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Mar 2014
She wore a white dress
Just to see you smile
But as she was walking
You ran out the door
You ran far away
That was so cruel
She ran to her dressing room
And took a knife
She cut her wrists
To end her life
Blood dripped out
And ran down her arms
Look what you did
***** your wicked charms
She knew not to trust you
Her parents said you were bad man
But she didn't believe them
But now in that dressing room
All alone
Without her groom
The stains on her dress
Tell a story
On how one little thing
Called love
Can end one little girl
In that white dress
The big day
She always dreamed of
In that white dress
She held so dear
That big day
Will end
With her family in tears
And her lieing still
In that little white dress with red stains
You shouldn't make a promise you aren't going to keep. You never know. It could be life threatening
Ann cobb
Written by
Ann cobb
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