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Ashly Kocher Aug 30
There is no spotlight needed
When hiding behind your words or stories you write
Gathering your timeless words of coexistence that translates into your minds eye
Yet, never being noticed, that maybe you really are in the spotlight…
Hide behind my writing, not trying to be in the spotlight  so to speak, yet maybe we are and don’t realize it.
Ashly Kocher Aug 29
The art of speaking, is very challenging
Yet the art of writing, flows like running waters
Ashly Kocher Aug 25
Shadows are a beautiful thing even though it’s dark, but all shadows have light that passes through to guide and help us along the way.

Then other toxic shadows, throw shade casting a dismal darkness that prevents you from moving forward or growing in one’s journey.

It’s an invisible string, holding you captive because deep down you believe that said shadow is suppose to help and love you, yet it’s drowning you within your tears and covering your light.
Ashly Kocher Aug 24
When you can’t put into words
That feeling of love
A picture will show
The lifetime of memories
That will always last long
Ashly Kocher Aug 5
You may be standing on solid ground but as long as you continue to walk, the path will continue for you
Ashly Kocher Aug 3
Turn your world upside down
Step into your dreams
Walking through the puffy white clouds
Here’s the story you wrote for me

“ Heaven is far, but I am not, always watching over you, protecting you on the spot. Every day and every night I pray for you and love you so much. Don’t ever be scared, for I am there, every step you take. I miss you more with each passing day but the view from up here is magical in every way, especially since I get to watch over you all the time, I love you always my precious family of mine”
Ashly Kocher Jul 23
Follow your passions
Imaginative colorful dreams
Painting a picture
For all the world to see
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