
Bringing all the cracked stones which were once part of me
I didn't get them
Instead, showed It what's left of me
And said how It came again with the most proper timing
Through the lowest and highest of tides
For although the Voice offered to make me whole
I was assured whatever's left of me
Has been completed the moment It came back to where I was lost
How ironic
The stone was Hit with a Voice
That couldn't even make a single hint of Touch
Axl Rose Mar 2018
"The night was dark blue
Drenched in pink
With rays of silver
And a moon too bright",
That's what you said to me
For I never knew how to describe it
Who cares how much of the stars aligned
When the wind was blowing the ashes from our steps
It could have been miles but we were no more than 5 inches apart
And as time passes, I can barely understand the words from your voice
I didn't need any mountain or the waves of oceans
I was only looking at you
Axl Rose Jan 2018
What he feels for you doesn't equate to your worth.
What he feels for you should be either by his own will or it's just the truth.
What he feels for you doesn't bring nations together,
prevent global warming,
or progress an economic status.
Although it brings the sun,
glitters every black,
and mends such pain.
However, the sun shall set tonight,
with stars scattered,
waiting for a meteor shower
go straight to where it can hear your heart.
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