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Watching some Youtubes, in this case interviews with an 83 year old ****** Rogers and a same age Gloria Swanson.  Remember them?

   The Comings & The Goings
1d · 24
Sensing A Divine
Non-judgmental, self-explanatory,   I just love it!  Sensing A Divine
2d · 19
The Aim Of Life
This may be the first poem of my next book to be called “Circling Around Ageing” - a subject that applies to all: each and every.

   The Aim Of Living
Although I consider faith a sine qua non without which one can accomplish nothing, I have a decidedly unromantic view about its nature . Though faith has a vague can’t-put-your-finger-on  essence, one thing can be assumed.  It works through and with the synapses of the brain.
6d · 16
This was written for a teeny tiny contest offered on Facebook.  It offered no reward, no money was asked for.  It was just a teeny tiny contest that had one rule: no more than four line each which could have no more than 10 words.  Theme: Truthfulness.  A cute challenge, we’ll see how it went.  It only took 11 minutes.
I don’t like to write long poems.  Most poetry readers and non-poetry readers - ones would like to attract - have not the concentrative powers or inclination to finish and/or take in the writer’s intent, style, etc.  Yet sometimes length is inevitable,  The poem and ideas form themselves, and as Mozart once told the emperor when told that there were an awful lot of notes in his composition, he answered “Only as many as are necessary!”
Jul 2 · 34
Tipsy (revised)
I re-discovered this a day or two ago and, I must unashamedly admit was altogether and immodestly charmed by it.  So here it is - again.      

Jul 1 · 19
Pearls Before Swine
Although I wrote this with my own performances in mind, there was Andre Previn who, they say actually quit his job conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony because it was like throwing pearls before swine - people coughing, being there for the wrong reasons etc.  All experienced musicians and artists, I’m sure, have experienced the same!

    Pearls Before Swine.  
Jun 28 · 41
Arlene Corwin Jun 28
Sometimes I write a poem and fully satisfied I print it, send it out to Facebook friends and then, a week later catch a glimpse and see weaknesses I'd never have thought of or recognised as being poetic deficiencies.  This being the case, I offer you my just-now revised version of Euphoria.✍️

Arlene Corwin Jun 26
Inspired by a photo sent to me with a request that I write a poem.  And so I did!
Arlene Corwin Jun 23
Letter To Those Who Take Life ✍️ ☮️

Those who take life have no understanding of the prize:
The measure, treasure, pleasure of existence’ meaning.
Those who take life too grow older,
Too regret if they are wise,
Realising one day everybody dies,
Including they themselves.

Life’s triangle from the first indrawing breath -
Birth and death
                         and all between,                            
One meaning being to prolong
One’s own and creatures weak and strong;
To NOT take but care for each form,
Our fellow humans the first norm.

Life, birth, death and all in between -
What comes thereafter to be seen,
The how, when to be left for then;
Is ever speculation.

Now has beauty, and our duty
Is to see and cherish every blemish,
Not diminishing the self or others.

Love and caring, action sharing;
All you need to make life better
Is this creed and poem, a letter
Aimed at those who dare
                                        take life.
Letter To Those Who Take Life 6.23.2019 Birth, Death & In Between III; Arlene Nover Corwin✍️
Jun 22 · 24
Performance Mantra
Arlene Corwin Jun 20
I noticed how people argue, and how what should be a win-win situation often goes off the rails.  I got me to thinking...
Jun 19 · 19
Lucky Days
Arlene Corwin Jun 19
It isn't often I write wholly optimist poetry, BUT today was one!
        Lucky Days
Jun 18 · 82
Everything Is A Clock
Arlene Corwin Jun 18
I'm not a nostalgic person. but occasionally I run across an old poem that feels worth putting out there for its universality and perhaps poetic value.  Here is one such:⌚️
Arlene Corwin Jun 16
Once again a mini- wondering has pushed me to the keyboard (not the piano this time).  Three hours have passed and here is the result:

       Can One’s Meditations Influence The World?
Jun 15 · 14
Sitting Down To Play
Arlene Corwin Jun 15
(Written to Joe Maita’s site JerryjazzMusician who, now and again calls out to jazz musicians everywhere for relevant poetry.  A great idea!  Especially for us jazz musician enthusiasts and non-musician enthusiasts without whom jazz might never exist.

It’s always such a pleasure to get your call to arms.  Wrote this just now just for you - and the rest of the world, natch.

    Sitting Down To Play
Jun 14 · 25
Cryptic Tme
Arlene Corwin Jun 14
This is actually a spontaneously inspired message of love and appreciation, to new found Facebook friends from all over this varied globe.  
Jun 13 · 26
Home Truths✍️
Arlene Corwin Jun 13
This is to show how development’s ‘evolution’ works.  It’s a phenomenon worth exhibiting every now and then.  Don’t you think? I write this to writer and artist friends!✍️
Love, Arlene

Wrote this 2.24.1998: Home Truths before I ever got a computer or published a book.  This is a revision and a refinement. Tighter, better meter, chopped and cut, more condensed and readable.  Much better, I hope.

1st version 2.24.1998
For the man with eyes/The universe lies//In the stories I tell/Through typewriter’s ribbon,/The rhymes that spell/Out the good, ex-uruban nature, food,/My neighbourhood,/The body-me’s,/ The mystic, politic,/Prosaic, partly;/Energy or laziness,/Clarity or haziness;Words that hurt and words of hope/(Mostly hope, for hope encloses./Criticism separates/While hope’s ambrosias/ Fuel the fates/To spurt and cope,/Give life to heart’s least/Beat and last.)Home truths open personal;/Signs of weakness and reversal;/Love with and without libido;/God with and without a credo./home truths for the one with eyes,/
Worldwide spread on paper size A4.

               Home Truths
             ( latest version)

For the man with eyes,
The universe lies in the stories I tell
Through typewriter’s ribbon;
With rhymes that spell out,
The good, food, my old neighbourhood,
Body-ness, politics: prosaic partlys,
With energy, laziness, clarity, haziness,
Hurtful words, hopeful words,
Hopeful curds, for hope encloses,
While nick-picking separates all hope’s ambrosias,
Fueling the fates to spurt upwards and cope,
Keeping life heartbeats last, least, lost a-throbbing…
Home truths are personal,
Signs of shortcomings and signs of reversal.
Love with and without libido;
God with and without a credo.
Home truths are for one with two eyes to surmise,
Spreading worldwide on A4’s paper size.

home truth
noun (usually home truths)
an unpleasant fact about oneself, especially as pointed out by another person: what he needed was someone to tell him a few home truths.
Home Truths 6.13.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin
((found, by the way, on a floating scrap)
Arlene Corwin Jun 12
I hope you’re not getting tired of my little inspired inserts.  I love them all (my small children) each one that shows up one after the other.  Sequences that surprise even me, the author, each one a little world, a little microcosmos.

The Houseguest You Never Want To Leave
Arlene Corwin Jun 11
It’s So Much Easier To Say Yes
Jun 10 · 32
You Can Be Sure
Arlene Corwin Jun 10
I’ve decided to respond to those who sweetly ask how to write a poem.  I’m not the best.  There is no best.  Arrest your own particular talent and bring it to its crest.✍️
Jun 10 · 49
From Whence The Drive
Arlene Corwin Jun 10
From Whence The Drive...
Jun 9 · 24
You Can Be Sure
( I was not sure if You Can Be Sure Made it to print, so here it is again if it didn't the first time).

I’ve decided to respond to those who sweetly ask how to write a poem.  I’m not the best.  There is no best.  Arrest your own particular talent and bring it to its crest.

         You Can Be Sure
Jun 9 · 32
You Can Be Sure
I’ve decided to respond to those who sweetly ask how to write a poem.  I’m not the best.  There is no best.  Arrest your own particular talent and bring it to its crest.

        You Can Be Sure
Just wrote this and had to share it from the love it gave me.

    And Where Are You At The Moment?
The Good Thing With *** After Eighty
                     (a metaphor only)

The good thing with *** after eighty
Is that it’s never flighty,
Never to be taken lightly
Although playful to the fullest.

Having age’s benefits, which far from few,
The very slowness giving each and every feeling newness
Of a you-ness never felt in springtime’s days:
Rediscovered in a hundred lovely, treasured ways.

Yeah, yeah, one reads the lists:
This, that and fists of facts:
The thin, the fat,
The morning aches in joint and bone
With sleep that’s partial, un-profound.
Multifarious the pains and ills.
And still, the benefits outweigh.
So never underestimate sagacity,
The knowledge and experience; the knowledge from experience
Which only comes from several hundred thousand segments.
Several thousand days behind,

Find yourself and who you are.
Differentiate the light from dark.
See the differences and then unite them.
Learn to welcome and not fight them.
There are many good things with the after eighty ***.

The Good Things With *** After Eighty 6.2.2019 Circling Round Eros II; Circling Round Ageing; Arlene Nover Corwin
Jun 1 · 17
I Like
This will be a part of my soon to come book Swedish Book.  It's called "Vad Som Helst" or "Anything".
May 31 · 29
An Entire Slowing Down
Arlene Corwin May 31
I think this I beautiful.
May 30 · 22
An Entire Slowing Down
May 26 · 28
Examining Modesty
Arlene Corwin May 26
Up all night pondering this deep question:
        Examining Modesty:
      (a modest examination)
May 23 · 21
Arlene Corwin May 23
To all my cynical, fear-filled, skeptical friends.  And all the others, whatever variety of category you find yourself in.
May 22 · 29
Todays Grandma
Arlene Corwin May 22
To grandmas everywhere:

             Today’s Grandma
May 18 · 22
A Dire Confession
Arlene Corwin May 18
While standing at the sink doing the dishes:
Arlene Corwin May 14
Today’s thought.  (Isn’t thought a strange phenomenon?  It chooses itself)
Arlene Corwin May 13
Hello world! Though written in 1997, how I love this one (Happen to find it while editing “Swedish Book”).

.          Collapsing In On Itself
A week-dead pike on local stone wall,
Placed there or dropped by some passing seagull
And ignored; once fresh and full now meagre and dull,
Is almost the same as the day that it came,
But entrails have started to go.
(Are they ‘entrails’? I don’t really know.)
Of course it has innards; the roe, liver gall,
And I’d guess there’s a stomach.
It think it’s a pike - maybe perch, not a haddock!
The thing that’s essential, its cardinal what-ness
Is something that shows now whenever I to pass it.
Everything rotten or heading that way,
Falls in on itself in its terminal rot-ness.

Collapsing In On Itself 8.16.1997/revised and amended 5.13.2019 Swedish Book; Circling Round Nature; Birth, Death & In Between; Nature Of & In Itself; Arlene Nover Corwin
May 12 · 30
Don't Copy✍️
Arlene Corwin May 12
Don’t Copy Or, Have I Said This One Before? ✍️

When I write I try to not write what I’ve writ
The months before, knowing that
Each three clichés, each thrice said phrase
Is hinder to the mind’s synapse.

Used-up words five times five hundred,
Never wond'ring why I’ve done it:
I don’t want to copy -
Least of all myself and me. 

Falling for the trick that quickens death of brain
Are quirks and quips and bits of what
You’re sure has happened, quoted over, over.
Mind’s a rover needing change.

I have friends who still say “weird” to amplify each seventh word;
“Weird” since nineteen eighty-four.
What it means I’ve no idea.
And what is that word  ‘weird’ good for?
Change the words,
For copying yourself is worst.

Am I copying my back life story?
Parroting, regurgitating clichés,
Making up my history?
Faking mystery
To make myself exciting?

Copying is weakening
For you, for me, for memory.
Variety’s the key.
You do not need to copy.

     PS There’s a red line running through our lives: character, aptitudes, permanent throughout.  Bones grow up, grow old and change.  Penmanship changes.  Underneath there’s always a youyou recognize.  Keep it in the frontal lobe.  It’s there.

Don’t Copy 3.1.2015/revised 2.3.2016/ re-revised 9.27.2018 Definitely Didactic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin
May 10 · 21
Things Stop Working
Arlene Corwin May 10
Feeling frisky!  I love this!
May 8 · 14
My Half Birthday
You will excuse a small vanity, I hope.
May 7 · 22
Another God Think
I just happen to be God oriented.  It often provides the best language for me. To my non-God-oriented friends, this is as much a comment on 'our times and culture’ (the name of one of my books, book two to be edited sometime in the future) as it is a God thing.
May 5 · 37
I Used To Be
I Used To Be
(an ageing jazz pianist/singer observes)
By coincidence and AFTER writing this poem I read “Kings of old, rich in virtue and in harmony with the times, nourished all beings”.* WHAT a coincidence, eh!

              A Well-Functioning Society

The people are the goal.
But that includes the whole:
Their health, their wealth, their psychological well-being -
Familial, emotional: their simplest needs met,
That, until their death.
Simple but not easy.

How do you make people giving?
How do you secure their living?
How do you reduce a greed
That goes much further than the need?

Then how to teach a folk to share?
You cannot preach a folk to sharing.
Propaganda and brainwashing only go so far.
Though faith goes to the furthest star,
Well supported,
It can also be perverted.

Think, dear reader near:
Meditate and contemplate,
Work through a restlessness
To inner peace, acceptance, patience.
Answers lie in your own essence.
Every thought and every deed spreads in a sea,
Rippling out eventually.
A well-functioning society
Begins and ends with me.

A Well-Functioning Society 5.4.2019 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
* I Ching; Richard Wilhelm translation
May 2 · 14
A Blank Page
May 2 · 24
I was watching my beloved Kent sanding a lamppost he'd just put up outside.  The day was warm, the light was just right and there I sat noticing what a fine head he had...      

Apr 29 · 19
Mister Cause
Arlene Corwin Apr 29
Just finished tinkering with this old thing from 2013 (editing my "Swedish Book")        
          Mister Cause
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