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ApoorvaHN Aug 11
I let there be affection to click with someone known,
I get it that otherwise,that heart can tick on its own
ApoorvaHN Aug 11
What if the letter never reached?
What if the message never screeched?
What if the poem never got heard?
What if the post was lost in the herd?
Lost in transportation is more possible than in translation
Lost in communication is more probable than in commutation
ApoorvaHN Aug 11
Ye jeevan diljani
dariya ka hai paani
Paani toh beh jaaye
Baaki kya reh jaaye
(From Yaadein)
Copyrighted by Subash Ghai
ApoorvaHN Aug 9
Someone said death is life's last chapter
No one said we know what is after
I say life is black and white
Death is black and goes with rite
ApoorvaHN Aug 4
Where does the stray note belong?
If all the world is a song?
It should appear somewhere on a sheet of music
If universe's constitution is basic
ApoorvaHN Aug 4
I feel like a box
As days pass by I flummox
I want to keep things inside
This is the only state in which I reside
But they keep spilling out of their *****
With words piling out of their gaps
I just realised cardboard is thicker and opaque unlike plastic.
ApoorvaHN Aug 4
I want to know where we come from
And when you tell me that
You can place me anywhere and I 'll carom
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