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Aug 2013
Reconnecting broken ties,
mending the misleading lies I spoke.
I awoke to the harsh reality.
My reckless mentality carved out the space you use to hold.
It was my addiction to control, I wanted you.
I had you in my view, my crosshairs closed in on your heartstrings,
I could feel the rhythm of your being pressed against my isolation.
Here in desolation I dream of what we were,
a loving transfer of thought patterns and soft skin.
To begin again. Another position in time and space.
Mentally I trace the contours of your face with blinded intentions.

I'll always wait for you long after I push away.
Moonlight come bend me and twist me once more.
I miss your entirety.
You need to leave.
Amanda Blomquist
Written by
Amanda Blomquist
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