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Annie Helbrew Aug 2015
Always happy to see me
showers me with kisses
Thats how I know
Im the one she misses
When I've had a bad day
She dosent ask why
She just cuddles closer
In case i need a good cry
We love goofing around
And having fun at play.
We make time for that
Every single day
So its not hard to see
Maybe you've guessed
but my do is more than my friend
She the very best!
Annie Helbrew Aug 2015
Puppies and puddles
Licks and hugs
Soft and lovable
Just look at their mugs
A smile on their face
a twinkle in their eye
they're just so sweet
no need to ask why.
Little wet kisses
soft gentle nuzzles
not very complicated
like crossword puzzles.
They arrive with love
and joy in their heart
just wanna share
and not be apart.

— The End —