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A Blizzard Jul 26
I’ll never believe him
When he says he loves me
Until I leave him
Why is it so hard to believe?
A Blizzard Jul 25
how come if he says he loves me I run instantly back
to the one who never even mentioned that?
conflict with my emotions, what's new? I wish I had someone to talk to.
A Blizzard Jul 16
You don’t seem to see how much I need you
And I can’t seem to be able to tell you
Should I tell him that I need him more than he thinks?
A Blizzard Jul 16
I never knew
I could find solace in this hole
You made in my soul
I don’t know what to write about currently so I’m gonna do some small things for now.
A Blizzard Apr 18
Sometimes I feel as though
I am a dead weight just following
Along in everyone else’s wake
A Blizzard Apr 12
Hey, it’s me.
I don’t want to hurt our friendship or anything.
But I’ve been wanting to tell you this for awhile now,
So you are my sun.
You bring me light in everything I do.
You make my dark days brighter,
my lonely nights better,
and my happy days happier.
I couldn’t imagine a world where we weren’t friends,
where you weren’t there for me and I for you.
You make me laugh when all I want to do is cry.
And you dry my tears when I do.
I’m the one you call when you’ve had one too many, still though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.
You’re the one I want to call when I have any type of good news and bad.
I lean on you like a ladder on a house, I’m scared of falling but you keep me sound.
Anyway, are we still on for breakfast after work?
if I had more courage maybe I’d tell him this. This is kinda lame, it’s not really a poem more of a train of thought
A Blizzard Mar 25
Tearing a path through the night
Making the darkness so suddenly bright

Coughing up smoke
And trying not to choke

I wondered how could something made up
Of air and flame be so loud and deafening

Trying to see through the haze
Can I make it through this maze?

Listening for the call
Wondering if anyone will hear me at all

Reaching out a hand
Feeling my way through this strange hot land

Awakening to the bright hospital lights
I keep telling myself it’ll be alright
My neighbors house caught on fire. I was the first to notice. Couldn’t sleep so I decided to write,
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