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Ann cobb May 2014
You were there
When no one was
You always care
Even when I'm a lost cause
You see the real me
And how I was broken

You see past my flaws
And the scars the pain leaves
And when I was lost
You you said to me

"Your the light of my life
You keep me strong
When you threw away that knife
I cried in joy so long
You made me hopeful
That this life could become a song
Filled with noises so cheerful"

He whispered............."your my hero"
Ann cobb May 2014
Save me from myself
I'm destroying my life
Can you see into my eyes
I'm dying inside
My skin's no longer perfect
I know it's not worth it
But i can't stop the pain
I will never gain...........
Save me
I'm dying
Ann cobb Mar 2014
I'm that girl
The one you ignore
The one you look past like no one's even there
The one who's invisible

I'm that girl
The one you pick on everyday
The one you push around
The one you use and throw away

I'm that girl
The one who's strong
The one who can say that she's been through the worst and survived
The one who can still laugh because she knows that everything will be okay

I'm that girl
The one who doesn't care what you say
The one who ignores you
The one who is strong and brave through it all
You think that words are gonna hurt me. We'll your wrong I'm brave and strong. You can say what you want. Just know that there just words. And they don't bother me. They can only bother me if I let them. But I don't
Ann cobb Mar 2014
She wore a white dress
Just to see you smile
But as she was walking
You ran out the door
You ran far away
That was so cruel
She ran to her dressing room
And took a knife
She cut her wrists
To end her life
Blood dripped out
And ran down her arms
Look what you did
***** your wicked charms
She knew not to trust you
Her parents said you were bad man
But she didn't believe them
But now in that dressing room
All alone
Without her groom
The stains on her dress
Tell a story
On how one little thing
Called love
Can end one little girl
In that white dress
The big day
She always dreamed of
In that white dress
She held so dear
That big day
Will end
With her family in tears
And her lieing still
In that little white dress with red stains
You shouldn't make a promise you aren't going to keep. You never know. It could be life threatening
Ann cobb Mar 2014
There's thousands of other girls
But you chose me
There's prettier and happier people
But you chose the one who's broken
Other girls have clean, proclein skin
But I have scars and open wounds
You could of had any girl
So just answer me this one question
Why me?
Ann cobb Mar 2014
Forever alone......
Ann cobb Mar 2014
Winter wind
Huddled together
His cold breath
On my neck
The only thing keeping me alive
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