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1.2k · Jan 2016
Shaking, and twitching
Like you're about to explode
Not knowing what to do
And not sure where to go
Balling your fists, and grinding your teeth
A raging fire is burning beneath
Like a tower made of playing cards and glass
One burst of wind and this structure won't last,
Look over your shoulder, someone might be following you
Be afraid of everything
Cause it's all that you can do
This is such a tight space, and your running out of air
And your entire face is tangled in your hair
What do you do?
How do you speak?
Your fast beating heart is feeling quite weak
Your hands quiver as you roll a few
Or fill your ****
Whatever you must do
Your brain is freaking out
So take it on a trip
You need to calm down
And get a grip
936 · Sep 2015
our skin is made to be shed
like a cocoon
and when we are free
we sprout out our wings, because inside we were all
this noose hanging is the key in my hand
that opens the door
to my darkest fairyland
884 · Sep 2016
Instead of swinging, she rocked side to side
And instead of sleeping, she stayed up all night
Being alone can make you think
And your brain is an ocean
In which, you sink
816 · Sep 2015
I Tried Again
Well, here we go
On another rollercoaster high, the other ones were scary
But I'm tall enough to ride
I'm standing at the gates now, waiting to hand my ticket
I'm afraid it's as scary as it looks and my heart begins to reach its limit
But everyone around me looks so **** pleased
It makes me wonder why the hell I am the only one who isn't happy
I've been on this ride before, I screamed and cried
And no one can say that with love, I didn't try
But I hate giving up, and I don't want to be weak
So strap me in, I'm ready for what I'm about to see
798 · Sep 2016
As You Wish
Wrap your failures around my throat
Use my body to keep yours afloat
Take my eyes so that you may see,
That I'd do anything you'd ask of me
737 · Sep 2015
I Want A Man For Once
A real man wouldn't promise me his patience
Then lose it with a punch to my face
I don't want to be afraid
I want a man to make my heart race, out of love and not fear
I want a real man to hold me dear
Be near, and kiss me on my nose
One who never leaves, won't ever go
Who always knows
When I'm upset, or when I need to cry
But, baby please just don't be the reason why
I don't want to be afraid...
I just want someone to make me feel safe
Who holds my heart to keep
Never to break
Out of all the abusers in my love novel
I just want one who will be a rebel
And be my cuddle buddy
Someone who Doesn't think my pain is funny
I want a real man for once in my life,
Someone who won't make love feel like a constant strife
677 · Sep 2015
High Expectations
I cant even type what i want to say
because with whatever i type, you wont understand anyway
no one will get it
the words are silent on this page
such a pretty flower isn't expected to feel so much rage.
651 · Feb 2016
Being A Pet
let me cover you in the darkest cloak
made of pain and marijuana smoke
and let me lift its hood over your innocent mind
so you can search for the answers that i could never find
you can't imagine someone hurting so badly
but darling, this pain is my own
so many times i have fallen in love ever so madly
and then was stripped and skinned down to the bone
betrayal was my oxygen
and every breath i took was a stab to the back
And every bruise on my skin was a skill I lacked
I was never good enough, so I strived for silence, obedience and skill
but no matter what I did
I'm not good enough
Not good enough, still.
615 · Dec 2015
The smoke looks like pillows surrounding me
As I exhale the negativity
That i see
And that I feel,
The numbing drug slows down what's real
It's like my lungs have been filled with warmth
A feeling of bliss that calms my soul
And as I feel the rough skin across my arm
I conclude that this pain is too old
So I'll light up my joint
A representation of the stress in my head
And slowly get the point
That all is well, forget this feeling of dread
611 · Sep 2015
So Close To Eruption
She's waiting for his call, and with it will come her feelings
He abuses her, hurts her and breaks her down
But when she hears his voice she can't help but cry
all the times she was taken off the ground, all the times he never told a lie
Why, baby, why?
Why did you change?
Was it something I did, anything I say?
Why, darling, why?
Answer me this, why did I become your powerless so controlled *****?
Why do you yell, why the frustration?
It seems your care has taken a vacation...
Im crying, and screaming
I want you back
I feel so lonely, I look so sad
I'm trying to move on, with someone good
But my heart is saying no
And my brain is saying I should
These feelings are so mixed
Like they've been put through a blender
I want my heart to be fixed
But the chances are slender
I need a cigarette and a second to think about this to give my stress a reduction
But my feelings are on the brink of my own self destruction
594 · Dec 2015
It mixes well with alcohol,
keeps me high so i wont fall
i don't want to think
i want clouds in my brain
like the sky has fallen on my mind
and has driven me insane
forget these feelings or feel them even more
i just want to forget
that you ever existed
forever gone
not to return
541 · Jan 2016
You're Mine
Hes my favorite song to sing
that means hes above these things
and hes brighter than me yet just as seen

Hes got eyes like coco
dark brown
and hes loco but keeps me sane
without his smoke smell i wouldn't be the same

oh baby, you shine
and ****, you're mine
all mine
i ain't sharing one inch of that bronze skin
because letting this angel go should be a sin

my religious baby
so sweet and connected
completely patient

you keep my fire burning
and these wheels turning
sweet darling of mine
i do believe we're wasting time
lets go out and explore
be my diamond forevermore

oh ****, that smile gives me butterflies
and holy hell my baby's style is another reason why

hes mine

that's right
all mine,
and my baby loves me too
i do assume
sugar darling, baby what would i do without you?
516 · Sep 2015
Thrown Away
I am not immune to emotion
it strikes me like lightning
but can sicken me to my core
it can raise me
or beat me down to bleeding on the floor
when i'm open wide, with nothing left to hold
it can break me down to tears, and make my skin cold
i am weak, but so very strong
my mind says good, when my heart feels wrong
i'm not alright here,
i'm finding that in this world i have so much to fear
screaming is my sedation
and my mother gets this dedication
i was left alone when the most attention was required
all the wrong people were surely admired
I've been held by evil hands for far too long
now ill never know the difference between right and wrong
511 · Feb 2016
You Broke Me
I had always prided myself on my strength
The fact that I survived multiple abuses
And still didn't break

I told you about it all
The beatings I received
The ****
And the hopelessness I felt everyday

You promised me sanctuary and I was cautious at first
You gained my trust
And quenched my love thirst
You made me feel safe
As you slowly burrowed into my soul

The manipulation, like a slow acting poison
Rotted me from the inside out
And by the time it was obvious
I was already under your control
And already falling down

I always prided myself on getting right back up
But your hold on me and abuse
Was such a mind ****
And I'm stuck

Even after I broke free from you
The roots of your control were still buried in my soul
And to this day, you make me the weakest
And you make every ray of sunshine the bleakest

I'm so paranoid
And so confused
I mix up pure love
For someone trying to abuse
And I'm trapped here
Forever pretending to be the same old me
So strong and so brave
But my unbreakable heart is starting to cave
507 · Sep 2015
Mixed Feelings
rage is filling me
anxiety is thrilling me
this unmanageable want to rip my skin
is tearing me apart, like some internal sin
my soul is crying, my brain is frying
and now i must go
what i will do, even i never know
432 · Sep 2015
light up
Lay back
Shut up
Not sad
Escaping the pain
By poisoning my brain
Altering the truth
Cause I can't handle what's real
Trying to forget you
Because it ******* hurts to feel
I am high
I am up
I am here
Trying not to give a ****
But the bruises on my skin and my soul
Are making me feel empty
And my being ice cold
I've just got to light up another
And few after that
I will forget my dark lover
And never go back
362 · Sep 2015
Laying here with my eyes soaked
And my voice choked,
Quietly screaming "why can't she love me?"
"Why did he hurt me?" and "why did she have to die?"
Asking why, **** it, why?
My heart is beating, and with every pulse
I can hear a ripping noise
Like a seething bunch of hate is begging to rip out of my chest
But in this void, I am nothing but alone
Even here, in my own **** home
I feel so empty, and so ******* torn
My eyes are heavy and filled with scorn
Why must we feel?
I miss being younger, when the world wasn't so real
I can't do this **** it, I can't stay clean
In this ****** up life
We all need our own
Personal reality
347 · Dec 2015
Self Medicate
I'm sick
I'm crying, sad but not dying
I need a release
Something to calm my nerves
A chill pill for my head
But something that works,
I'll roll up my cure and light it up
Inhale my prescription
To make the stress stop,
all my problems can be solved
And my anger will dissolve
Because there is no reason to hate
When I fall back
And self medicate
335 · Dec 2015
The Good Leaf
Smoke it,
bake it,
or just bake yourself
hot box,
police knocks,
eyes redder than hell
feels like you're dreaming
do you got that good leaf?
do you smoke that good ****?
the kind that make you feel fly
with only one hit
what do you take with it?
maybe, a dose of reality
or rather, a shot of remorse?
a pinch of regret
for all those now closed doors,
smoke that good leaf,
bake in that garden,
feel the release
for never being pardoned
I'm not sure when everything slowed down,
I blacked out for a second under this smoke cloud
And when I opened up my eyes
My chest felt tight
Something was wrong on this calm quite night
I saw you against my skin
Without my knowledge
Without permission
I attempted to scream but someone else grabbed me
It was in this moment, that I could not see
Only feel and the pain was everlasting
In my heart and of course physically
Have you ever felt so torn
That maybe this was all you were for?
i kicked and flailed but to no avail
I tossed and turned
Attempting to wake
When my eyes ripped open
That was all I could take
I sobbed until my face was soaked
This memory haunts my sleep with its cloak
What do I do when nothing's to keep?
Not even a young girls virginity...
How should I feel when I'm so torn up
When my nights are accompanied by a rapists touch
It's alright, I don't want pitty
I just want to move on
But I can't until, I'm out of this city
318 · Jan 2016
Those eyes are so deep and remind me of hallucinations
so vast and soft, like a spiral trip
and the rims of your pupils are like the broken bottle
from which my alcohol dripped
318 · Oct 2015
I Am A Void
There is a hole in my story
Filled with empty space
This endless Galaxy
Burning straight through my brain
How can I be empty
But everlastingly vast
These brilliant stars set me aflame as they pass
And as my skin turns to ash
My soul begins to freeze
And, instantly, in a flash
I am staring into a mirror
That doesn't reflect me
I am nothing but a void in this slot of time
Just substance taking up space
just existing, never alive.
315 · Nov 2016
This great pain that hovers over my head,
that rings in my ears and has me hanging by a thread,
dares not cease until i have gone;
until the sun stops rising at what could be dawn
when what was once dust becomes dust once more,
and when what was once locked becomes an open door,
I will be free from such mortal anguish,
and on such a foul earth i will no longer languish
oh, how i cannot wait for the day
that all the voices in my head go away
313 · Oct 2015
October 4th
Twigs crunch and crinkle under my feet
as i walk along this straight side line
the wind blows and moves the leaves like frightened rabbits rushing along the grass
i can hear the faint, rough, slide of car tires against the roads asphalt
i inhale and breathe out this calming cool air
this is autumn
this is the fall of leaves on my hopes and dreams
the blow of wind against my life about to begin
and the quiet stroll along the road to my happiness
303 · Nov 2015
she is gone
dead, like the trees
so is my innocence
and everything that defines me
I've indulged in another addiction
it brought me pleasure as another self infliction
I'm paving my path with experiences and faults
and my vehicle is constantly coming to a halt
but the ride is comfy, warm like liquor
smooth like smoke, and makes my heart race quicker
i am gone
dead, like her soul
forever drifting
dreading the day i become old
301 · Sep 2015
Little Bitch
He used to caress my skin as his lips brushed my neck
But now all he wants is my mouth on his d----
He pulls my hair, never for my pleasure
Calls me his little *****
And hits me when I quiver
What am I to him?
Just a hole to fill
This feeling within, is like the urge to ****
But, my soul walks with God
And my arms are much too weak
If I wanted him dead, the chances would be bleak
I need to find a way, a way to be free
But the *** is an anchor that is drowning me
I'm tied to him, because blackmail comes in picture form
The anger inside of me, is brewing like a thunderstorm
299 · Oct 2015
Do you ever just think about
How messed up this world is,
And how patient its creator must be
To continue this, but we will never see
How much we take for granted,
We are parasites to this floating rock of water and life
But we are only human, and when it comes to taking
We are always ready for another slice, even when the bread is still baking
298 · Sep 2015
Isn't the city beautiful?
its perfect from the view i'm at
leaning over the edge of this building, with the wind blowing against the sides of my back
the ground looks so far away, its covered in people
like waves they sway
endlessly flowing, never really going anywhere but past
its amazing how fragile we are
we fall and shatter like glass
we must have our balance
or our lives could slip
we'd end up in a hospital bed, listening to the IV drip
if i fell from this height, into the water of those peoples lives
i would be but a rock, crashing into the waves
it would cause a sudden panic then their notice would just
float away
293 · Sep 2015
Thoughts In The Window
All the butterflies are
And I'm left here alone, by myself to move
I've been feeling less magical
Less up, and I'm feeling radical
Every breath feels slow
Searching for this thing that I will never know,
I want to feel something
Or maybe just nothing
Tell me, what do you do with yourself
When no one wants anything to do with you?
How am I supposed to feel
When I feel like I've got everything to lose?
288 · Oct 2015
Swimming In The Sky
I feel alone
even though, i am surrounded
i feel neglected
but no one will listen
these circus lights glisten
as i spin around and around
this ferris wheel is like my brain
my mind spins, it slowly rotates
and even though
it is slow,
it is maddening
to feel such repetition
such a binding contrition
i feel so disconnected
so unplugged
turned off, shut down
and dead because
im flying high under the ground
with no light, no sound
281 · Sep 2015
Glass Diamond
You're as fake as glass diamonds
You once pulled me in with your beauty and charm
But lately I've been finding, that I don't want to be the ***** on your arm,
Always needing to be pet, and always begging to be fed
I'm not your **** toy, you were never a good boy
So why should I listen?
Just to see your glass glisten?
Yes, it's quite lovely, but not the real thing
I hope when you read this, your heart begins to sting
Knowing that I love you, but hate your company
How the hell am I supposed to feel when you've got your hands on me?
You apologize, while you beat me senseless
You take it all back, while choking me helpless
You throw a punch with your left hand
Your wedding ring crashing into my cheek
This type of thing I cannot stand, you promised forever is how long you'd be loving me
Oh, shining fools gold
How does it feel to have me locked away?
You want to be real so bad, that you capture the real thing
And when it tries to leave, you cannot understand or begin to see
Why a sugar crystal cannot belong to me
I want a love thats real, not all bells and lights
Not based on kisses or your unconquerable *** drive
I want a diamond, all crooked and imperfect
Not someone pretending to be flawless and gorgeous
You were a glass diamond, that got a showcase in my museum
I thought you were genuine, but you're just good at Disquises
But your true color shows when light reflects as the sun rises.
278 · Oct 2015
Can you hear me as i am breathing
such an emotion
broken, like the moon
i am discovered and have never been nurtured
i have never made good choices
even here, listening to the voices
inhaling these chemicals
and not confiding in these evangelicals
just kiss me, and take my poison
and as i manipulate
you will not just stipulate
never loving me
no one ever wanting to see
i am not crazy, just a bit bizarre
and to this ongoing hell
the end is very far
273 · Feb 2016
Attention Whore
Having secrets that cannot be told
Because my entire life is based on them
I am fools gold
Men call me a catch
But I am no gem
I cannot tell the truth
With the fear of losing them
272 · Sep 2015
Pretty little flower
all soft and bright
smooth curved petals flowing so lightly
perfect little bud safe when closed at night
but such a delicate daisy isn't good at fighting
and when the great big storm rolled in
this soft little flower didn't have a strong enough stem
her roots were torn out, and her leaves all fell
sending this tiger lily right down to hell
270 · Sep 2015
Burnt Out Heart
You were an ember of passion that fell out of place
That landed on ambition, and quickly caught flame
You vastly spread your high rising fire
Until you caught me with your burning desire
there was no trace of concupiscence,
But your infatuation was wrongly placed
You began to act with belligerence
When I told you I can't feel the same way
Now you're attached and your fire won't be put out
Only when I beg, and cry on the ground
You beg me to stay with a gun to my head
My options are stay or leave by death
I'm left feeling pugnacious,
Because I ******* hate this
I was once a gentle person who could never feel animosity,
Now I am broke under the weight that binds me
Let me go, chill this heat
Lower your flame and stop engulfing me
269 · Dec 2015
Rape Me
He got up and said only one thing
a sentence spoke with no love
only hate
while i cried on the ground
unable to orate
he looked at me with hollow eyes,
as i bled on myself
and continued to cry
he uttered those words with a bitter tongue
as i wiped my tears
he said
"you done?"
260 · Feb 2016
How am I expected to be okay
When you all tell me that there's something wrong with me?
How do i look for a solution,
When the problem in itself is blinding?
I'm stuck on the inside with no key
I can't open this door alone
So I guess, I'll never be free.
257 · Oct 2015
Bright lights, autumn moon
Spinning circles and lively tunes
In this beautiful wonderland
Of rides and games
I can see though it all
To the pride and shame
Under these rollercoasters, tucked under the tape
Is the fading memory of some girls ****
Such a lovely place, turned into a hell
While everyone plays around, she screams for help
And in these game booths, are pits of lies
Con artists with cunning eyes
They don't just deal cards
They've got liquor at hand
And they won't be afraid to sell it by the can
It's crazy how in such a wonderful world
It isn't even safe to be a girl
All the majestic things that fill our cave
Hide only the monsters we choose to evade
256 · Feb 2016
Every rejection falls on me like a tree collapsing to the ground
eventually i just hang my shoulders, giving up
and the only expression i can manage is an uncontrollable frown
how do i react to being thrown away?
like a **** uncut, missed by the mower
stuck here to sway
every beating or threat
hangs like a storm over my head
how do i breathe when hate and disgust is the only air around me
and how to i search when a cloth of greed is all i see
like a ticking time bomb shut down by a **** switch
I'm still ready to explode with no room to burst in
anger and a feeling of abandonment soaks up in my heart
making it heavy, and hard to start
so it just sits in a hollowed out cave
which is my chest
with no one to save it or let it feel caressed
i feel out of place
like an unfitting puzzle piece
but injected with hate
by all the people who left me
undeserving or apparently just not liked
a mothers love should be given without a fight
255 · Dec 2015
I'm leaving again
moving to a new place,
away from my friends and the love i thought i'd chase
but this is what life wants and even though it hurts,
the show must go on and i must
make it work
254 · Mar 2016
Dream Catchers
All these dream catchers over my head as I sleep
And still
Nightmares run free as I lay in my bed
Trying not to scream
And feel so weak
251 · Oct 2016
Group Effort
I don't want to be apart of the human race,
our heads are getting too big for such a small space,
our souls are lost now, never to be saved
because none of us deserve sanctuary if we are all still depraved
250 · Sep 2015
Do you like our fancy clothes?
and the way we carry ourselves...
just wait until the catwalk ends
and you go home, along with your friends
our makeup melts away
and our clothes catch flame
its the perfect ******* horror story
mom takes out her flask
and dad keeps trying to ask,
whats with you today?
brother gets locked away, like some kind of animal
and the sick part is
its his own **** decision...
camera flash
strike a pose
we're the perfect family
we don't really have cash
but you aren't supposed to know
with our make up caked on
and our fake diamonds
pretending to be strong
but we're always lying
i'm no better
i pretend not to care
but my doll face is cracking
and you cant help but to stare
245 · Oct 2016
Stay Forever
Come now, here
where the noise of the world cannot reach your ears
rest now, with me
so that I may soothe your pain and ease your worry
feel my heart, like a drum it beats
and it's rhythm is all for you,
listen now, dont just see
that if you were gone, I'd know not what to do
244 · Oct 2016
I like this
I love these,
small capsules of joy,
little tablets of dopamine
my sense of wonder is a chemical
without it, my mood would be somewhat epidemical
like a leash on an animal and a lock on a door,
they're here for a reason, so i must get
I'm still here full of hate
But a young lady can't be in that kind of state
And I'm ready to call 'check mate'
Because these feelings have got me cornered and I'm about to break

It's not proper to fill your lungs with any type of smoke
I thought
As the clouds stung
And I began to choke

But being proper is a mainstream way of thought
If my personality was fake and could be bought
I would be nothing but an assembly lines product

You cannot define who I am
With a dollar bill
Or your tainted Uncle Sam
Who has grown so ill

I hear that they've made Bluetooth light bulbs
It's funny, like an idea in your head can connect to your phone

But, I am of one mind
And it is my own
I will not be dependent on this iPhone

My fun will not end when the battery runs out
Or have a limit on my volume for how loud,
My thoughts may scream,

This is who 'I' am
Who God has created me to be
241 · Dec 2015
All Mixed Up
All switched around
and all mixed up,
my head is spinning
and my heart is ******
i thought i knew what i wanted and from who
but my so sure heart, exploded
when i saw you....
240 · Oct 2015
My New Addiction?
He doesn't love me, but how does he feel?
i know i cant see things that aren't real
but i can emote, emotions that are fake
hard to realize and easy to break
i'm not sure if he wants me still, or if it was a one time thing
but, trust me when i say I've had my fill, when it comes to being just a fling
240 · Jan 2016
Be My Love
If you'll be my color I'll be your canvas
If you can be my island, we can be stranded
If you'll accept my love and return the favor
I'll give my affection in every flavor
237 · Dec 2015
Tuesday Doesn't Exist
I'm strong all year
i try to be everyone's friend
but today i feel like nothing will be good again
Tuesday doesn't exist, its just a slot in time
it belongs to your soul now,
the only true love I'll never find
your heart was good,
but your actions were dumb
you, stupid girl
why did you have to leave me here
to grown old alone and numb?
Tuesday doesn't exist
because you don't either
if i can't have one, i want neither
you're in a box
your skin is ash
you're made of powder and all questions asked
i kissed you goodbye
your skin was cold, you were a child once but now that memory's old
goodbye, my love
my idol
my friend,
i'll give you what i promised when i see you again
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