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7.9k · Apr 2016
In a smile
ajit peter Apr 2016
In a smile
A picture of heart in a smile be found
eyes glitter sparkling diamonds round
In a smile the past do fade
in a smile a world new be made
in troubles a smile like summer shade
in a smile enemies to friends made
in a smile of a child anger end
in a smile of love eternity to spend
in a smile of forgiveness God to find
in a smile death do change its mind
in a smile strangers a family to be
in a smile beauty in the old to see
in a smile wealth doth  lose its charm
in a smile winter be felt warm
in a smile humanity doth live
a smile a treasure valued by the heart that give
7.4k · Feb 2014
ajit peter Feb 2014
Death toll on the rise
pain and suffering none too wise
Tragedy in unexpected moment
disaster in life a torment
can the heart fanthom life
Doth life answer worldly strife
Past a history to write
future a clueless path to light
6.7k · Mar 2014
ajit peter Mar 2014
Strands of hair unruly way
Hair cut an adventure of the day
Scrolling through the models on book
pictures in mind to decide the look
Hair cut an adventure of the day
Through the times in a different way
young ones cry of the barbers scissor
A grim look of teen in the mirror
every hair cut in the heart a terror
Good or bad an haircut is an adventure
thinking of this in a saloon
6.4k · Sep 2015
in a smile
ajit peter Sep 2015
In a smile
A picture of heart in a smile be found
eyes glitter sparkling diamonds round
In a smile the past do fade
in a smile a world new be made
in troubles a smile like summer shade
in a smile enemies to friends made
in a smile of a child anger end
in a smile of love eternity to spend
in a smile of forgiveness God to find
in a smile death do change its mind
in a smile strangers a family to be
in a smile beauty in the old to see
in a smile wealth doth  lose its charm
in a smile winter be felt warm
in a smile humanity doth live
a smile a treasure valued by the heart that give
5.6k · Mar 2015
bare feets on beach
ajit peter Mar 2015
Bare feet on beach
nature's love to reach
Sands caress the feet
Life's curing street

Bare feet on beach
Peace in heart doth teach
Nature's lessons to preach
Yet to humans doth it reach

Plastic bags tangle thy feet
Stench of waste nature's defeat
Broken glass dangers seat
Oh Tis life's defeat

Useless thrown to waste
Let not be in haste
For waste doth not fade in haste
Let Tis not be nature's fate
Inspired by true event every sunday I go for a walk in beach marina beach one of the longest beach in India let us keep it clean
5.0k · Aug 2016
Shackles of society
ajit peter Aug 2016
Yet to be born from womb
Society doth define our tomb
Birth be not our choice
Cry of a baby a defiance voice
A child to adult we grow
Shackles of society dulls our glow
Unknown path feared to take
Lost our dreams in society's wake
Compared to others in life
A rat race causing hearts strife
Abused are the weak
Blamed by natures freak
A neighbour better envied
An innocent in vanity deceived
Shackes cast by society's die
Hearts loving tears doth dry
Live to be just live to care
Shackles of society abhors to care
Begs he for food begs he for a life
Hated he for tis be his life
None to help none to care
Shackles of society prevents to share
The need of tomorrow today sought
Society's standards pains bought
A child to adult we grow
Seeking societies conformity to glow
The failed  looked below
The winners looked above
Scandals and gossip talk of the town
To the different ,society a mocking clown
Break free oh heart that rage
Let not thy passion held in cage
For long held by shackles as sage
Time to live thy dream written page

Break free with love not hate
Fear not to change thy fate
Them that laugh at thee may be
Jealous as they can't be thee

Shackles society doth hold
To the weak in vanity sold
Happiness and true heart it doth not hold
Break free thy story ever be told
3.2k · Apr 2014
cupids bow
ajit peter Apr 2014
In tis universe wide
In its unknown glide
from the cupids bow
stiriketh the arrow of love
eyes sparkled with tear
Uncertain in its fear
yet tis pleasure to melt
beating heart of love felt
striketh the arrow of love
from the cupids bow
2.2k · Aug 2015
a journey to the past
ajit peter Aug 2015
A journey to the past
My spirit felt restless in pain
In drowning fear,tis heart's dream be slain
Souls of Love in tis world found few
My joy melt like early morn due
laid in bed my eyes search for sleep
memories of hatred and hurt made me weep
pains of past refused to let go
A feeling lost, to the end a journey slow
My heart longed to reach the past
Holding hard the joy to last
Times in my dreams i cry for thee
Only to be waken by darkness around me
I cried for the past to let me go
I seeketh the answers in starlights distant glow
many a thoughts and mayhem in tis mind
Tis a curse to my loved ones I bind
Lost are they from tis life
Fate a thief of joy in disguise
Tis heart tormented like a stormy night
I take my steps a journey in past to find some light
Words of my friend bought peace to my heart
to seek the answer a journey to start
my bag with cloth and food. a whistle to start 
A beast on rails steaming hot,my time machine to the past
Seated by the window.Fading concrete to fields green
the breeze on my face a journey begin to my dream
My thoughts travell back to the days of my childhood
with my father walking through the wood
his voice of wisdom close with nature
Ever to linger in my dreams of the future
through the rice field the silver brook
pictured in my heart a printed book
the sound of men and women with fruits to sell
wake me up from the memories spell
My time machine a familiar sound metal on wheel
the window my theater to the world like a movie reel
times i fell back to my memories past
Till I saw the familiar station in memories to last
I pick my bag and my heart with joy to beat
Will I find my memory among the familiar aroma of sweet meat

The night in the inn my sleep lost in journeys pain
With the hope of day break my past to gain
The sun in the morn yet to shine its ray
I start to the bus stop  a familiar way
decades past since i laid my foot here
yet the ways to my field so fimiliar
I walk towards the gate changed to a different name
Yet the house and trees stood the same
I wait for times few searching to find a soul of past
with none in sight I turned my back time changes fast
A voice I heard , A dream or a memories trick yet loud and clear
An old and graying man in my memories vague yet walking near
with the name my father calls his old eyes searching my face
Cry not my child ,I knew not tears hath covered my eyes
The old gardener decades eight remembers me his old eyes bright
His stride as of young familiar clothes washed to white
He held my arm strong and sure led me through the garden with memories ever
The old house stood its ground faded paint memories a burning fever
We sat down in an old familiar place the old man spoke of days old
My dreams etched in this house my heart with joy untold

His tales carried on of my father and family his love to the land
Tales of fishing in the brook and pains of honey bee sting,a painted picture by a magic wand
Time stood still the young had moved to city with lights bright
Yet with time their hearts dimmed and the ways of old faded out of sight
The old bike gleamed in the sun In tis I learnt my first lesson to cycle
we ride it through the trees green to the brook on the edge of fields circle
With my legs in water My I felt as child the days past yet never lost
The old man with stories fresh changing masters and rising cost
The sun burned hot in the noon yet through the filed a breeze so cool
The sweet fragrance of lemon my spirits soar tis to leave I am a fool
Lunch in plantain leaf spicy dish with meat the old man a better cook
Served with love with a proud words tis the son of his lord a child of the brook
An hour of cycle ride to the mountain mother with her silver tress
A water fall painted with rainbow on the rock drizzling droplets sprayed my dress
Hours I stood under it watch full eyes of the old man to him iam just a child
We walked and talked among the natures path the mountains call me to beauty wild
The day end with the sun sinking low we ride back with a breeze to follow
We sat to watch the fireflies glow tis must be eden my happiness flow
The days tiredness ebbing with the local brew tis in earth a heavens part
In his words I felt his love, TIs garden after death his spirit his heart

I start to return to the inn in the fire light tear drops shine
He held my hand with a promise to ask to return back in my days fine
My heart wants to utter words million yet in silence I stared
Yet I took his hand with a promise to keep an oath sacred
To the spirit of my father Ill come there again 
A love of an old gardener in his memory my heart remain
I walk back to the inn my spirit with joy boundless
To my friend I spoke yet my words scarce with smiles countless
I slept with a lightened heart with dreams without pain
Tis old gardner his love for the land a memory of a child to gain
The new begin my heart longed to see the old man one more time 
yet the call of the world and promises in tis heart chime
Time to pack my bag to board the machine to present The green flag wave and a whistle sound
My heart refuse to leave my dreams found
The life of the old man strong decades eight
A heart of gold who won the time passing fight
My promise to return to the garden of my childhood 
My vision to share it with the unfortunate of tis world
My spirits in peace my eyes watching the window of nature
My heart hopes for my dreams of the future
2.2k · Mar 2014
angels cry
ajit peter Mar 2014
Times in pain dark clouds cover the sky

Fountains of heaven doth open when Angels cry

Emotions spent and tears to dry

Heavens thy pains bear and Angels Cry

The spirits of freedom seek to fly

Chained in tis world Angels Cry

Dreams of the heart to paint the sky

Hands tied to pain Angels Cry

Hunted souls birds without wings to fly

Felt in heaven Angels cry

Rage in the heart hatred fly

Love and peace Angels cry

Heaven to reach the hungers cry

Souls doth care Angels cry

Hearts of Love empty to dry

Showers to fill Angels cry

Hurt and pain Angels cry

Love and Joy Angels cry

Tears and smile Angels cry

For you and me Angels cay

The world to be one Angels Cry

To those in darkness Angels Cry

To those that Left Angels Cry

To the lonely souls Angels Cry

Love in the heart Angels cry

A hand to help Angels cry

To share and care Angels Cry

To bring the joy Angels Cry
2.1k · Jul 2016
The moon
ajit peter Jul 2016
in the darkest sky a silver glow
thoughts of time in memories to flow
day after day I watch it grow
till he fades in the times flow
yet in momentary darkness i await his glow
never to fail the silver light in times flow
1.9k · Sep 2016
missing you
ajit peter Sep 2016
Already missing you
Missing you
A morn without dew
Missing you
Without sunshine you
Missing you
Thoughts for you
Missing you
Heart beat without you
Missing you
Sun set grey hue
Missing you
Night breeze fail to blew
Missing you
Stars and moon without clue
Missing you
Day without you
1.9k · May 2016
Unfair life
ajit peter May 2016
Moments in life seldom fair
destiny to some unfair
luck to some coins toss
fate to some never to end loss
a few do bear the unfair pain
the rest doth await for spoils gain
vultures circle a dying prey
human life an unending grey
hurt were the innocent and simple
pains of time lines of old age wrinkle
where doth tis unfairness end
a few till grave in turmoil spend
poor and rich in life unfair
sickness and health in life unfair
many hath asked the question why
yet the answer elusive and shy
held in the heart truth despair
silent tears life unfair
1.8k · Mar 2014
ajit peter Mar 2014
Eyes of tis world seek the perfect
Precious gems imperfect
praised are the deeds perfect
yet creative genius imperfect
journey of life adore the perfect
Fool a brand for imperfect
Fortune and fame perfect
selfless acts imperfect
copy of success perfect
hearts different imperfect
seek ye to be perfect
beauty in souls imperfect
Perfection is a goal dimly perceived yet rarely attained author haley
let us enjoy our imperfections
1.7k · Jan 2015
heaven hell and earth
ajit peter Jan 2015
Knocked on heavens door
To know my life's score
A little  wild sins to hide
Towards hell sent to ride

Burning hell did I land
Devil himself shook my hand
Oh few good deeds I have done
Dreams of wild hell gone

Reality in earth woke me
Guess one more day I got be
Hell and heaven in earth found
Deeds good and bad circling around

Saint I am not
Bit of love I got
Heaven or hell I may land
Earth worthwhile each second hand
Just a dream as we sleep and wake another day
1.6k · Dec 2015
Dear hp friends
ajit peter Dec 2015
Missing in words
Due to floods in chennai India
I do thank God that we are safe

This disaster did thought me a valuable lesson

Money is not everything
Words and action of words
1.5k · Jul 2014
love of a rhyme
ajit peter Jul 2014
To love a rhyme
a rhythm divine
to love a rhyme
A poets wine
to love a rhyme
words doth entwine
to love a rhyme
hearts luxury crime
to love a rhyme
passion of mine
1.5k · Feb 2017
Turning 40
ajit peter Feb 2017
One more spin around the sun
Time flew as ages run
Come tomorrow time not to borrow
Hope smile prevail ending sorrow
Remembered by facebook day
Just another friend on the way
I need not a gift
Love be the only gift
Turning 40 tomorrow
My wish let one day god ends everyone's sorrow
1.4k · Mar 2015
women's day
ajit peter Mar 2015
To humanity ever a part
Till eternity never apart
A mother a wife a sister
An aunt a cousin a friend
A niece and a daughter
Women in life a part
Happy women's day
1.3k · Jun 2014
ajit peter Jun 2014
I had seen this
A dream
Now I feel this
reality of the dream
was my dream true
or I see future without clue
ajit peter Oct 2016
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.  - Bob Dylan
To Bob Dylan
1.2k · Oct 2015
war child
ajit peter Oct 2015
A child without a name with a strangers seed

Remains of war a Victim of destiny's deed

A sparrow egg laid in eagles nest

Hope to her, the sun setting in the west


A forsaken rose in a lilly field

Wanted by none neither parents to shield

Wandering among the war torn land

Battling the dogs for food in the hand


Care and love she knows not

A days life is all she got

The people of the land made her bleed

For tis the child of enemies seed


Her frail body clothed with rags torn

None to remind her the day she was born

To the merchants of lust her body sold

the seeds of enemity in her heart sowed


Millions born like tis child

Doth our eyes fail to see the place they hide

Cared by none as countries divide

The child of war humanity's darkest side
Born out of **** by the invading armies a life of war child
1.2k · Apr 2014
ajit peter Apr 2014
Tears!born on pains spell
pearls born! Pained shell
Sparkling eyes tears wet
dew drops petals met
Melting heart tears flow
In joy tears glow
Tears emotions to measure
a drop of tear heavens treasure
not be afraid to cry
tears of heart seldom dry
1.2k · Feb 2014
ajit peter Feb 2014
Far in the sky high
twinkling lights shy
Oh doth thou fade
or for eternity made
Light years to fly to thee
yet thou ny destiny to be
starlight shining bright
in tis darkest moment bto light
1.1k · Feb 2014
ajit peter Feb 2014
Lingering thoughts in heart deep
A burning light  dreams doth keep
dreams a call of destiny
a longing of eternity
1.1k · Apr 2014
rainbow hue
ajit peter Apr 2014
What doth give a rainbow its hue
doth the pearl of early morn dew
or the migrating birds that flew
what doth paint the rainbow hue
Is it the love that hearts to sew
or the breeze from far that blew
oh what doth paint a rainbow on sky blue
doth the sea know its color true
yet loved in heaven a rainbow true
tis a love a hue painted without clue
1.1k · Feb 2015
Just let go
ajit peter Feb 2015
Words said just let go
Yet not to stop tears flow
As seconds move slow
Enduring fates aimless throw
Life is it a Broadway show
Gone in a winds blow
Let it go let it go
Reality heart doth not know
Let not go let not go
Oh truth steams of emotions flow
1.1k · Dec 2014
ode to 2014
ajit peter Dec 2014
Days swift hath flown
As a long storm blown
pain and joy few hath drown
even kings lost their crown

fortune and fame eludes few
sucess and love adorned new
Life for few lost without clue
Many a dreams lost as morning dew

Wars and terror held hearts in fear
Natures fury hath torn loved dear
limping hearts burden doth bear
failed ventures seeking dreams near

though many with us not
thank be to life we got
pain on gain love be not lost
Life lived a beating hearts cost

a time around the sun gone
Ups and down lifes song
though our way right or wrong
Lived and living a blessing in the year gone
Let us be thankfull that we lived 2014 for many we know are not with us let us be thankfull that we may see 2015
Happy new year to all in hello poetry
1.1k · Feb 2014
a blind mans torch
ajit peter Feb 2014
A light to shine in dark
With a torch tis blind man walk
blind from the day born
know he not night and dawn
In dark his torch shine bright
To them that see a path to light
deeds of human soul understood not
yet a torch tis blindman has got
1.1k · Feb 2014
ajit peter Feb 2014
Watching the tick of clock
seconds turn minutes and mock
thoughts storm in a dimensions lock
yet thou try its occurence to block

awaiting  the dawn the clock hand tick
star lights still with longer blink
or doth the eye hath a longer wink
soul in time in thoughts sink

Unknown path in life by destinys hand
in the dark in unknown sleepless land
would answers be found in hourglass sand
sleepless nights in insanitys land
1.1k · Jul 2014
in sickness
ajit peter Jul 2014
Life doth reflect
in sickness bed
Days of neglect
fever burning red

words fail to glow
Heart beats dull
thoughts of streams flow
Emptiness silent lull

day goes timeless distaste
Consumed in sick soul
Laid tis day to waste
labour of life stagnant foul

Awaiting the strength to fill
thoughts tis souls mate
oh on a bed lying still
sickness a feeling to hate
1.0k · May 2016
Lifes last journey
ajit peter May 2016
Yonder in time a boatman wait
Behind the misty white death his bait
carrying souls to an unknown land
his path same in journeys uncounted sand

the early morn mist clears to light
rowing close his passenger in sight
he checks the list of destiny for the name
yells to the shore to confirm the same

mortal soul to immortal land
the boatman row with steady hand
A distant melody the boatman sing
A gentle ride sailed with feathery wing

Time swift to the unknown land
The passenger be welcomed by angels hand
What hath thou have to pay the fare
Seek the boatman his journeys share

The mortal look towards the angels hand
What hath i got in immortal land
pointed the angel to a box of gold
Tis your treasure in heaven unsold

Yonder lay in the box of gold
deeds of the passenger in earth to hold
deeds of love and deeds of care
memories of past ever to share

Time stood its ground the passenger thought
He said to the boatman thou shall have all i got
why doth you give all the angel sought
To those on earth I owe in deeds and thoughts

A fare to pay for those who cant
To heavens abode the ride they want
leaving forth the pains and sorrow behind
leaving with sweet memories to the loved and kind
May be my last poem thanks for liking my poems here and many dear friend s from hp
1.0k · Mar 2014
ajit peter Mar 2014
Tis a life of profit and gain
counted loss innocence slain

love measured in gold
Passion an entertainment sold
Poverty humanity to hold
labor of innocent child sold
hunger pains in famine unfold
to the needed food for profit sold
nations war, borders to hold
profited by guns sold

Honor and pride humanitys pain
love of innocent souls sold in vain

Nature her teasures doth hold
Destroyed by greed and sold
beauty of flowers at day unfold
Withered in poison its home sold
beasts born free a zoo doth hold
forest to factories sold

nature by human deeds slain
Sold to us suffering and pain

Time to unchain the sold
996 · Mar 2017
Womens day
ajit peter Mar 2017
Happy Women's Day
And to all the girls turning women one day
Let it not be just a day
Let it be each day sun shining ray
Let it not be just a message to say
Let it be a honor in a man's way
Let it not be celebrated today forgotten next day
A woman safe in earth night and day
A woman not just a object in the way
A heart a part in a man's life to play
Be a message to tie women's day
961 · Aug 2015
Road ahead
ajit peter Aug 2015
Fog of pain veils the path
Burning bridges of enmity and wrath
Unknown destination unknown path
Searched the way in the heart

The compass of life misguided past
The sign board of destination die cast
Know not the end as pains last
Searched the way in the heart

Road ahead to ride ahead
Sign board to ride ahead
Road ahead to ride ahead
Paths to find road ahead
961 · Sep 2015
Just thoughts
ajit peter Sep 2015
Just    Thoughts
        in a drop of tear a world to see
        in a drop of rain joy to be
        in a tick of a clock eternity
        in a single cell life to be
        in a touch of feather hearts be shy
        in a single word the spirits to fly
        in one friend a world to see
        in a wink of an eye love to be
        in a ray of sunshine warmth in heart
        in stars twinkle joy be got
        in a single flower love to tell
        in a smile to cast a spell

        Little in tis world
       yet a lifetime of thoughts
954 · Sep 2015
9 11 a moment of silence
ajit peter Sep 2015
A moment of silence and a candle to light

Memories in the heart glow so bright

A day to honor the Life Lost

Only tears to bear the cost


Soldiers of life for dream to fight

Laid shattered in vengeance might

Neither a gun nor a knife they held

Dreams and Love lay dead


Out of vengeance a damage done

Could time be turned to make it gone?

In the rumble the deaths pain to hear

Echoes still with loved ones near


If ideology gives a right to ****

The earth's grave will fill

If ever a promise to be made

To honor the innocent life's laid


From every heart a love to share

With every hand a gesture to care

In every heart a candle to light

Love and care our weapons to fight.
Tribute to those who lost their life on 9 11
930 · Mar 2014
the black sheep
ajit peter Mar 2014
Heart in torment to weep
untold pain the soul doth keep
Unseen wounds ****** deep
loneliness a company in nights sleep
away from crowd the black sheep
929 · Mar 2014
those where the days
ajit peter Mar 2014
Remember the times when you heard a rupee could go far
now it goes as far as the gasoline u fill the car
those were the days when kids thought the stork bought babies home
now they know even test tubes make them come
those were days when love letters were sealed with the kiss
now the phone gets the kiss and the lips miss
those were the days friends had fun and talked sitting on a wall
now all they talk is a short note on a facebook wall
those were the days we wait for a song with a radio
now the ipods shuffle the songs
those were the days we paid for one and watched all the channels
now we pay for that we dont watch and watch the free channel
times change and change those days
yet those were the days
those where the days
917 · Apr 2017
Author unknown
ajit peter Apr 2017
Worry not
Think what you got
Forget lost
Paid the cost
906 · Aug 2016
A rhyme of life
ajit peter Aug 2016
A rhyme written for life
To end all life's strife
In heart doth it flow
In lips a smile to glow
To them in darkest fear
Courage of love ever near
To them lost and lone
A sweet word reassured tone

In hurdles to fate them that fall
Mock not yet felt be their call
Love hath been torn
Fortune and fame be gone
Yet Ink from a hand in life etched
Deep from heart words fetched
Wheels of destiny doth turn
Fuelled by souls that burn

A robin and eagle not the same
Yet with wings play natures game
A water hole attract a deer in fear
A tiger hidden in grass ever near
A bee doth die with its sting
Yet sweet honey it doth bring

Seldom sacrificed human life
To end earthly strife
Seldom a hand for the fallen soul
To injustice a cry foul
Seldom the hungry be fed
To orphans a warm bed

Rhyme of life indeed
One day forget greed
One day plant loves seed
One day give care to need
One day heal them that bleed
One day hungry to feed
Rhyme of life in need
902 · Feb 2015
ajit peter Feb 2015
Far and wide into unknown
As if a storm hath blown
Endless scene out of window
Doth an idea ignite in lights glow
Faded events as movies play
Moulded in God's hand clay
Who am I what do I be
Our future not us to see
Thoughts in hearts deep
Oh a dream Tis heart doth keep
872 · Mar 2014
ajit peter Mar 2014
Not by the autographs they sign
not by the clothes worn fine
yet to them with deeds divine
true are these heroes as distant star shine

young be a boy helping a blind man
old be a lady lending water in a can
smart be a nurse cleaning a bed pan
even a dog for its dying master ran

rude maybe a teacher yet for the poor a fees he give
hard might be a butcher yet a meat free for poor to live
cruel can be a soilder yet blood he doth give
a hunter even adopts animal kids to live

not by the image heroes they are
not by courage heroes they are
yet by acts of love none see
heroes of time tough little their deeds be
to all those unseen heroes
867 · Feb 2014
roses among thorns
ajit peter Feb 2014
For roses among thorn
born not to be torn
roses among thorn
Pained not among thorn
Troubles and trials in life thorn
yet in time joy in hearts born
867 · Apr 2015
a cross of wood
ajit peter Apr 2015
A cross of wood

Tis the carpenters son on a cross of wood
To slay him the soldiers in hood
tis day in calvary stood
blood of lamb shed for good

Tis the  King born in a manger
Yet to none a stranger
time he cried for water
yet to get bitter vinegar

Tis the son of Almighty in heaven
Times in the cross he cried seven
For Our  dues he made even
A Prayer for his foes to be forgiven

Tis the son of God crowned with thorn
 For our sins his flesh torn
For tis the pupose he was born
Darkness to end in a joyous morn
847 · Mar 2014
a free spirit
ajit peter Mar 2014
A prisoner in societies chain.
tis heart longs for freedom to gain.
held in a prison of pain
fortunes and fame sought in vain

if for a wish to come true.
grant me wings to soar the sky blue
to paint the rainbow with different hue
A heart in love true

A smile as a child pure
strength in storm anchor sure
to the hearts broken a cure
a love to the world pure

if tis life be a song
tis heart shall sing it long
to mend the broken and wrong
a free spirit breaking chains strong
844 · Sep 2015
to a friend
ajit peter Sep 2015
When you are down
ill turn to a clown
when you do cry
ill send a smile to fly
when you feel upset
ill wish u have button to reset
when you are alone
remember two comes after one
when you see the roads end
remember its just a bend
in life out of the few that never end
its the love of a true friend
To honor few who stood by me near and far
844 · Jan 2015
crystall ball
ajit peter Jan 2015
Answer my destinys call
Where doth my future fall
looking deep in the crystall ball
my journeys step stall

fear of failure fear to fail
eludes the victory heart frail
broken dreams in lifes trail
a ruderless ship broken sail

conjure thy magic crystal ball
Show my way in summer and fall
let not fail the hearts call
Courage to walk tall

Through the misty glass I seek
thunder storm lighting streak
Shining sun brightening souls weak
Whispered pains in ears doth speak

show my way let not fall
hold my hand hear my call
give me strength good for all
conjure thy magic oh crystall ball
843 · Dec 2014
a Christmas carol
ajit peter Dec 2014
Share to tis world
care untold word
spare a space in heart
Share the joy thou got
Care to the innocent lot
spare a few thought
Share a beat of heart
care doth cost not
spare the hearts love
share the days joy
care to give a smile
spare a space in heart
share what thou have
care for them doth not have
spare a smile to hearts sad
May joy flood all the hearts in hello poetry and the people of tis world on tis christmas
827 · Feb 2015
38 times around the sun
ajit peter Feb 2015
Years around the sun thirty eight
A wild colt never straight
None to control never a leash
Life a passion to unleash

Failures many success few
Time hath passed morning dew
Yet to live on and walk free
Tis heart beat to be

Thirty eight times around the sun
Life hath been sad and fun
Past be gone yet future new
Loved and left quite a few

Oh to lend a helping hand
Moments gone in times flowing sand
For heaven on earth in Tis land
38 still to stand

Thank for the friend far
Thank for parents in sky star
thank for a year new
Thank for days true
806 · Nov 2016
love by the sea
ajit peter Nov 2016
by the sea blue to watch the sun set
the waves to make thy feet wet
with thee to walk by my side
oh my love in thy heart to abide

The brezze a music to hear
timeless tales the waves doth bear
searching for thy footprints in the sand
oh my love lest i fall hold my hand

sands of time made the sun to sink
twinkling stars in sky to wink
in thy heart joy to fill
oh my love sands of time to stand still
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