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Amanda Mary Rose Sep 2010
Once I was told to look within my chest
Imagine Romance, allowing it to stand
Respire life, preforming it at best
To paint it with a gentle hand
Twas from longing love's command
Of this which I best understand
Amanda Mary Rose Sep 2010
it is not so much that i forgive
those cotton candy memories
of sun,
ice cream
national primary elections
we'd never vote upon.
these are the sharpie drawings
in my mind
Mr.Clean himself cannot expunge
those storm clouds,
they might as well be just that
swept away by the wind
the weather is never a constant
so should i worry
over the summer storms
Copyright: Amanda Mary Rose
Amanda Mary Rose May 2010
Im back
a picture's worth a thousand words
so seeing is saying
thus Saying is Believing

So I'm saying it and trusting in it
Im back
you no longer make me sad
hold me back
press me down
a heart suffocating the lungs
role reversal

now I can **** in all the smog my body needs
find my new evil
and use it up

because now
I have a few new tricks up my sleeve
so this time
instead of begging and self pity
this one is a THANK  YOU

Heres to
Not responding to my sarcastic pleas
No longer peeping into the windows of my soul
Teaching me to love myself

Teaching my to love who I become
When I realize that I broke free
Left this labyrinth
Made all the wrong turns that we all have to make

This girl
Is now brand new
Shiny and Waxed like that used sedan

So Thank You
No Jagged Feelings
this is a super scrambled ramblin
Amanda Mary Rose Apr 2010
it is brown
living deep underneath the soil
hiding from the sun
as it sprouts eyes in my drawer
trying to see exactly why we dug it up
why we choose to eat it
it wonders
a entry
Amanda Mary Rose Apr 2010
looking for the door
the lever to push
the ropes to pull
open sesame
we are still here
until we choose to think our way out of the box
out of this box
here we will remain
in this
a entry
Amanda Mary Rose Apr 2010
Thou Shalt Not
From Where You Are
Scooping Low
To His Ankles With Elastic
Cold 'nd Sweet
Back Into Bed
Pink Hands Palms Up

Daughter, School Teacher
In His Dream
Smiling and Knitting
Weeping Like a Funeral
Deep in the Backyard

Walks Fourteen Miles to Deliver the Post
Raw as an Onion
But Kissed Her Never Again
My favorite lines the Voice and Speech class at Boston Conservatory  =]
Amanda Mary Rose Apr 2010
There I was, in the shower
Rubbing conditioner through my cropped hair
A flashback to warmer weather
Sunny days with verdant grass.

The sisters played sports together
So did we that day
I failed at passes to you,
But I was always sure to make a few at you.

Pastachio we read
Misspelled above the rocky road,
We read and re read
Flavors and each other.

What if I told you that on that day,
I loved you.
Just as much as the cappuccino chip ice cream
Melting all over my hand
You don’t like coffee.
You probably wouldn’t understand

And here’s another sunny day,
The grass still green
The breeze still warm

Throwing ***** from the hill
In those jeans you loved
Count to ten
Highs and lows
We were so close to a perfect score

Then we came in for a quick nap
You would play your games soon
I read sci-fi
You fell asleep
Inside the crook of my arm.

Time to wake up sleepy head.
Off you go,
Get out of bed.
Who would predict
Such an end.
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