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SirDlova Mar 2014
You brought the most adorable young baby girl,
We made the most beautiful daughter.
Listen to what I'm about to say,
It will be short,I won't make it longer.

I was there when your water broke.
I was there since the beginning,
Because I care
About the love we share.
It wasn't easy believe me
I remember the day you wanted to leave me
You were 7months pregnant
You called me names
Such as *******
So you had cravings and hormones
I'm sorry that time I never knew
That whole situation was new to me

I love you so much that sometimes it makes me cry
They say a man don't cry,that's a **** lie
I just love it when I make you smile :-)
I'd say "Phariri,pharoza,Noza"
Like our baby you'd smile :)
You are a mother,a sister to others
And a daughter to your parents,and to me..?


Will you Marry me?
SirDlova Mar 2014
No chapter
Its just page one
There's no Pastor
I'm the only one
No genesis,Mathew or Marko
Straight forward hair style like johnny bravo
I won't preach I'll just say what's on my mind
No time to hide
The truth or your self
Who said in heaven its white
Don't get me wrong I'm not racist
Who said in hell there's fire
Who said there's no fire fighters?
I wasn't born by mistake
I'm God
But you won't believe me
Cause I knew you before you were born
Don't believe what other people tell you
Close your eyes,and let your heart pump the questions
Listen to the beat of the truth

The answer is within you!
A Sunday is a normal day
SirDlova Mar 2014
I was walking and talking,alone,busy texting on my phone,until I got stopped by this random guy,I thought he wanted to rob me until he said "can I ask you something?"..if you could hear the sound of my heart beating like the drums beaten by a crazy rock star not far jus next to you,never the less I said yes you can..he asked me "can you please define the word Mother,for me"..I had a picture of my mom inside my mind that I couldn't hide I said ay..ahhm..ok,its a women,a she,the person who delivers,the one who cares and shares bed stories and laughter,the one who carried you and me for nine months.And I stoped,when I blinked,and he was gone..and I was left with the word got me thinking,maybe it is time for me to thank my mother for raising me till now,with no I went home with a smile on my face :) I was just going to tell my mom how much I love her and thank her for everything,but when I got home my granny was crying,my lil brother laying,I was still smilling.I asked my self 'what's happening?',granny asked me nicely to sit down..I did,nd I asked her where's my mother,she replied with her deep voice "with God..with God..with God"..tear drops started falling from my beautiful brown eyes wich I took from my mom..and granny said she left u a note..she gave it to me but before I opened it she said let's pray,by the time she was sayn "lord almighty" only got to me that she's reli gone..while she was praying I opened was written..Dear:Akhona I love you..the paper was damp of her tears..that was only wat she wrote..if u still have a mother,nor a father..tell them you love them before its too late,thank them before it gets so late,don't hate but love,don't fake ur love..I love u

Love Akhona
Story of my life(Novel)
SirDlova Mar 2014
When you love someone
You don't Believe the lies you hear about them
You don't bother asking
Because you believe that if you had to know anything,God would have showed you and gave you the way

Let me put it this way
Yes I'm not perfect,I'm not mr right
But when I love,I love.
This aint no fairytale
Stop saying "I love you" everyday
Just prove it in a way.
Show them you love them in million ways
You don't have to take them to dinner,buy them fancy clothes
If they love you,they'd love you for you

The Definition of Love:

It comes within,it blows your mind :-)
Love is that crazy little thing
That keeps on making you smile or cry
Hurt or healed
Crazy and sometimes lazy
Love is more like a tear,it grows in your eyes,go with the smile,go with the kiss and ends down on the floor

When you love someone,you really do
If she is the one,put a ring and make sure she says I do :-)
SirDlova Mar 2014
Cupid where are you?

You pointed an arrow into my heart and hit me straight to it,but you missed hers.
Its like you took a knife and stabbed me into pieces,does she even miss me?
Love is no more

The bible says: knock,they shall open
Ask,they shall give.
Where is all of that in this life we live.
Can't you see we are dreaming
Well I've been thinking
Why can't we all be single
Cause Love is no more.

Are you willing to get hurt for a guy that will leave you for another woman
Or are you willing to lose your wife to a guy that cleans your garden.
What happened to the dreams we had of growing old together
Having a baby girl that we gona name Hazel
What happened to the dreams of buying and big house and I know you don't like leather,you allergic to Nut,your favourite colour is Red
You scared of the dark
****..I thought you cared
But you really gave up on everything we had
I guess this is thee End

Love is no more..
SirDlova Mar 2014
You claim that you love me but you only making me your fool
You said I'm forever yours but all you meant was for aslong as you can
Lying to people and say we ok won't make you cool
Let's call it off before anyone gets hurt
I'm already hurt but I won't show
I'm always alone no one to hold
Whether its raining,sunny or cold
My heart is cold as a snow
My lips are dry,kiss has turned to an allergy for me
My trust,love and care are no were to be found
Will I ever love again?I don't think so
Not as far as I know
Women are nothing but...women
They don't care
Most of them
All they care about is their make ups and glamorous look,tell me is that fair?
While I'm busy loving her with all my heart
She's busy braking other peoples heart
But its fine..I'm strong
If I cud ever see her again I would jus say "I loved you"..but that's past tense
I love u! I stil do
But hurting my self won't make u love me like I do..its over I guess
I wish u nothing else but success
No bruises
Please..take care xoxox
SirDlova Mar 2014
I was about to give up,
To tell my heart to slow down,
To not pump.
Cause my heart was lonely,that it couldn't beat alone.
Silent phone,no one to call me.
Untill I found you
Yes you
Your heart did not neglect me
Your smile shined upon me
Your love did not hide from me  
By the time your eyes met my eyes
My heart iced,I sow the light
Its been dark for a while now
You showed up,like the sunrise
I was blind,but I see now

You said hearts beat
Mine beats for you
I said I love you
You said "I love you too"
I asked my self "is it true"
If I'm dreaming,don't wake me up
Cause you showed me that you love me true.
Not false,I'm column A and you B
What will I be?
Without you
When I snezze
You say bless you
I'm already blessed,cause when I found you,I wasn't lucky..I Got Blessed!

They say never say never
I jus said never
And I'll never live you.
I'm yours,only yours,I'm with you.
And that's better.
I'll never let go
That I promise.
We may fight,cry,scream..still,I'll never let go.
Snow or no snow,I'm with you
You may grow old and walk slow,I won't let go.

I love you..because I love you
I love you for you,not for who you are,
Not for who I am..But for who we will be together! And that's Family :-)..Call me Goku and you Chichi
Love exist..Open your eyes
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