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Look down this street
With only a handful of houses
And my eyes land on 2880

It's a weird number considering
There aren't that many feet
On the street. Oh how my
Feet loved that street.

But weird is apt; we had
A weird love like a praying mantis.
Only I'm unsure who fed on whom.

We fed each other.
With lies and love we gorged ourselves
And then came back for more.

I ate you every night,
But never really got full.
Parasite or symbiote: it's a fine line.

Fine was good for a while
Like ramen in college
You got me through.

Your dogs were my dessert
And I spooned you all the
Sweetness I could muster.

But it was still under-saturated
I'm sure. 2880 made me
Mrs. Child feeding you my love.

But we both share dissordered eating.
Wanting more than we'll take or give
A car ride with only a hand held.

I guess going back for seconds was a bad idea
But I really loved the buffet.
You're moving on, and staying put when

I can't stand still except to sit
Outside 2880 is where I tell myself
I'll quit going back for more.

Guilty glutton; it's what I am.
I don't know when to stop.
I can't forget 2880.

I don't know how to end
Anything that I begin
Turns into a run-on when I run in.

Cold turkey is the way to go
Grandma did it, but she had more
To lose more to love and less
Time to love it.

I was broken before 2880,
And managed to fix myself
While breaking your house

That I love. It's how
I do: break when enter.
Small bites are easier to swallow.
© Jake McKowen, 2010
 Sep 2010 Alice Summer
Kayla Lynn
I called out of work because I didn't feel well
Maybe it was the snuffles
Or the chills

Or maybe..
Maybe it was that thing you do to my stomach
The way it flips over and over again
When you say my name
Or flash a smile

I think back so frequently
Too frequently maybe

Remember when we were laughing on your couch together
Sitting dangerously close to one another
Then your mother came home
And you flew to the other side of the room
I still wonder why
You moved away
From me
So quickly

Were you embarrassed?
Did you want
Nothing to do with me?

Had you not realized
How close I was
To holding your hand

I think back

To when you watched the Superbowl at my house
And we snuck out
To the woods
You shared your flask with me
Blackberry brandy

How could I possibly forget?

I remember the way
That you looked at her
And how it slowly cut my heart open

It seems so long ago
That we tried
To build an igloo
In your back yard
And your mother
Called us crazy
And wished she could be

Young like us

But the memory that stands out most
Is when those words left your lips
"I'm just trying to cut
certain people out of my life."

It still stings

I remember every footstep
As I tried to escape
To another room
To another life
Just to let out a few tears


I can still taste the salty liquid
On my tongue
As you stood above me
Not apologizing
Not saying a word at all
You just stood there and watched me

Until I finally had enough strength
To tell you how I really felt
At that exact moment
"Get. The. ****. Out. Of. This. House."
I screamed through the sobs
And you listened

And it still stings

So now
Years. Months. Weeks. Hours. Minutes.
How are you still
Haunting my mind?

I see the horror in your eyes
The monster within

I see the track marks
And what they've done

I see the burnt bridges
And how alone you must be

I miss my best friend
So much that it breaks my heart
From time to time

Because I know
That underneath everything
You really are a great person

I don't know what you are so afraid of
But I can't do this


Because now I'm left wondering
If all we have in common

And it still stings

I called out of work today
Because I just couldn't handle
The thoughts swirling around
In my mind

Or maybe
Because I don't know
What I mean to you

Or maybe
Because I just wanted
A day
To recover
From those nights we spent
Doing things
That I'm still ashamed of

Or maybe
I really was just
Sick today

Sick of you
Sick of breaking
Sick of breathing
Sick to my stomach

I have to admit
My scratchy throat
Swings of nausea
Runny nose
And chattering teeth
Cannot compare to the


You put me through

But I've never called out of work
For you
Even though

It still stings
© September 2010 Sarah Lynn

— The End —