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Mar 2014
I'm that girl
The one you ignore
The one you look past like no one's even there
The one who's invisible

I'm that girl
The one you pick on everyday
The one you push around
The one you use and throw away

I'm that girl
The one who's strong
The one who can say that she's been through the worst and survived
The one who can still laugh because she knows that everything will be okay

I'm that girl
The one who doesn't care what you say
The one who ignores you
The one who is strong and brave through it all
You think that words are gonna hurt me. We'll your wrong I'm brave and strong. You can say what you want. Just know that there just words. And they don't bother me. They can only bother me if I let them. But I don't
Ann cobb
Written by
Ann cobb
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