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This great pain that hovers over my head,
that rings in my ears and has me hanging by a thread,
dares not cease until i have gone;
until the sun stops rising at what could be dawn
when what was once dust becomes dust once more,
and when what was once locked becomes an open door,
I will be free from such mortal anguish,
and on such a foul earth i will no longer languish
oh, how i cannot wait for the day
that all the voices in my head go away
Come now, here
where the noise of the world cannot reach your ears
rest now, with me
so that I may soothe your pain and ease your worry
feel my heart, like a drum it beats
and it's rhythm is all for you,
listen now, dont just see
that if you were gone, I'd know not what to do
I don't want to be apart of the human race,
our heads are getting too big for such a small space,
our souls are lost now, never to be saved
because none of us deserve sanctuary if we are all still depraved
I like this
I love these,
small capsules of joy,
little tablets of dopamine
my sense of wonder is a chemical
without it, my mood would be somewhat epidemical
like a leash on an animal and a lock on a door,
they're here for a reason, so i must get
I can swim across a pond or the entire sea,
I can do all that is done onto me
I could run for miles or at least a yard
write a whole book or a ****** greeting card,
I could kick *** or have mine handed to me
I could make a buisness or own three
I am human, this is true
but i am great, and so are you
we may be mortal, but we are not grounded
the rules have been set but never bounded
I feel like its not finished...tell me what you all think:)
Wrap your failures around my throat
Use my body to keep yours afloat
Take my eyes so that you may see,
That I'd do anything you'd ask of me
Instead of swinging, she rocked side to side
And instead of sleeping, she stayed up all night
Being alone can make you think
And your brain is an ocean
In which, you sink
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