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Arlene Corwin May 2021
Watching the ‘’religious’ conflict.  So useless! Perspired, tired, but inspired.  So useless!  

Bits Of Absurdity
It isn’t fun:
The more insightful I become
The more aware and dumb
I know I am.
Glaciers melt;
Is there a hell?
We rave and rant;
The disappearing elephant, rhinoceros or ant.
Some things we can or won’t, or can’t;
We war, invent new types of guns,
Dependent on developing more weapons,
Losing an inherent faith
An unsure housing, planet Earth.
Speculation, reason, treason…
Truth’s relation wobblier.
To remain pain-free, completely sane
Is not too much to ask,
The task a mission in disguise.
Addictions, stimulants, inner crises,
Pills for peace and for release
Messing up the consciousness:
What functioned generations past
Working not at all for some.
The die is cast.
In our numbness we are dumber,
Soon to fumble into slumber
That may last a thousand years or more.
Bits Of Absurdity 5.14.2021 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Our Times, Our Culture Ii; Arlene Nover Corwin
Arlene Corwin May 2021
Sometimes one's just overwhelmed by this reminder.  

All Living Things Love Life II

Written many moons ago;
Writ by life-observer poets;
Scribbbled scrutinies and comments;
Detailed now on TV shows:
Perils menacing or imminent;
Calloused killings of the other,
That despite all men are brothers;
Pain or dread;
The many dead.
Frog, fly, ant
Stepped, crushed without stop or conscience -
Well, what can one say!
Living things that pant for breath
Robbed of air from man to plant.
Air, the global element,
Constituent shared by us all:
And still
We ****.
Implausible! Impossible!  But actual
This second as thought formulates;
Loved beings each transported
To a valueless oblivion.
We watch offhandedly,
Or helpless, mourn.

All Living Things Love Life II 5.11.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
Arlene Corwin May 2021
PS 5.9.2021I’ve done the whole thing over: punctuation, syntax - all to make it clearer to the reader - and you.  See if it makes a difference.

   I’ve been taking this apart & putting it together umpteen eleven times, unsure of what I was aiming at, unsure of my attitude and what I was saying.  Finally, it itself formed my conclusion.  Ah, the creative power of poetry.

   Fragments Of Energy II

Fragments of energy, forces of power;
Distance illusory… near, here or far.
So much is theory, notion, idea.
Is God really God,
We, the peas in an almighty near and far pod?
Is the mixture a mishmash but all-of-a-one:
Unified fractals* that make up the fun,
Snowflake or buttercup, echoing bird.
Re-stated everywhere - here, now and every ‘there’?
(Look up the word)
Clusters or clutter, matter plucked,
Plunked down with order;
A concert in motion, a symphonic One.
Part of the order of earth, moon and sun.
All of a fragment with no counted number,
Each of us members In atom toned embers.

In some sort of incomprehensible way,
One is glad to be
Even a fleck of those fragments of energy.
Fragments Of Energy II 5.9.2021 Circling Round Science; Nature; Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

fractal; a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. They are useful in modelling structures (such as snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.
Arlene Corwin May 2021
To those of you who know about my seven fingers. (It’s just a whim that makes me write this, hoping that t’s good poetry, that’s all.)

     What I Cannot Do: To Date…

Zip up zippers; hold a glass;
Unscrew caps sealed, fused or plastic.
I’m begun to keep a list
To check what’s missing, missed and lost.
There must be hundreds I will run across -
Beyond the bounds of possibility,
Unfeasible and unattainable.

Climbing into shower or tub is easy,
Getting into places ‘squeezy’
Can be handled (but not ‘hand’-led).
I find other means uncovered.
I’ve discovered mouth and tongue,
The art of ways to stretch and hang
My clothes on hangers;
Knots and bows and ways to share
Each strand of hair
So that each hair is neat and pretty.

I can tweeze my brows,
Clip all small toenails wobbly held.
There is a problem with the cold;
Day/night, room/room -
Temperatures not temperate.
Dust and stuff too disparate.

Vacuuming is hard to deal with,
That’s the time to steel myself,
No matter how it feels.;
Knife and fork can be a hinder.
Clumsy, tender, the best boon
Can often be a bowl and spoon.
(not in public where chagrin
Would soon persuade me to constrain;
(Which shows a vanity devoid of training).

Anyway, and without straining
I grow stronger,
Lists grow longer.
Things I cannot do to date
Will train my patience while I wait for
Only goodness knows, for what!

What I Cannot Do: To Date 5.7.2021 Circling Round More Experience II; Arlene Nover Corwin
Arlene Corwin May 2021
To all my cat loving friends: (I’m sure I’ve left some out - in which case, SORRY!)      

Albert Cat, Eleven!  🐈

Albert Cat will celebrate
Eleven feline years to date:
Eleven years on this good planet,
His food planet,
Perfect for a house cat!

We, his owners, cat food donors
See to it that he is cat-isfied;
Yellow/red, a golden brown,
He cannot smile and cannot frown.
A ****** calm in place the whole day’s time.

Commonest of purry furries,
Albert Cat is still, to us
Unique, well-dressed, e’en glamorous.
Though his purry, furry self is modest
He is famous in our house.
He  never, ever kills a mouse.
He simply watches, sits and stares;
Leaves the birds to eat their seeds.
While they see him. They know his needs,
They know he’s there.
It is his lovely golden hair!

Happy Birthday, Albert Cat!
We’re glad you honour us
With your existence.
Flattered that our residence
Suits you.

Albert Cat, Eleven 5.6.2021 Cat book II; Arlene Nover Corwin
Arlene Corwin May 2021
It’s Easier To Tell The Truth
      (Than Tell A Lie)

It’s easier to tell the truth
Than tell a lie.
That is why
Each syllable is poe-try;
Examining a prefix, suffix
To a-fix  an honesty
Found bound inside.

With hours of refinement,
Its defining of identity:
(For what else is there
But to find out who we are?)
Glacial faults, deep and broad;
Small conversions to the good;
Youth and growth to wrinkled age -
Weak > strength >, courage:
A corsage of fortitude.

And the insight that
It’s easier to bathe in facts
Than drown in lies.
Hence the art of poe-tizing,
Its requiring and sacrificing youth and froth
To new found truth(s)

It’s Easier to Tell The Truth 5.5.2021 Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin
Arlene Corwin May 2021
Poetry is wonderful.  Lying here and this came out.

Delving Into Life’s Significance

In silence or with voice;
To reach spirit or relax,
Using any means that works
To fix the mind is meditation.

Not heroics or polemics,
Not mechanics or semantics:
Any means to coax a mind
To find more than it knows itself.
Something far, yet in itself.
A focussing that brings to life
A state normally hidden
And unbidden.

You can speculate yourself to death,
Still not have breadth;  
Think,  reflect, deliberate,
Ruminate and contemplate .
Still not ‘get it’.
There’s an ‘it’ that has no plot
One day ‘it’ just shows up.
You know more than you knew before
You find a ‘you, not shown before.
You’re where you are.
And happier.

There is a word ‘sublunary’
Which means those who are ‘worldly,
Which, in turn, means most of us.
Then there are those whose tendency
Is numinous -
A living in not of the world:
A flag unfurled.  
To them the stanzas up above
Are relevant enough to prove
There is a better way to live,
To solve, evolve and delve
Into existence and its meaning.

Delving Into Life’s Significance 5.5.2021 Circling Around Everything Ii; Circling Around Experience; Arlene Nover corwin
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