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Swain Alexander Dec 2013
Yin(you) & Yang(me).
Considered writing long verses of love, hope this will suffice.

We are are moon and sun, moth to flame....
you are indeed my weakness.
You're the one, the only yin for my yang....
in no way are you negative.
We super charged connected, became one in all things.
All energies included, you're my everything.
You left, my heart sank then broke.
You called, I begged you to return to me.
Clothes with your body's **** scent, left behind,
feigning sleep, I used as my nightly pillow.
Ironic you writing poem saying you're a cat,
I'm highly amused, so cliche, gmta!
You Betty Ponder, are one free spirited cat....
you managed the impossible.
Years ago, you made my nose wide open,
with no possibility of that changing, in this life time.
Swain Alexander Dec 2013
How do I love thee?........first four words of one of your favorite sonnets.
I could never stop counting the ways or comparing thee to a summer's day.
Te amo bebe....Je t'aime nebe.....Ich liebe dich, baby.....all languages = same.
No duress here.....I choose to live life on a maybe you will or wont love again.
No duress.......I choose to love you and that would be nobody's business.
Goto Nordies, Sharper Images, etc.......any of your favorites to treat.  
Time for annual meeting Mr. Frustration......Pls accept what I'm happy to buy.
Any other lady would be chomping at the bit, thrilled, I'm using no limits cards.

Big surprise for you my Pet.........hope you like and there's no need to ship it.
It's a little something I bought just for me and you with thoughts of our future.
Bought matching wheel chairs so we can ride off into the sunset to Gray land.  
Ms. Betty Ponder, I adore and give you my heart.....I love you and always will.

If you choose to cast me aside.....history will most definitely repeat.......I go   
alone to same place I went the last time you walked out of my life.....
I'll take our happy memories......scent of your body and your perfume.....
sound of your laughter and **** voice forever recorded....visions of eyes...  
gazing up at me in deep passion.......and abundant qualities that make
you my only unforgettable shorty and gorgeous Ms. Betty Ponder.
Swain Alexander Nov 2013
Up there as top of two best memories of my life.......Great day you fell into my arms.  
[Smiles]....You know without my posting what line one eludes to....[Winks & Smiles]  
Loved holding you close and hearing that soft unforgettable infectious laugh.
No shocker here......I loved my arms about you far longer than necessary.
You Pet......never kept me guessing about the s'happening in that beautiful mind.
Always was nice and refreshing never having to ask how you told me.
Well......minus when you stole away in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.
Understood after reading that note and your tearful call.....know you still loved me.
The most unforgettable day of my life was me putting calls on hold, us talking for hours
and you standing at your full lack of height looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes.
Forgot my own name when smiling you asked me to picnic in a park.....Could not refuse!!!
There's nothing sexier than getting an invite anywhere from confident lady you Betty.
I remember the place, the time, what you wearing and every detail of that day we met.
It's impossible for any man to forget anything about the lady he once and still loves.
Swain Alexander Nov 2013
You were a newbie to a city and caught my eye when you stepped off the trolley.
Had to know **** lady all sailors and suits were falling all over each other to assist.
Call me your stalker, followed you as you stood there gazing like a child at H. Plaza.  
Needing to know my vision wasn't flawed had to pinch myself and Betty you were real.
Watching Ms. Betty Ponder's hips swaying taking that stage was a real treat for eyes.
Felt like the butcher and you walked only for me, no need to haggle you get it for free.
Best and proudest times for me was hearing you make all songs old and new great.
Loved singing along with you belting songs written before your time and tapping feet.
Looking in your gorgeous eyes I still see that special lady with all the qualities I desire.
Nobody can hide or extinguish that bright light that shines in you one whom I love.
I never needed to know where you came from but loved knowing where you were going.
You lovely Pet are a once in a lifetime enigma that most people can't begin to figure out.
Swain Alexander Oct 2013
Canvases.......layered on floor and ready to go. need we used your body parts.
Lighting........soft and turned dim then very low.
Ready willing and able to create works of art.
Waited with shallow breaths in deep anticipation.
Drew back curtain to expose my Nubian queen.
I was breathless as you stood before me naked.
Art creating will never be the same after that.  

Still thinking of all the memories we created Betty
and your smile and **** voice saying you loved me. : )
Swain Alexander Oct 2013
Big fun time with you was hearing you sing jingles,
walking next to you hand holding strolling b beach,
slowing my pace and letting you lovely shorty keep up.
Pleased at you stumbling in the dark into my arms,
smile on my face and arms warming you from cold.
Hearing you whisper my name when I kissed your lips,
holding your face and kissing you until you relax,
moment has come my love.....time to fade to black.

Memories never faded Pet. Liked that you weren't into wearing gobs of makeup and still aren't. (smiling here)I never had to clean makeup stains off my pillow cases. Love you and always will.
Swain Alexander Sep 2013
Memories of you will never fade, magnificent seductress and my runaway love.
I've been missing your unforgettable kisses and scented skin after perfumed baths.
Glimpse of you at first light of day, I remember sugary sweet nectar of you lips.
soft lips meant for kissing under moon's glow and that beautiful smile and laugh.
I adored making love to you under dark skies lit by friend pale moon's reflections.
Swish of you skirt close to my face, crumpled shirt leaves little to my imagination.
Shoulders half bare, cheeks flushed many shades of red that no crayola can match.   
Watching you and loving that look of heat and passion through half closed eyes.
Holding you close and never letting go in dreams that I've had since meeting you.
You stepped off that curb and fell in my arms that was when I knew love Betty.

You were and will always be a fetching temptress!
Ms. Betty Ponder, I can still make you blush.
Saved that crumpled skirt and it's in a safe place
along with all the Artistic Pictures. : )
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