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Sep 2010 · 424
Just counter reality
Alice Summer Sep 2010
A love infinite
A far away dream
Very real
And dry tears
It is I and you
No one
The light
As red star
In the sky
On my own
Through you
Blue skies
Summer night
When actuality is far away, yet so close.
Sep 2010 · 715
Ditzy and dizzy
Alice Summer Sep 2010
He walks with me
He is so lost
And only the mad listen
And me

I, he and the noise
We come into one
The best
Beautiful noise

The black on blue
The stars and the light
He writes
His ink is blue

In a dream
He sleeps
And I am fully awake
A water dream

Where are we
And you
A diamond rose
A black sea

The flame in gray
Under the water
I burn
He loses his play

The next day
I lay in the sun
Thinking backwards
Just yesterday
About music and art.
Sep 2010 · 518
Alice Summer Sep 2010
The gray fades in the colours
And there I stand in misery
I want to fade from this
Into the life and colour I wished for
Everything I expected
I didn’t know what I was looking for
And I ended up
Somewhere I didn’t want to know
And now it’s too late
Everything has passed
And I missed everything I ever wanted
It’s long gone
And I’m stuck here
I want to go on
Not stay here
It is all too late
Way too late for me
Regret is a powerful emotion.
Sep 2010 · 516
Knowledge is a guess
Alice Summer Sep 2010
I need something
And I don’t know what I need
But I can guess

You see someone
But I don’t know who you see
When our eyes meet

I’ll tell it all
But I don’t know what I’ll tell
I hope you know
From a past chapter.

— The End —