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SirDlova Mar 2014
I've wrote you love notes
We called our self titanic,the unsinkable boat
So together magnatic
But now we sinking
Well I've been thinking
Since you and I are no more
Don't think I'm weak,I'm strong
When you see my face I know you will act sick but I'm stil strong like neil amstrong riding 1000 km from east to west
Jesus walks ask kanye west
Now its my time
I don't hv time to rhyme,like sun I'm jus gona light and shine
I'm jus gona say what's on my mind
I ddnt love u from the 1st time
No iddnt use u,I chose u
Coz you were there when I cryd
But never there when I smiled
She was..yes I've been cheating but let's not call it that,I know its my bad call it loving
You,I didn't love u,I jus liked u
The way you cared even though you were faking it
The way you loved even thought u were making it
Tel me I'm bluffing
I was blind to see
Deaf to hear
The lies about you loving me
Now I'm jus gona stare,and watch u faking it to another man
Shame on him but to me,deuces!
Its called bruises after love
*** after using no gloves
Players play eachother..don't hate the player,hate the game
SirDlova Mar 2014
They say love don't die,
That's a lie.
They pretend and act as if everything is fine,
Meanwhile their heart beats beat with a new style of a cry..why hide?
Come don't u be shy.

From miles..I used to get a call from my wife,that I would even smile.

I even forget that she's so far.

Wouldn't you wonder what happens after those lovely calls?
Well she called,I answered and she wasn't calling on perpose.
That "redail" button got knocked by mistake
"Baby I prepered stake for supper"
And that's what I heard
I wonder what were the starters..I heard oooohs and aaaaaahs
I was so glad
Now that I know she was cheating.
Droped my fone and I turned on my stove
Cooked stake for supper,
Because it was also my favourate meat
And it was my twin brother that made my wife tapout..**** Piet!
Long relation"ships" are sinking
SirDlova Mar 2014
I sometimes wonder..
Don't hate me guys or think I'm gay
I am jus a guy like u,I'm a lover
But don't u sometimes reli wonder
What did women ever do to suffer this much?
We cheat on them
We beat them
Call them names
Its them we blame
Yeah you both had fun when you were at your place
But why must she be the one who carries a child on her womb for 9 consecutive months?
And you..
What do u carry?
Just your pride?
And then u expect them to say God is good
F#@k that!
Yes Eve was tricked in the Garden of Eden
To take a bite
But the first time you wanted a woman to take her ******* off for you,didn't she say "No!"?
She did,
So as Eve.
That's what she said when the serpent tricked her,she got tempted,but stil said no,until it forced her.
So a man temps and gets away with his sin
God is taking sides right now
Don't you think sister?
You still have to get your period pains every month?
Now tell me what do men get every month?
Nothing..they just go out and drink cold beers
Colder than their hearts
If I was God..I was gona make men fall pregnant,make men ******* every month and oh give them that feeling of being insecure
To all women out there
I thank you:)
To me,you so **** special
This crazy planet is nothing without you
Your second name is "Strong"
SirDlova Mar 2014
What do you do when you sad?
Do you cry all day long or do you pretend,that nothing ever happened?
Do you switch off people just because you the one that's mad?
Let's say I'm the one that made you cry so bad
I'm the one to blame for soo sorry
For what I did and what I never did and what I'll do in future
With no intentions of committing it on purpose
We all make mistakes
We all deserve a second chance of cause
U say words like "u don't deserve me,u hurt me and I hate u"
I guess that's true
But what ever that we going through,I'm sure will get over it
I do deserve u,I love you its just that maybe I'm showing it in a strange way
I'm not perfect,I'm sure I do hurt you
For that I'm sorry
I know sorry won't fix anything now
A past is a past,lets focus on tomorrow
Since we aint living a fairytale
I can't bring you the moon
I can't cross the sea
I don't have money to buy u a sports car,to show that I'm cool
But I hope one day you will see
How sorry I am
That I'd even try to cross that sea
I never meant to hurt you,that's not who I am.

Forgive me!

— The End —