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Amy Snow Jun 2015
It gets better, it gets better I hear them say
As I curl up in a corner wishing for this to end.
Keep it together, everything will be alright
I say to myself as grief and sorrow hold me tight.
You've come so far, don't give up now
I hear the whispers in my head screaming so loud.
Help, help I scream in the darkness as I drown
Waiting for help to be found.
I feel the warm touch of the light
And I see it clear as the day like a blind person who has been granted sight.
My skin starts to tear apart a loud noise sounding from a far
They're no longer screams but the beating of my heart.
I stand up from the corner and Toward the mirror my walking began.
As soon as I see the reflexion i begin to cry
There's a beautiful woman at the other side.
This is me, this is who I am
And for all those like me I will forever stand.
Amy Snow Nov 2014
Walking on a road,leading no where were it feels like home.

Home for the sick at heart.
Home for the weakened ones.
Home for the ones who struggle but end up falling apart.

Home for the rejected.
Home for the neglected.
Home for those who's vein,with pain,have been injected.

Home for those who's heart ache.
Home for those who's skin are marked by their mistakes.
Home for those who's scar never heals but bleeds instead.
Amy Snow Oct 2014
They destroyed all that once I've build with word more powerfull I am weak fragile as a glass my heart is oh how it hurts,but you just stare gawking from a far

I want to die don't you understand that what I live is a lie? this skin suffocates me i want to be the beloved bride but this wall between me and you keeps us aside i fight as hard as i can with this wall but it appears to be getting stronger Oh how it hurt As I lay and die
Amy Snow Sep 2014
My dear dreadful wife who's dead
Whom tonight lies with me on bed

Don't hold a grudge against me
I swear I didn't push my gliding blade against thee.

It wasn't I who made you bleed
Wouldn you kindly just leave?

Your face is rotten and mangled
This is dosturbing me.
Amy Snow Jul 2014
Sadness slowly eats my soul as I sit and stare admiring what I haven't reached yet
Sorrow tries to take over me i break down on my knees praying for You to take me in your arms while darkness falls

The darkness that keeps me around this walls
Desperation,I gasp for air and struggle for my life while everyone around me breathes without any effort

Sometimes At night while the city sleeps i cry even in my dreams,but not tonight,tonight i sleep in your arms feeling how  my life slips away tonight you'll promise you'll stay

My charming prince hold me tonight in a place that no soul can find over our heads only the moon and Sky
Hold me tight in this cold and eerie night hold me and promise you'll love me
Amy Snow Jun 2014
Inside of each and one of us there are two wolves

One is evil he is the anger that pierce through your heart like a Dagger It is the envy that gets to you when you see your neighbor riding a bentley It is sorrow that is as sorry as this heart that I borrow Is this Regret that gets powerfull the older you get because you feed it It is greed of getting better things that you wouldn't think twice about making an evil deed It is the Arrogance that smacks you in the forehead leaving you in a trance It is hate that devours your soul as it leads you to a nasty fate
Amy Snow Jun 2014
World in this days is always about pretending they pretend they know you and they judge you  you pretend not to care you lie to your self and you say it will be okay
But reality is you are alone your friends don't care about you they pretend they do but you know they don't you pretend to smile while deep down your soul you are shattered and your heart its broken  Everyday You put your I PRETEND MY LIFE IS PERFECT mask so no one would ask because you know if they ask if you are ok and say they are worried they lie
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