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Jul 15 · 79
andy fardell Jul 15
Be I brittle tonight
this lonely

Be I crackled tonight
This tired

Be I me tonight
This lying

Brittle and cold
Cometh ready to snap
Branches of old
I fight thee
Jul 12 · 54
The Beaten
andy fardell Jul 12
Tis my moment
Pure black
I can feel the grinding
All blind

And suffer my rage
This end I shall seek
Be it blown
andy fardell Jan 21
We met upon a crispy sky
All blue amongst the grey
Another day in paradise
Tis just our simple way
It could have been my writing
We knew it was his art
The chat amongst the coffee
The coming of our start

Such painted works
A gasp of breath all locked away from view
It kept the folk from knocking there
His peace an artists pew

Now some of you may know this chair
But I've seen what it means
Its stains of life all laid on view
Comes safely watched
You know!
The penguins stare.

Its in my grasp ,its in his too
All bubble wrapped each day
The me
Our lives
A new day dawned
Its just some crazy play

I wish I had a pound or pence just hanging round to paint
But then I'd be an artist too and not the artists mate
So off I must its 4 am
A poets work tis done
Jan 2019 · 235
Poetry In Motion
andy fardell Jan 2019
I watched as he etched
Blue colours so fine
A face that he painted
All hidden and light
Looking and staring he knew not I write
The man and his drawing
I studied his plight

Looking once more in my study
My itch
I needed to look at his drawing
So rich
The man he did scribble I see not his face
Intriguing my wanting
My look out of place

Now do I approach him
A tap or a smile
The man and his drawing
A wandering while
Do I disturb this master at work
The etch of the finest
Da Vinchi
I errk
Jun 2018 · 257
I Find Thee
andy fardell Jun 2018
Long be the wind
lonely in its tail
shining out the sun
I find thee

Be thy shadows as I lay  
follow in my wake
a winters tale to come
I feel thee

Silence comes
screaming out a gale
longing for your reach
I want thee

This house does creaks
my mind in all
a shudder
To quench this tainted thirst
I need thee
Jun 2018 · 275
andy fardell Jun 2018
As the night turned into days and the days turned as black
This yearning never fades
Itching and scratching as I go
Devouring the fever of gold
Thus quenching the thirst yet missing these lips

Behind me lays the abandoned
Milk and Honey for the rich
A place so warm and wanting
A place I shall never seek again
Tis my wanton

The Shiver comes
Only the moonlight darkening to warm me
So I will wait
Till the sun and the moon both rise
So I can love again
Mar 2017 · 1.2k
Daffodil Moon
andy fardell Mar 2017
Can you see them swaying
Under the glowing silver moon
Perfuming the dying embers of a winter near past
Shadowing the frost
Colouring the dead  

Did you hear that sound
Broke in the silence of March
Spring has sprung another life to this world
Small white fluffy clouds
Bouncing along in a sky of green

And in today I too felt the warmth of life
A sun stretching its arms
Glowing my face with it's smile
Showing me a path
Fading away my black
Mar 2017 · 465
The Wait
andy fardell Mar 2017
The world was different back then
And so was I
Wanted words to be spoken
Screamed from a silence
Some crafted in smiles
Many fallen from tears

I've waited with burning hands
And desire
Hidden my thought's
Washed out all my dreams
Knowing this not well
One more look in the mirror

They look tired
Yet knowingly calm
For there is beauty in this time
Waiting to be found
Waiting to be loved
Sep 2016 · 520
andy fardell Sep 2016
As the sun dusts my skin
For it is I that waited

Comes the wetness from tides
Fallen are the tears

In no effort in given
All wasted in time

I lay in the broken
Heart torn apart
Sep 2016 · 932
The Slug and My Ghosts
andy fardell Sep 2016
The wailing ghosts  
Laughed at my sadness
Humorous in their intention to weaken me the more
I stayed awake in the earthen hour
Battling the clegg of thy cometh
To tell thee ones tale
They fly through me
Scream me awake
Stolen my wishes
Gone be my dreams  

So becomes the chatter in my head
Weak to the mind
I follow in stumble
Leave all
Comes behind  

It's now I must face them
The slugs chase in I
White trail
Their misfortune
My desolate mind  

The madness is in me
The ghosts have all won
I'm falling to pieces
My heart hears the gun

Jul 2016 · 512
Sliding Doors
andy fardell Jul 2016
These now wrinkled hands no longer feel your skin
Lips departed
From eyes that water the deserted dreams of my broken reality
Take my breath away
Steal this heart
For its use is gone
And I am lonely

The page is blank and my stare into the unknown
Turns to silence
Slowly and surely the door slides to a close
Creaking a smile at my sadness
Oh so cold do I shiver
Oh so cold beats my heart
For she was the one
Jul 2016 · 746
andy fardell Jul 2016
I wish I could write a thousand rainbows to your heart
Sing you a million colours from the sky  
kiss away your sadness
As we lay

Wouldnt that be nice
Being so right
From a world full of wrongs
Let me paint you my song

Can you hear what I see
Can you feel
In the you
My love ....
Jun 2016 · 661
You are the One
andy fardell Jun 2016
I'm thirsty
Yet no liquid quenches these forgotton parched tears
Tis the sugar of my soul that seeks its redemption
A wanton pleasure of mind
To waken such lasting slumber

It is you my love that has rejoiced me
Your taste that does me complete
And that warmth
Oh that beautiful warmth
I so so miss

And in this night that become day's
I long for your reach
Come kiss me my choosen
******* salted skin
For I am the waiting
You are the one

Let us sleep
May 2016 · 455
The Writing on the Wall
andy fardell May 2016
The clouds outside cried for my sadness
Tears of failure pained upon the ***** window of my heart
Come the granite grey of day
And that's not enough

Silence from the outside
Noise from the in
No more shall these hands touch
No more shall these lips speak

So this will be my last
Bleedeth me
No more
Stay the lonely till I pass
Comes written on the wall
May 2016 · 547
Smile at My Heart
andy fardell May 2016
Forlorn and empty inside
The raging storm leaves only the cold wet tears of time
God knows I tried
So so empty inside
God knows I've tried

Maybe the next world will smile at my heart
Take my arms
Show me another way
Banish my pain
Kiss my broken soul

Till then
Darkness take your feast
Consume me in bitterness
Quench me in your drunken thirst
Death come quickly
Apr 2016 · 455
Remember Me-Well
andy fardell Apr 2016
They said that time would heal
But memories are here
In my heart
And I am bleeding out

Tear upon tear cannot cure me
Hand upon hand
Never calms me
From a raging No inside

Come now
It's only the few that remember
Only the few that recall
A story of life as we live it
Remembrance of how we are small

One's time will come to go join him
A time when nothing is all
Till then I continue this living  
So remember me
Remember me all
Apr 2016 · 482
An Old Freind
andy fardell Apr 2016
How could I not smile
For the sun shone
Leaving raptuous heat upon my spine
Blinding dazzles fell upon my yellowing eyes
Inside me only darkness lives

It bleeds it's coldness into my thought's
Washes it's bleakened wishes over my mind

My old freind had returned
Apr 2016 · 403
Missing You
andy fardell Apr 2016
Life feels very empty right now
Maybe its the stars shining in this desolate void of blackness
Could it be the silence of my echoes
It's the missing of my love

My beautiful is sailing
Therefore my heart sigh's in lonlines
Oh i miss you
Yes I do

Ripped and torn i lay thinking
Hot blows in sadness as I sweat
And my reach scrapes the cold pillow of air
Cos your not here
Yet you are there

Tis I that comes near crying
Tis I that calls your name
Tis I that sadens your silence
Tis I that calls your name

My beautiful
My love
My everything
I love you x
Jan 2016 · 380
The Spell
andy fardell Jan 2016
My wrinkled finger felt weak
Betrayed and lonely
No more movement
No more tomorow

The last tear fell into tracks
Where many had come before
This one felt different
No one was going to stop the fall
No hand
Or fake promises
The sea parted and the waves spoke
Let me scream

I dived into a silence
So very cold
And this will be my home
Til the mermaid returns singing
Her spell
Nov 2015 · 683
Remembrance Sunday
andy fardell Nov 2015

Remember what they fought for
Remember why they fell
Remember all the killings
The living life in hell

Remember what they did for us
Remember who they were
Remember all the people
For us did fight and fall

A day to show our pride
A day to bow our heads
A day to mourn our family
Lest we forget
Nov 2015 · 829
In Agro Belgico ...
andy fardell Nov 2015
Alexis Helmer died a true hero
Like all that became
To save our future
Today I will remember him

It is now our turn
Our responsibility
Our role
To ensure we never need another rondeau

For last night I saw poppies
Fall and float from the sky
Tears from the fallen
Our Remembrance
Nov 2015 · 466
andy fardell Nov 2015
The day was dull
That's how I feel too

Could it be so bad
Am I singing sadness
When all is in bloom
Of course

For that's how I see
Feed off the earth around me
Tis how I write

For once I wish I could
Lift my head
Smile at the world
Change my fear

Outside the doting sparrow enters the thicknes of the hedgrow
Bugs gathered
Young waiting
To eat the death of another creature
So life goes on
Nov 2015 · 654
Dear Palestine
andy fardell Nov 2015
The elkess
Cowers from the light
All dressed for the feast
Not going nowhere

Shoot boys shoot
Cos thats an order
We know best
Read our bible

Let me take your land
Feed our lambs
Laughter in slaughter
One day
Your Daughter
Oct 2015 · 638
andy fardell Oct 2015
The sign of a man is not defined by his age
A man is defined
By his love
His compassion
His care

My son is already this man
A real man
Where age and wisdom
Comes flowed in his grace
And I be the honoured

For I am lucky enough to be his father
His friend
To see him grow
Become the man
I love to know

Live out your life son
Live on your dreams
So proud I am
You turn the age
That on this day
Oct 2015 · 452
Waiting Room
andy fardell Oct 2015
Staring across I looked
I mean I really looked
It was them
The sick
The waiting
Their end
A place where the silence in subtle laughter
Fed the gurgling dread

Old amongst the young
Age against time
Eating away
Tempting a finality
Choosing an end

As dead eyes looked on through me      
I felt alive
Eager in my burst to scare away the dead
The devil smiled
His war was winning
A fate foreboding
The storm had come
Oct 2015 · 456
The Laughing Sun
andy fardell Oct 2015
Effects of an early rise spawned my view
Eager in my need for knowledge
I sprung
Yet worry formed a brow
Concern upon concern quivered me
I had been here before

For then it was to late
Too harsh
All sad
A gone to far
Only tears
For my memory

This time a smile
Be healed
For many moons to pass
Upon the laughing sun
Oct 2015 · 562
Shalott's Lady
andy fardell Oct 2015
The stain of tears
Hidden in her russet locks
As she drifted away from
Her destiny

All behind in sorry
No blame of yet to come
A love so now departed
It is the lady's song

Come to me my lonely
Swim the wanton shore
Hold my hand my darling
For you
My evermore
Oct 2015 · 584
Last Day on Earth
andy fardell Oct 2015
No meaning in this life
As fire rages out
All shadows disappear
Till the end
In dust

Yet the sun will shine like a
Bright star in the sullen sky
To the emptiness called

This universe lives
It grows
So one day we will meet up again
We knows
Jul 2015 · 480
andy fardell Jul 2015
I whisper into the darkness
Can you hear it call
Screaming out  
It shout's my name
The poet is here

For I am the writer
The one that spells all cast
Draws you in
Succumbs you
Blinds you to silence

Whisper my name
Shout into the silence
The poet is here
Let me hear
Call my name

Shout into a whisper
For now you are mine
As I am yours
Our love is sealed
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Goodbye Rudolph
andy fardell Jul 2015
So Rudolph made an appearance
Or so you'd think
Judging by the spot upon my forehead

All week in the dusk and nothing to fettle my beauty
Oh no
Till today

Planes tried to land on me
Cars stopped as I walked on by
And my mirror drooled awaiting its feed of white  

My head had a new head
Potion lotion fail
And I had turned into a fine shade of a red Umpa Lumpa

Squeeze it
Push it
Pop it good

Santa has a new hood ......
Jul 2015 · 744
The Prisoner
andy fardell Jul 2015
For six months the westerly wind did blow
Almost every light
Raging seashells drowning my thoughts
Cool shivers formed
For not a single soul had yet to covet my grave

The summer I so wanted was hiding
Waiting for my fail
Puddles of liquid formed at my feet
Wanting fulfillment
Yet my eyes staid dry

More and more darkness rolled in over the hills
To just another day
My glaze suddenly changed
A grip loosened
Thunder came
This whole was falling
No light
No will
No want
The prisoner inside my head fell silent
Jul 2015 · 400
andy fardell Jul 2015
Into the journey the masses follow
Be them of a sad way
For me
I walk it my way
I lead my waltz

My map is not written
Nor the novel read
In fact only when my dust is blown
And the clouds ******* vapor
Will the road become clear

Read my thoughts
Digest my blood
Live it on the edge
Become the one
Jul 2015 · 715
The Cobwebs of Freedom
andy fardell Jul 2015
Do not wake to life
Wake to live
Breath to want
Look to see
Don't be the blinded

Open the window
**** it in
Taste the freedom
New in pleasure
Life begins

Be not that man or woman
In looking on past
Four walls for your prison
A shake of what if  

Atoned for good living
I'll take it all now
The cobwebs of freedom
Come give me a bow
As day lights my eyes
I know I have won
My journey has started
A life has begun
Jul 2015 · 443
Just the One
andy fardell Jul 2015
Hold my hand and walk with me
Let our lives begin from days that become thinner
Only ten thousand more
Till we greet
Join that door
Fade to ebb
As the past is
Ever lost

Kiss me now for time on here is failing
Days and nights are waining
Soon all will be as one
Sunken into darkness
Remembered and forgotten
Dreams of memories
Etched in stone
Let us run my love
Let us laugh

The one chance is given
No second comings
No prayer for a change
It's ours to want
Ours to take
To live
Live as one
Till ten thousand
Becomes just the one
Jun 2015 · 518
The Window
andy fardell Jun 2015
A fiery sky on a day not started,where life ,death and promises are Destined to become history.
Shadows unformed from a promise to hide
See's my reflected smile from the clouded window
And only then do I see the dirt and grime of my inner existence
It is a comfort blanket that has kept me warm
Hid me
Protected me
Smothered me
Till all is bared
From the window I see
Jun 2015 · 398
The Cure
andy fardell Jun 2015
Is not dark a form of light that we can not see?
For if I was blinded by the light
Then only would total darkness come!!

This world we partake in
Has become the blinded
All seeing yet we walk
Head bowed

A continuum that tells a story
Of success
In a reality that is already darkened
Already blinded
All ready an end

Look away from these words
Take off your tinted glasses
Look around you and see
Yes you can make a difference
The time for healing  
Has begun
Jun 2015 · 265
I love you
andy fardell Jun 2015
The day is as long as it is short
For I have seen it most
As most have dreamed
Awaken all who wish to know
The longest of days

Inside me feels complete
This heart of happiness
Beats strong and loud
For my love

And I will shout it out loud on this day
The longest of days so all can hear

I love you
May 2015 · 409
The Leap
andy fardell May 2015
Gently moist upon thy face
They fell
Love tears
All was well

Her smile
That kiss
No words required
Skin on skin
Pure love desire

Pleasure giveth
All received
Tears from heaven
Lovers leap

Our minds entwined
Forever mated
Holdeth hand
Lay in my arms
For I will kneel
My love
May 2015 · 353
Lonely Hour
andy fardell May 2015
The lonely hour woke me
Left my mind aloud
So here I am

Do you feel the dark as I do?
Tis almost a rancid stench
That never leaves my blow

The haunting never fades
Nor do the thoughts
As I sweat the lay
Dread the crawl to water
Till I start another day

So that is my wake
My call to become
But never does it go
It's cold blackened want
For the lonely hour
Apr 2015 · 338
This Was
andy fardell Apr 2015
As the cold in the wind blew
I was taken
Frozen out
Left to my own fester

This was my life
An end to come
Totally broken

But what a life I had led
Not one to lay down
Not one to follow the path
For I have lived
And found love

Ever so slowly
Salted tears frozen upon my
Lifeless skin
As memories breathed
A final smile
Apr 2015 · 333
You and Me
andy fardell Apr 2015
If only he could see
The you and the me
My father above
Would smile at our love

He'd laugh and just grin
My dad so his style
His wish for us two
Be happy and true

So here lays my heart
Please take it ..sweetheart
Forever I breathe
I love you complete x
Apr 2015 · 373
andy fardell Apr 2015
Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung
Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung

No one looked
Only I
It was read in their faces
A wasted trundle of life
The madness of life
As the sound of the underground
Washed out their inner screams

Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung
Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung

Stale sweat and vacant stares
Bombarded my senses to shake
I smiled
I had a sorrow for these poor souls
These sheep obeying their master's wishes

Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung
Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung

My knowing that one day they would fade
Become the unimportant
Get tossed aside like a disused burger wrapper
They didn't get it and I felt kinda strangely odd

Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung
Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung

Coughs,whispers and the feint sound of a beat
From the crowded battled against the roar and rhythm
I needed to escape
I needed to breathe
I could feel them
I was being consumed
Turned into a sheep

Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung
Kerr Dung.... Kerr Dung

With fear in my eyes I grabbed the chain
The train shuddered to a stop
Loud gasps could be heard as I forced the door open and ran
My vision blurred as I climbed steps
Jumped barriers
Anything to escape
Anything to be free

Out I ran
Into noise
Into London
I forced a breath
And as I looked around me
I could see a reflection
It was me
I too was a sheep
I too was my master's servant
Apr 2015 · 575
The New
andy fardell Apr 2015
Into the laying sun I walked
Long strides of freedom
Echoed inside me
And from these squinting eyes
I could smell spring
Taste the fresh
Feel the new

The sound of a song thrush nearby
Welcomed me
For I was now free
Free to walk
Free to run
Free to roam the earth
My destiny be my master

Forty and the more it had taken
Tears of terror in my past
Fears of failure did all surround me
Now all be forgotten
See my strides are very long
And my lovely awaits
Tis love
Apr 2015 · 406
My Beautiful
andy fardell Apr 2015
Oils to my face
Old masters in a famed notoriety
To take me in
Shorten my breath
******* away

The Turner shone in the late afternoon haze
So did my beautiful
For me nothing could take her place
Nor beat her loving heart and soul
My beautiful

As I gazed into her
All else became the insignificant
No master competed nor oil so fine
A smile so perfect
My perfect
Apr 2015 · 349
andy fardell Apr 2015
The view means nothing
It's your eyes I seek
Your touch I beckon
To feel

As true as the heat of
The sun
My love for you burns
A pain like no other

So I wait
Your love
Apr 2015 · 775
My Masters Servant
andy fardell Apr 2015
The smell came in waves
Beautiful full waves of
Money,power and madness

I had entered a different world
This world contained things like shoes to purchase
So expensive a mere mortal like myself
Could only ever dream of owning

Chocolates did fuel my eyes
That only my lips could whisper a wanting never to be fed
This was the smell and look of greed and slavery
And I was its servant

Over the years my hands had bled for hours
Bone grinded to dust
Just to feed
Yet they laugh
Our masters
At us
The servants

But here I was mesmerized
I wanted it all
Diamonds,gold and incense
So I could become one
A master
But for who will then be left to be my servant
Apr 2015 · 564
My Tree
andy fardell Apr 2015
The hanging tree is here
Peacefully wanting
Joy in its stance
Within a hidden sadness
It waits

In a place of tranquil its roots
Lay ready for madness

Beckoning my way
I'll fight it come May
To water it's moss
My tears
Failing heart

Be when I am old
Worn past tired
Rot in my hell
I'll visit this place
Go say my last grace
Apr 2015 · 311
The Killing Kiss
andy fardell Apr 2015
The Killing Kiss

As the wind blew
These eyes wept
For once they knew
I'm so alone

The sad ,my lonely
A care I wish
No smile to warrant
The Killing kiss

A once remembered
This time now gone
The tears still flow me
Drowned in love
Apr 2015 · 346
My Demons
andy fardell Apr 2015
Into the morning hour
My eyes bleed from no rest
Who am I to question this deed
**** the night
Dam the demons

For I hear their laughter
Ringing within me
Reveling at my thirst
For sleep
I cry

My voice wakes no one
Nothing is said
Only the laughter within me
Is rattled
Echoed in my head

They think they are winning
A coldness inside
But I'll tell you a secret
The demons are
Jan 2015 · 954
Follow the Blind Man
andy fardell Jan 2015
I write of loneliness and fear
The demons rattle
Inside me all is not clear
These wishes granted
Washed to the sea
Darkness cometh
Blindly I lead

Walk as they do
For they know I will drown
Follow the blind man
Join in the crowd
No fighting the water
No screaming allowed
Follow the blind man
Follow the crowd

They wash in my sorrow
They drown all for me
For I am the wanted
Be raised from the sea

And so I look on them as down they must go
The blind and the foolish
I'm watching below
For now I am risen
Above all my sheep
My dreams all awaken
The future I weep
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