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If you'll be my color I'll be your canvas
If you can be my island, we can be stranded
If you'll accept my love and return the favor
I'll give my affection in every flavor
Those eyes are so deep and remind me of hallucinations
so vast and soft, like a spiral trip
and the rims of your pupils are like the broken bottle
from which my alcohol dripped
I'm still here full of hate
But a young lady can't be in that kind of state
And I'm ready to call 'check mate'
Because these feelings have got me cornered and I'm about to break

It's not proper to fill your lungs with any type of smoke
I thought
As the clouds stung
And I began to choke

But being proper is a mainstream way of thought
If my personality was fake and could be bought
I would be nothing but an assembly lines product

You cannot define who I am
With a dollar bill
Or your tainted Uncle Sam
Who has grown so ill

I hear that they've made Bluetooth light bulbs
It's funny, like an idea in your head can connect to your phone

But, I am of one mind
And it is my own
I will not be dependent on this iPhone

My fun will not end when the battery runs out
Or have a limit on my volume for how loud,
My thoughts may scream,

This is who 'I' am
Who God has created me to be
Hes my favorite song to sing
that means hes above these things
and hes brighter than me yet just as seen

Hes got eyes like coco
dark brown
and hes loco but keeps me sane
without his smoke smell i wouldn't be the same

oh baby, you shine
and ****, you're mine
all mine
i ain't sharing one inch of that bronze skin
because letting this angel go should be a sin

my religious baby
so sweet and connected
completely patient

you keep my fire burning
and these wheels turning
sweet darling of mine
i do believe we're wasting time
lets go out and explore
be my diamond forevermore

oh ****, that smile gives me butterflies
and holy hell my baby's style is another reason why

hes mine

that's right
all mine,
and my baby loves me too
i do assume
sugar darling, baby what would i do without you?
I'm not sure when everything slowed down,
I blacked out for a second under this smoke cloud
And when I opened up my eyes
My chest felt tight
Something was wrong on this calm quite night
I saw you against my skin
Without my knowledge
Without permission
I attempted to scream but someone else grabbed me
It was in this moment, that I could not see
Only feel and the pain was everlasting
In my heart and of course physically
Have you ever felt so torn
That maybe this was all you were for?
i kicked and flailed but to no avail
I tossed and turned
Attempting to wake
When my eyes ripped open
That was all I could take
I sobbed until my face was soaked
This memory haunts my sleep with its cloak
What do I do when nothing's to keep?
Not even a young girls virginity...
How should I feel when I'm so torn up
When my nights are accompanied by a rapists touch
It's alright, I don't want pitty
I just want to move on
But I can't until, I'm out of this city
  Jan 2016 Anastasia Anderson
I used to keep my heart on my sleeve
so naive and easily deceived
any lie told to me, I would believe
my mind fought what my heart perceived

trying to find all of the right signs
I hid my heart and tried my mind
then within those dark confines
I've come to find that my heart was blind
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