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You and I

will never be together



I am tethered to you
this is what it looks like



in absentia
She looks just like your type

The kind you leave eventually

     because she’s not me

I will see    you     again

You’ll do it to me every time …. … .

the pinch and burn



I had the strangest thought
as I pulled up to the stop sign

You lifted your finger as if to wave
when I signaled you to proceed from the
four way stop

and I thought
“What if that was a potential ….”
the possibilities endless
and the moment lost
so sad that I can’t share this joy with you

telling that you’re not here
The days go trickling past
as the day goes trickling past

When I finally find myself on the other side of the door.....

Facing the precipice

Toes curled in anticipation

or terror

To meet your gaze
awkwardness abounds

Feels like home

Both welcoming and bittersweet after all this time

nothing but
separating us

Except in this moment
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