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I was happy once,
when her heart was still beating
It's funny how she was pierced,
but I was the one bleeding
No one listened,
no one believed
and now that the proof has surfaced
they all say they're proud of me
Open this door, and set me free
I want to know what it's like to finally see
Show me a new way, to feel alright
Make me feel okay
Help me sleep at night
I used to think that if i had just held on to you a little bit harder, you would never have slipped away.
I want to find something to conquer my anxiety
but this boring place has no originality
and im running out of choices from lack of variety

im tired of worrying about your opinion
im breaking and i dont care how dramatic i sound
i hate being afraid and being shut the **** down

why can the popular girl get sad but when i am its for attention
i dont need your love
just your ears
i need someone to take away my fears

theres just so much judgement and its all for nothing
but if i speak, im just begging for something
i tried to deal with it on my own but you all judged that too
can someone just tell me what i am to do
It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul
and, this is the truth
for i have seen the emotion that beats through your retinas
and the hazel green colored hate that consumes you,
every blink was another explosion of lies and every tear you cried
was for your innocence that died

and for the girl in the expensive clothes
i see the loneliness as it glows
her sight is weak but full of sorrow
dreading the day that is tomorrow

we're all hiding something inside our eyes
whether it is the truth or a daring lie
we all feel things to big to express
but our eyes provide a window
to see what we've depressed
All these dream catchers over my head as I sleep
And still
Nightmares run free as I lay in my bed
Trying not to scream
And feel so weak
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