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Mar 2018 · 334
To all hp friends
ajit peter Mar 2018
Today is international poetry day

With a writers block and medicine poetry just doesn't come
Jul 2017 · 378
No matter what
ajit peter Jul 2017
Love in heart to keep
Fear not to weep
Be strong to to leap
To dive in trouble deep

Hurting hearts to beat
A smile ever a treat
Victory in every defeat
At hell's gate to meet

No matter what they say
Let love define the way
From heart tis words to say
Let all have joy under sun's ray
Apr 2017 · 884
Author unknown
ajit peter Apr 2017
Worry not
Think what you got
Forget lost
Paid the cost
Mar 2017 · 930
Womens day
ajit peter Mar 2017
Happy Women's Day
And to all the girls turning women one day
Let it not be just a day
Let it be each day sun shining ray
Let it not be just a message to say
Let it be a honor in a man's way
Let it not be celebrated today forgotten next day
A woman safe in earth night and day
A woman not just a object in the way
A heart a part in a man's life to play
Be a message to tie women's day
Mar 2017 · 752
One day
ajit peter Mar 2017
One fine day
One. Lonely way
Just to fly away
Know not the day
Far yet near they say
A price to pay
Seeking sun's golden ray
Hearts wishes to pray
Travelled all the way
Know not the day
Death a scene doth play
Fear not they say
Thy love left behind will stay
Eternal under sun's ray
Feb 2017 · 504
ajit peter Feb 2017
Not uttered by lips
In souls depth found
Not just thrown around
Said to heal the broken heart
Words doth break or make
Words of love
Words of courage
Words in rage
Took back not
Till ends words all we got
Never be harsh with words ita an arrow from a bow a bullet from a gun
Yet it could be an angel with a healing touch cost nothing just a beating heart
Feb 2017 · 634
ajit peter Feb 2017
Conceived from hurt
Nurtured by pain
Filled by sadness
Born in heart
Tears a call for help
May each drop of tear
Be answered
Feb 2017 · 773
Feb 14
ajit peter Feb 2017
The whole world just falls in love
And that to for a day
Should there be a day for love
Or is it to love one day
I do remember the day of love
A special lady had her birthday today
For hers was a true love
A mother's love each and every day
Happy Birthday mom
My mother's birthday is on a Valentine's day
Feb 2017 · 723
ajit peter Feb 2017
Silence a slice of life
A calm before storm
Silence a heart in strife
A gentle healing balm
Silence unspoken words
Feb 2017 · 1.4k
Turning 40
ajit peter Feb 2017
One more spin around the sun
Time flew as ages run
Come tomorrow time not to borrow
Hope smile prevail ending sorrow
Remembered by facebook day
Just another friend on the way
I need not a gift
Love be the only gift
Turning 40 tomorrow
My wish let one day god ends everyone's sorrow
Jan 2017 · 437
One day one time
ajit peter Jan 2017
My wish to rhyme
One day one time
Church bells chime
Sinner I am
Fed not the poor
Clothed not the poor
Sinner I am
One day one time
Only words to rhyme
Save me
Or drown me
To be
Let it be
Life let it be
Even to my enemy
As suffered by me
By me
One day
One time
Let bells chime
Jan 2017 · 373
word of wisdom 10 w
ajit peter Jan 2017
words ten i do say
lessons learnt in my way

A finger pointed at you
brings three pointing for you

they do say you cant
just because they just cant

craziness often mistook as brave
it just leads to grave

judge not by actions today
better reactions awaits for tomorrow

plant a tree give free
when in shade bless thee

a crying child mothers worry
a smiling child everyone sorry

praise of few be carefully
words of advice be cheerful

at all time try happiness
God did not make sadness
Dec 2016 · 340
towards 2017
ajit peter Dec 2016
an year hath passed
A journey around the sun
many hath left us
few do remain
uncertain world
war and famine
hope the next journey around the sun
bring the winds of change
love and compassion to live
charity with good hearts to give
strength and courage

to all hp friends out here
yesterdays darkness
to tomorrows dawn

happy new year in advance
ajit peter Dec 2016
To an Angel

Look into the stars do you see the past
Feel the breeze would the pains last
A cradle in the moon to swing
A lullaby from an angel with golden wing

Times ive heard the lullaby sing
A gentle breeze from the angels wing
Times i thought it was a dream
Till you bought joy in tears stream
ajit peter Dec 2016
High above in heaven a prayer heard
A man whose heart feared
God almighty I did wrong he said
Yet to gain pardon my sacrifice not paid
For Iam poor and cannot pay
A sacrifice needs money the elders say
Father in heaven his heart did pain
oh for the love of tis human to gain
To make a sacrifice his child he sent
To know the human pain in earth to spend
A child in a manjor was born
to them in darkness awaiting joyous morn
A sacrifice to our sins God did give
The greatest gift for poor to live
Christmas a time with joy to celebrate
Gifts and toys and rituals humans create
Doth not for poor God as a child born
yet humanity doth make his heart torn
its not gifts that mark the day
its a love of God to humaniny with his life to pay
Joy not in the gifts we do give
joy be found to give the dying a life to live
Not in the feast a christmas sprit found
A smile to them that cry a melody of joy to sound
to them suffering from hunger war loss of life in sickness loneliness
in debts in cold in pain letvus us share this christmas
Dec 2016 · 683
The journeys end
ajit peter Dec 2016
The journeys end

  Tis the place where the lifes journey ends
  To rest a home it lends
  Rich and poor side by side
  laid to rest three feet wide

  Tis the place where the silence remain
  To rest a home with no pain
  young and old side by side
  wait till judgement never to hide

  Tis the place where the stone tells the tale
  To rest a home, not for sale
  dear and near side by side
  To the heavens journey they ride

  Tis the place where the memories begin
  to the departed a farewell to sing
  friend or foe, coward or brave
  all to end in the deaths grave.
just december people start dying
Nov 2016 · 493
A winter night tale
ajit peter Nov 2016
A winter night tale

Painted world, winters cold
Turning white, roses fade.
Dying fire ,fading light,
stolen dreams ,Awaiting sight.

shivering bones, frozen tears,
longing still ,sun light.
sidewalk house, cardboard box,
Freezing death, Awaiting sight.

Sleeping warm ,heaters on,
blankets bright,Held tight
burning fire, Dreaming dawn.
Tears gone, winter warm.

nights gone,Day born
Frozen death, Winters harm
Blankets Warm,Spared one
Worthy fight, Winters migh
To all homeless people to stay safe this winter
snow is beautiful yet to the poor its a harsh reality
Nov 2016 · 503
Riddle me this
ajit peter Nov 2016
Riddle me this my friend sweet
Look at my face, every day we meet
Thirteen the number You cant find
Who am I tell me do, what i have in mind

Riddle me this my friend sweet
I come with a friend to light the heat
Scratch my head I turn dark
Tell me now to earn your mark

Riddle me this my friend sweet
Waiting for you with a fleet
Bringing joy in the night
Try to count me you wont get it right

Riddle me this my friend sweet
Let us go for a  walk in the street
Let me lift you to the sky high
Romeos in the street to give a sigh

The riddles over my friend sweet
Find the answer I give a treat
If you can do not run
Tell it to others and share the fun
Nov 2016 · 794
love by the sea
ajit peter Nov 2016
by the sea blue to watch the sun set
the waves to make thy feet wet
with thee to walk by my side
oh my love in thy heart to abide

The brezze a music to hear
timeless tales the waves doth bear
searching for thy footprints in the sand
oh my love lest i fall hold my hand

sands of time made the sun to sink
twinkling stars in sky to wink
in thy heart joy to fill
oh my love sands of time to stand still
Nov 2016 · 647
The Poet
ajit peter Nov 2016
The Poet

By the side of the sea blue
lived a poet with a heart true
words were his treasure
books and music his pleasure.

Out from the cupids bow flew
striking the poet without a clue
A sweet poisoned arrow of love
The poet fell like a flightless dove

To this maiden of fair beauty
To give love the poets duty
Under the stars love they made
promised by Ecstasy never to fade

Then by the side of the sea blue
The season changed and a storm blew
The maiden of fair beauty went afar
Tis poet found solace in dim lit bar

time and time the poet cried
memories returned though he tried
moments he neared deaths claw
yet to survive from its jaw

sands of time made the sea calm
Books and music were his balm
In the depth of sorrow he did find
A dream to serve he made his mind

A journey of many a mile
The poet made many to smile
Through the smile the broken heart he did mend
Tis the story of a poet giving smile till the end
ajit peter Oct 2016
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.  - Bob Dylan
To Bob Dylan
Oct 2016 · 589
human touch
ajit peter Oct 2016
Technology walks into world
Flick of a finger bought and sold
ATM machines replace a cashiers smile
Robotic voice replace the sweet voice  in style
Foods and things home delivery bliss
Feel of things we bought we miss
A smile of a known baker
The small talk with a grocer
A few change short overlooked
A special item by request booked
Lost the heart and art of a sale
To machines accurate heartless scale
Human touch with a smile calling my name
A buzz and whirr of a machine never the same
Oct 2016 · 353
ajit peter Oct 2016
He came
He saw
He tried
He failed
The end
He lived
ajit peter Sep 2016
In the world of steel and blood i was born
crazy they call me iam
writing this song

been hungry in life and clothes torn
in the world of
steel and blood i travelled long

crazy they call me they have been
in the world of steel and blood i have grown strong

tosses a
fortune and love played ping pong
loved a dame true yet she never
waited long

crazy they call me iam not king kong
in the world of steel
and blood ill never end my song

crazy they call me if love be wrong

the world of steel and blood courage strong
Crazy they call me my
heart to wrong
in the world of steel and blood till my final gong
Inspired by Bob Dylan  shelter from  the storm
Sep 2016 · 1.6k
missing you
ajit peter Sep 2016
Already missing you
Missing you
A morn without dew
Missing you
Without sunshine you
Missing you
Thoughts for you
Missing you
Heart beat without you
Missing you
Sun set grey hue
Missing you
Night breeze fail to blew
Missing you
Stars and moon without clue
Missing you
Day without you
Sep 2016 · 500
One moment please
ajit peter Sep 2016
The circling earth changing day
Humans wake to run their way
Survival is the game many play
Most doth run for society's say

Race as we rats to cheese
Wealth and fortune to increase
Striving humans gathering disease
Till the pumping heart cease

From a house small to big and better
Worldly praise as a go getter
Belonged to society trendsetter
Wealth in number and letter

A child in a gutter worried later
The beggar in streets society's hater
The race we run corporates wallet fatter
The failed never doth matter

One moment to stand still
Look to the world heart fill
A race we run to climb society's hill
Things thy soul hath to ****

Endless bills peace lost
Sleepless nights the cost
Destiny grim in dark frost
The original dream thou hath lost

One moment do stop please
Talk to a friend at ease
Live not for others to please
Feel thy heart a true wealth to increase

Just one moment please
Sep 2016 · 536
My favourite poem
ajit peter Sep 2016
A tribute to a master

Auguries of Innocence
By William Blake

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour
A Robin Red breast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage
A Dove house filld with Doves & Pigeons
Shudders Hell thr' all its regions
A dog starvd at his Masters Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State
A Horse misusd upon the Road
Calls to Heaven for Human blood
Each outcry of the hunted Hare
A fibre from the Brain does tear
A Skylark wounded in the wing
A Cherubim does cease to sing
The Game **** clipd & armd for fight
Does the Rising Sun affright
Every Wolfs & Lions howl
Raises from Hell a Human Soul
The wild deer, wandring here & there
Keeps the Human Soul from Care
The Lamb misusd breeds Public Strife
And yet forgives the Butchers knife
The Bat that flits at close of Eve
Has left the Brain that wont Believe
The Owl that calls upon the Night
Speaks the Unbelievers fright
He who shall hurt the little Wren
Shall never be belovd by Men
He who the Ox to wrath has movd
Shall never be by Woman lovd
The wanton Boy that kills the Fly
Shall feel the Spiders enmity
He who torments the Chafers Sprite
Weaves a Bower in endless Night
The Catterpiller on the Leaf
Repeats to thee thy Mothers grief
**** not the Moth nor Butterfly
For the Last Judgment draweth nigh
He who shall train the Horse to War
Shall never pass the Polar Bar
The Beggars Dog & Widows Cat
Feed them & thou wilt grow fat
The Gnat that sings his Summers Song
Poison gets from Slanders tongue
The poison of the Snake & Newt
Is the sweat of Envys Foot
The poison of the Honey Bee
Is the Artists Jealousy
The Princes Robes & Beggars Rags
Are Toadstools on the Misers Bags
A Truth thats told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent
It is right it should be so
Man was made for Joy & Woe
And when this we rightly know
Thro the World we safely go
Joy & Woe are woven fine
A Clothing for the soul divine
Under every grief & pine
Runs a joy with silken twine
The Babe is more than swadling Bands
Throughout all these Human Lands
Tools were made & Born were hands
Every Farmer Understands
Every Tear from Every Eye
Becomes a Babe in Eternity
This is caught by Females bright
And returnd to its own delight
The Bleat the Bark Bellow & Roar
Are Waves that Beat on Heavens Shore
The Babe that weeps the Rod beneath
Writes Revenge in realms of Death
The Beggars Rags fluttering in Air
Does to Rags the Heavens tear
The Soldier armd with Sword & Gun
Palsied strikes the Summers Sun
The poor Mans Farthing is worth more
Than all the Gold on Africs Shore
One Mite wrung from the Labrers hands
Shall buy & sell the Misers Lands
Or if protected from on high
Does that whole Nation sell & buy
He who mocks the Infants Faith
Shall be mockd in Age & Death
He who shall teach the Child to Doubt
The rotting Grave shall neer get out
He who respects the Infants faith
Triumphs over Hell & Death
The Childs Toys & the Old Mans Reasons
Are the Fruits of the Two seasons
The Questioner who sits so sly
Shall never know how to Reply
He who replies to words of Doubt
Doth put the Light of Knowledge out
The Strongest Poison ever known
Came from Caesars Laurel Crown
Nought can Deform the Human Race
Like to the Armours iron brace
When Gold & Gems adorn the Plow
To peaceful Arts shall Envy Bow
A Riddle or the Crickets Cry
Is to Doubt a fit Reply
The Emmets Inch & Eagles Mile
Make Lame Philosophy to smile
He who Doubts from what he sees
Will neer Believe do what you Please
If the Sun & Moon should Doubt
Theyd immediately Go out
To be in a Passion you Good may Do
But no Good if a Passion is in you
The ***** & Gambler by the State
Licencd build that Nations Fate
The Harlots cry from Street to Street
Shall weave Old Englands winding Sheet
The Winners Shout the Losers Curse
Dance before dead Englands Hearse
Every Night & every Morn
Some to Misery are Born
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to Endless Night
We are led to Believe a Lie
When we see not Thro the Eye
Which was Born in a Night to perish in a Night
When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light
God Appears & God is Light
To those poor Souls who dwell in Night
But does a Human Form Display
To those who Dwell in Realms of day
ajit peter Aug 2016
Paint a picture with stars
The moon doth give light

Dreams come true or not
Dreaming a pleasure ever got

Seldom found a love true
In time hearts different hue

None is hurt by thorns
We just step on it

Lend a hand wipe tears
Stay long till trouble clears

Love is not ever near
Moments found a treasure dear

Value of a poem determined
Hearts touched and souls defined

Passion a flame fanned high
Separation the cause love die

Bells of glory heard not
By hero in body bag

In the eyes of mother
A child you always be

All life lived blaming parents
When gone they proved correct
Aug 2016 · 238
Experience 10 w
ajit peter Aug 2016
The teacher of experience is
Few defeats and many betrayal
Aug 2016 · 280
Movie theatre
ajit peter Aug 2016
Movie theatre earns my respect
The poor gets front seat
Aug 2016 · 256
Humility 10 w
ajit peter Aug 2016
If you find people below small
Wear glasses of humility
Aug 2016 · 220
Trees 10w
ajit peter Aug 2016
If money grows on trees
The axe replaced by ladder
Aug 2016 · 241
Modern love (10 words)
ajit peter Aug 2016
Love found online
And mobile phone charge
Seldom lasts long
Aug 2016 · 269
ajit peter Aug 2016
In an open heart they walk
Healing words they talk
Promised tis doth not end
With a labelled term friend

Chart they our hearts to smile
With our life in lonesome mile
Some so far some near
Some from childhood held dear

May be time away a lot
Or a better friend got
May be hated by action found
Or a pain that persist around

Yet each heart doth deserve
A love of friendship to preserve
For each heart doth care
Being well dead or alive to share

To talk or share need not be
To stop being a friend a right to thee
Yet to the other who friendship gave
Fade not without a good bye friendship to save

To many who come into our lives as friends and vanish without even a good bye wondering in our hearts what went wrong
Aug 2016 · 3.4k
Shackles of society
ajit peter Aug 2016
Yet to be born from womb
Society doth define our tomb
Birth be not our choice
Cry of a baby a defiance voice
A child to adult we grow
Shackles of society dulls our glow
Unknown path feared to take
Lost our dreams in society's wake
Compared to others in life
A rat race causing hearts strife
Abused are the weak
Blamed by natures freak
A neighbour better envied
An innocent in vanity deceived
Shackes cast by society's die
Hearts loving tears doth dry
Live to be just live to care
Shackles of society abhors to care
Begs he for food begs he for a life
Hated he for tis be his life
None to help none to care
Shackles of society prevents to share
The need of tomorrow today sought
Society's standards pains bought
A child to adult we grow
Seeking societies conformity to glow
The failed  looked below
The winners looked above
Scandals and gossip talk of the town
To the different ,society a mocking clown
Break free oh heart that rage
Let not thy passion held in cage
For long held by shackles as sage
Time to live thy dream written page

Break free with love not hate
Fear not to change thy fate
Them that laugh at thee may be
Jealous as they can't be thee

Shackles society doth hold
To the weak in vanity sold
Happiness and true heart it doth not hold
Break free thy story ever be told
Aug 2016 · 893
A rhyme of life
ajit peter Aug 2016
A rhyme written for life
To end all life's strife
In heart doth it flow
In lips a smile to glow
To them in darkest fear
Courage of love ever near
To them lost and lone
A sweet word reassured tone

In hurdles to fate them that fall
Mock not yet felt be their call
Love hath been torn
Fortune and fame be gone
Yet Ink from a hand in life etched
Deep from heart words fetched
Wheels of destiny doth turn
Fuelled by souls that burn

A robin and eagle not the same
Yet with wings play natures game
A water hole attract a deer in fear
A tiger hidden in grass ever near
A bee doth die with its sting
Yet sweet honey it doth bring

Seldom sacrificed human life
To end earthly strife
Seldom a hand for the fallen soul
To injustice a cry foul
Seldom the hungry be fed
To orphans a warm bed

Rhyme of life indeed
One day forget greed
One day plant loves seed
One day give care to need
One day heal them that bleed
One day hungry to feed
Rhyme of life in need
Jul 2016 · 441
Relativity of time
ajit peter Jul 2016
Small may the distance
Yet far by the constraints of time
Far may be the journey
Yet fleeting fast with a worthy company

Seconds tick the longest in pain
Hours tick as seconds in joy
Weeks fly fast to years
Childhood and youth yesterday's

The sand of time doth not stop
Slow and fast relative
Infinity is a beginning of end
Worth while the time spend
Jul 2016 · 531
To the terrorist
ajit peter Jul 2016
Mother's why doth thy son do this
Fathers can thou not teach life is not all bliss
Carried in a woman's womb
A life born yet in time to end in tomb
Yet why doth we slay Our human brother
Black white yellow doth it bother
Can thou give back a life lost
A bomb a gun a to **** hearts cold and soul frost
Fight for your freedom yes
Human if enemy none less
Creating a world by killing
With grave yards filling
Doth not win a war
In life a deep scar
Fight like a man you fool
A bomb in a bus or in a truck is not cool
Are you a man seeking revenge by killing
Try making the hunger and poor living
What hath thou earned
A dream of souls burned
When life ends what have thou got
Is it ideology or love of life you had cost
None doth go to heaven by killing
To all around the world killed by terrorist attacks remember they are cowards fight can't they face to face be strong
Jul 2016 · 475
ajit peter Jul 2016

Created in a woman's womb
Carried by a father's arm
Spoiled by grandparents love
Cherished by friendship
Educated by teachers
Experience by work
Passionate to a lover
Fun with siblings
Cared by a wife
Moment's with a treasured friend
Affection of a child
Forgive the past
Forget the loss
Live for tomorrow
Give for today
Death will call one day
Walk to it tall
Remember you have done it all
Jul 2016 · 449
ajit peter Jul 2016
in the sea of fate a journey to make
a path of life destiny doth take
the soul is a ship that sail
heart a compass never to fail
storms of pain doth try to drown
Its destination awaits a crown
without care tis a race we run
moments do we stop to wonder the life under sun
for every heart hath a destiny to live
If love be gone the heart hath none to give
Jul 2016 · 1.9k
The moon
ajit peter Jul 2016
in the darkest sky a silver glow
thoughts of time in memories to flow
day after day I watch it grow
till he fades in the times flow
yet in momentary darkness i await his glow
never to fail the silver light in times flow
Jun 2016 · 615
The dreamer
ajit peter Jun 2016
A dreamer he is
Dreams his bliss
Awaiting the lucks kiss
Dreams come true his wish

Dreamt he not for fortune and fame
Not for a beautiful dame
Neither his enemies to blame
Nor in misery forged same

Dreamt he of world at peace
People sharing joy with ease
Wars and borders to cease
Humanity everloving breeze

Dreamt he of a world as one
His be a dream not alone
Many doth wish and dream as one
Dream his wish be done

Dreamers and dreams
Echoed in heart deep
Inspired by john Lennon's song imagine
Jun 2016 · 409
Fathers day
ajit peter Jun 2016
Not just today
In my memory everyday
As suns golden ray
A light along my way
In tis life each day
This heart doth say
Dear dad each day fathers day
Jun 2016 · 436
Forgive me
ajit peter Jun 2016
For things I should have done
Yet didn't do
Words I should have said
Yet didn't say
For debts I should have paid
Yet didn't pay
For kindness I should have showed
Yet didn't show
For to forgive and forget
Yet didn't do
Forgive me
In my road to be
Jun 2016 · 477
Path of love
ajit peter Jun 2016
Search not feel it
Take not give it
Mistakes forgive it
Think not feel it
Fear not trust it
Worry not live it
If not just live it
Falling fly with it
Just love be it
Paths many yet love it
Jun 2016 · 765
Days of young
ajit peter Jun 2016
A box of memories doth open
From present to past woken
Tale tellers magical words spoken
Childhood to adult chains broken

Carefree of the worlds way
Fun with friends under suns ray
Games of football on grass and clay
Homework to do end of the day

Innocent fights forgotten and forgiven
A bicycle a treasure god given
Fear of lessons and teachers cane forgotten
The ringing bell awaited as blessing given

Candy and ice cream shared
A bruised leg or arm never cared
A holiday never missed or spared
Oh sweet memories lay bared

Days of young where hath it gone
Innocence of time lost and torn
Days of young await its morn
Days of young be again born
Jun 2016 · 450
ajit peter Jun 2016
Not by money
Not words as honey
In storm a calm
Hearts healing balm
In cold freezing feeling warm
In danger knowing no harm
Not in fortune made
Not in beauty that fade
Not a precious jade
A love thou hath got
A dream thy heart fought
Knowing not all lost
Pains forgot
Treasured in a friend
A love that not end
In thoughts a smile sent
Wounds doth mend
Friends are a gift a light house in stormy sea an anchor in troubled water
May 2016 · 716
ajit peter May 2016
thank you may be just a word
Yet from heart said when heard
A cry for help not lost
With thy words heart did beat
Thank you if its just a word
Humanity and life be lost
To a friend in HP when all did end
Few words gave courage
And nothing else matters
May 2016 · 731
Lifes last journey
ajit peter May 2016
Yonder in time a boatman wait
Behind the misty white death his bait
carrying souls to an unknown land
his path same in journeys uncounted sand

the early morn mist clears to light
rowing close his passenger in sight
he checks the list of destiny for the name
yells to the shore to confirm the same

mortal soul to immortal land
the boatman row with steady hand
A distant melody the boatman sing
A gentle ride sailed with feathery wing

Time swift to the unknown land
The passenger be welcomed by angels hand
What hath thou have to pay the fare
Seek the boatman his journeys share

The mortal look towards the angels hand
What hath i got in immortal land
pointed the angel to a box of gold
Tis your treasure in heaven unsold

Yonder lay in the box of gold
deeds of the passenger in earth to hold
deeds of love and deeds of care
memories of past ever to share

Time stood its ground the passenger thought
He said to the boatman thou shall have all i got
why doth you give all the angel sought
To those on earth I owe in deeds and thoughts

A fare to pay for those who cant
To heavens abode the ride they want
leaving forth the pains and sorrow behind
leaving with sweet memories to the loved and kind
May be my last poem thanks for liking my poems here and many dear friend s from hp
May 2016 · 1.5k
Unfair life
ajit peter May 2016
Moments in life seldom fair
destiny to some unfair
luck to some coins toss
fate to some never to end loss
a few do bear the unfair pain
the rest doth await for spoils gain
vultures circle a dying prey
human life an unending grey
hurt were the innocent and simple
pains of time lines of old age wrinkle
where doth tis unfairness end
a few till grave in turmoil spend
poor and rich in life unfair
sickness and health in life unfair
many hath asked the question why
yet the answer elusive and shy
held in the heart truth despair
silent tears life unfair
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