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Amanda Blomquist Oct 2015
Infinite dream waves rippling out spinal fluid.
  Slipping slowly from reality, the fallacies.
My insecurities beating me repeatedly.
  Filtering endlessly through my integrity.
I close my eyes so I can see.
  I'm lost within this waking dream.

Spatial relations; fading and dissipating.
  Consciously participating.

Space realms flood view.
Same colors, changed hues.
Switches views, new clues.

I navigate mental pathways and imagined dreamscapes
I'm looking straight into the eyes on the unknown.
Amanda Blomquist Apr 2014
Rhythmic low tones drown out the subtle thought matter that has flooded this present moment into a stagnate puddle of -what-if's- and -what-could be's-

I swim the shallow seas in search of a lurking ego.
To view its enormity in its natural setting, to find the beast and set it free.

Sticky, murky souls, collected on the brim of my understanding, Weighing down the high levels achieved.
Their heady waters blur my envisioned light love, Blinding me entirely.

Feeding my energetic needs through heavily worded ramblings
        and third eye openings.
I dive deeper into internal dwellings,
A cognitive repositioning of what is just beyond my understanding.

My being.
My everything that is and could potentially be.
From the darkest crevasses and deepest catacombs.
To the most elevated ramblings and soft spoken prayers to weeping willow trees.
I am everything, and it is all free.
Amanda Blomquist Apr 2014
Moonlight love bliss.
Resist and exist with Luna's lips.

Deception drips.
Safe ships.
Broken harbors.
They faulter.

Kneeling at the altar,
Deciphering the water,
Making promises to those in which are offered.
It all hits,
Tripped up when the bass kicks.

Lunar eclipse expelling ancestral scripts.
Ethereal lit.
Stripped **** and consumed,
Naturally attuned.
Breathing in changes like phases of the moon.

It's assumed,
That this is the awakening.
Listening intently to what the world is whispering.
Noticing openly that we are just visiting.

Actively defining open eyes with ancient ties.
Downloading forgotten advice
     from fireflies and stardust littered skies,
Scattered on the reprise.
Amanda Blomquist Apr 2014
Standing, surrendering.        The weather tethers at my veins.
     Pushing.   Pulling.    My emotions run high with the hopes of a new sunrise.

     Guide me, show me, lead me to the holy water you sip like its never ending.
     Show me the truth behind every iris that passes my curious glance.
          Breathe in the discomfort.

     Seeking direction in the wake of misdirected affection.
                                                     Faulting to the backbone of habits.

     Falling faster, I pause in the balance catching my breathe.
                                         I inhale everything surrounding my mind.
                         Exhaling all my simple poisons.
     A detox of wandering souls  and self control

     Fill me. Fulfill me.
     Accept the darkest crevasses of my being

     Drifting aimlessly into the empty serenity you present so pleasantly.
              Once again I slide further from comfort and balance...
                     Feeding off any sense of insecurity.
                            Craving that whole duality of my progress

           I keep treading the muddy waters I choose.
     My body gets trapped in the sticky egos and messy misunderstandings.

     I'll schlep the dirt from my soul and shine light once more.
            Exhausted and tried, Ill shine...

     Im lost in my own lost hope of withering dreams and lost star seeds.
            I fall away in every cold shake I make within whiskey's withdrawal.
                 Fading in the simple staggers I make and unfulfilled chances I take.

     But, not all is lost.
     I still keep this little light of mine.
     I still let this light shine.

     I'm just a little more aware of the spaces it awakens and the souls it helps take in.
          It's ever shifting in this cosmic wake, it hides, it shies, it cries.
                    Like me, it knows when to pipe the **** down and listen to the world.
        Listen to everything it allows.

     It hears souls like you.
                                 It feeds me
Amanda Blomquist Aug 2013
Reconnecting broken ties,
mending the misleading lies I spoke.
I awoke to the harsh reality.
My reckless mentality carved out the space you use to hold.
It was my addiction to control, I wanted you.
I had you in my view, my crosshairs closed in on your heartstrings,
I could feel the rhythm of your being pressed against my isolation.
Here in desolation I dream of what we were,
a loving transfer of thought patterns and soft skin.
To begin again. Another position in time and space.
Mentally I trace the contours of your face with blinded intentions.

I'll always wait for you long after I push away.
Moonlight come bend me and twist me once more.
I miss your entirety.
You need to leave.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
Hot Flash.
Cold Sweat.
  Slight Breeze.
  Quivering Knees.
Late Night.
Can't Sleep.
    Mind Races.
    Heart Paces.
Eyes Burn.
Muscles Ache.
      Head Pounds.
      Slight Sounds.
Night life.
        So Weak.
        Can't Speak.
Light Headed.
Feeling Dizzy.
          Eyes Shut.
          Clean Cut.
Body Tingles.
Mind Blanks.

            Crying Eyes.
Amanda Blomquist Jul 2013
There is light beyond this flesh.
Atoms, molecules, and stardust float freely through my veins.
Just another girl, another day.
There is more within my eyes than just the color they retain.
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