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Atript Abhinav Aug 2016
Empty your soul,
Let go of everything,
This city glows when the cold wind blows,
And this river does not stop flowing,
Bellowing misery, I see lunatics demanding Gods to take them back to childhood or to prosperity
The bliss of not knowing what life is
We just want to be happy
Breaking the silence - the altars scream
"There's nothing behind us, no gates we see,
Before us there's you and only you we believe"
So lift your knees off the ground, let your feet kiss the earth beneath you
Stand still,
Let us mourn for the flowers we murdered for our love to bloom
This world is beyond the reach of your senses
So am I
I love that you don't get me, that is my disease
Streaming down my eyes, my memories
Swimming in the pool of your conscience,
I die
- Atript Abhinav
Atript Abhinav Aug 2016
How do I tell you what you mean to me?
A flower that bloomed in the terrain land,
The only beauty I see and you are that
So small it is but so tall it stands,
The only life I see and you are that
Every winter I look at the morning dew shining on the dying leaves,
Only hope there is and you are that
When you come close to me,
When you touch me,
When our eyes meet
And when the words you speak fly into my ears,
My heart jumps with joy like a bee in an orchard,
So less it can take but everything it wants and I become that
- Atript Abhinav
Atript Abhinav Mar 2016
Underneath the bridge,
The day before her freedom,
She spoke to life and god,
Put an end to this- she begged
She never had friends

This story is not new
You have seen it in movies and in the books that shaped you
She stood in front of the mirror and cried,
On the day her mother died,
Because that's when she realized,
The beauty only seen through her mother's eyes

She was alone

Invisible to the eyes not made for the soul,
Ugly to the eyes only made for the skin,
She lived!
Atript Abhinav Feb 2016
Speak when you are spoken to
Listen until your elders stop talking
Do not step in
Let your elders intervene
Maybe live until they want you dead
You think that's *******??
I think that's as **** as the first four lines
So, ***** it and ***** them
I say speak so that you can be heard
Speak up because they will not stop
Speak because they're not right and you're not wrong
Speak because you know things which they do not
Speak because the world has moved on and they have not
Speak up because they are growing old and you are growing up
Speak because the problem is not with the system- the problem is the system
Shepherds don't walk with the herd
So speak because shepherds lead
History has it
Every successful person refused to be ordinary
You'll get ostracized-blackballed at the beginning but take it all in
Let them be
Speak because they don't matter
You start where they end
Prove it to them
Stand up for what you think is right
gracious green rolls over me
like wind over smooth rock
relenting to the eastern shore
and vast sea

my window
to endless flickers
orbs from eons past
speak to me as if time
were a minor,
perhaps non existent entity

whisper to me once more
those words you spoke
the first time we set eyes upon the night

if only you could lay here
breathe in the air of forever
and view in wonder
our souls chasing the stars
Atript Abhinav Feb 2016
I am gonna smile like I never did,
Scream to the world that I am happy,
After so long and somehow
Love came to me
I am gonna live like I never did,
Love you like there is no tomorrow,
I will hold your hand and you smile with me,
Tonight, I will walk you home
We'll write a song together,
And sing it on the way,
And when you are not around,
I will sing it for my loneliness
It was written long time back, but these days it makes perfect sense to me.. I was is 6th grade then, so i refuse to be judged for this
Have you tasted
A campfire?

Have you seen
Polaroids fade?

Have you felt
The sand sparks?

     We howled at the moon.
          Our youth in full bloom.

               Our collective pasts
               Biting at ankles;
               In strength we held fast
               Denying shackles!

           Demons will come soon.
     We’ll conquer at noon.

Have you heard
Our trumpet?

Have you smelt

But, more import
Would you like to?
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