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Ann cobb Jul 2020
Dogs are the greatest gift
They’re there when u need them
Always ready for a cuddle
Hell, even when you don’t need them
They’re still gonna be there
I don’t know what I would do without my dogs
I think the world would be a more sad place
We should all just adopt 20 dogs
I think people would be a lot happier
Ann cobb Jul 2020
I had a doll once
An old doll
With a missing eye
A ripped dress
A bald patch on the back of her head
I loved that doll
I took her everywhere with me
None else liked that doll
They all said it was mean
That it scared them
I don’t know why they said this
Sure, it hurt a lot of people
And killed a few
But it was only doing what I told it too
I loved that doll
That old doll
Ann cobb Jul 2020
Crashing to the shore like a force
Pulling me in deeper
Should I go?
Should I let them drag me in?
Drag me to the bottom
Drown me with its force
Or should I stay ashore?
Stay where its safe?
Where I can feel solid ground
Where the land Is stable beneath my feet
Ann cobb Jul 2020
So what?
I’m not perfect
Neither are you
Why is it alway me
The one you pick on
The one you treat like dirt
Why is it always me
The one who gets kicked around
I may not be perfect
But so what?
Neither are you
Ann cobb Mar 2015
I want someone who will hold me tight
Someone who isn't afraid to kiss me in public
Someone who will lift me in the air when they kiss me
Someone who will say "I Love You" and mean it
Ann cobb May 2014
Cry me a river
Of blood and ice
Let's go jump in
And we'll roll the dice
One is for drowning
Two is suicide
Three is for pain
That will never die
Four is pressure
Pulling you under
Five is for pleasure
With a gun in hand
Six are the tears
And the blood stained wrists
All of the fears
Come out at once
So cry me a river
Of blood and ice
And while we're still swimming
We'll roll the dice
Ann cobb May 2014
I know it's my fault
                 You were just trying to help
                   I never meant to hurt you
                      I was just being myself
                        My dear parents
                           I haven't seen in a year
                              I miss them truly...dearly
                                 But now I'm stuck here
                                    I got in some trouble
                                      Dealing drugs and stealing beer
                                        But now it's to late to change
                                          They don't answer my phone calls
                                            They never write me back
                                              They moved away from my childhood home
                                                And now there's no going back
                                                  My life is getting blurry
                                                      I don't know what to do
                                                        I should of listened to my parents
                                                         ­ When they said they really did care
                                                            ­   If I could do it all over again
                                                           ­     I would make sure
                                                            ­       The fight that happened over night
                                                           ­          Would never have happened
                                                        ­                And now..........I wan to go home
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