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Mar 2012 · 556
Ode to Johnny
AJ Enemie Mar 2012
This is not a love song
This is not a love song
This is not a love song
Aimless rants
Don't you know
Wiseless Johnny
******* man
Just how you inspire me
This is not a love song
This is not a love-songong
Ode to John Lyndon "Johnny Rotten", singer of The *** Pistols and Public Image LTD.
Mar 2012 · 543
To Be On The Brink
AJ Enemie Mar 2012
Honestly, sir, what do you think?
That I'm on the edge, or that I'm on the brink?
Honestly, madam, say what you think.
But, in all honesty, only the greatest sink.
And I'm not that breed of fink.
I don't got no missing link.
I ain't rocking the latest pink.
The earth doesn't revolve around me, but my world does.
And if things aren't fiery I think
I'll find a shrink.
Mar 2012 · 990
Give Me a Feeling
AJ Enemie Mar 2012
Hey, give me a feeling
Hey, give me their feeling
Green swirls out of here
Give me their feeling
Just their feeling
I want to know how it feels to be taped on my ears

Hey, give me a feelin'
Give me their feeling
I like to imagine how it tastes
So give me a feelin'
Give me their feeling
I wanna imagine other wastes

Give me Some feeling
Give me their feelings
I wanna walk in all of their houses
I don't wanna take ****,
I just wanna feel their houses

Give me this feeling
What I'm looking for
But I'm not looking for one
I'm looking for more
Give me a feeling
Just one more feeling
Some other feeling
That I've never felt before
Do they feel as euphoric?
Do they feel as sore?
Do they feel- like- they've never done this before?

Give me a feelin'
Just one more feelin'
I wanna taste a fresh cherry peach.
Give me a feelin'
Just another feelin'
I wanna feel how far the needle can reach

Give me a feelin'
Another feeling
Meditation that's not fueled by tea
Give me a feeling
Another feeling
I wanna feel their feet in the sea

Give me a feelin'
Just one more feelin'
I wanna feel the entire world
Give me a feeling
The whole **** feeling
Just, just give me a feeling
I wanna feel the entire world.
Mar 2012 · 381
AJ Enemie Mar 2012
To clear
I hear
Is for disdain
To clear
I hear
Won't keep you sane
To clear
I hear
Is all the same
As everything
You'll always fade
To clear
I hear

Is a bad game
Feb 2012 · 609
In The Morning
AJ Enemie Feb 2012
Water running in slow motion
Water running, fast-paced
Water running
Running, running, movement
Glossy eyes
Tired from trying to find meaning in everything
That doesn't have meaning
My mouth is sore
From bristled bristles
But nothing turns grey
Feb 2012 · 699
Stubbornly They Unchange
AJ Enemie Feb 2012
Their  spirits are tired,
Their spirits disfaithened
Can not so remember
Why they are, are so parched.
This soul that does wander
Hops bodies forever.
They hope to find one shell
Filled Full to quench their thirst.

A people so angry
Has become cynical.
Bodies don't remember
The feats of old lives.
Like old men are old souls,
So medicine drugged up,
Bitter in tiredness,
Stubbornly they unchange.

In anger I'm waiting
For one life more suiting,
Not inevitably.
Maybe I'm trapped here in
Here in this body thing.
I can not stand my luck.
A spirit unfitting
Cursed men and women both.

I can, atleast, dream of
Something my memory
Is sure to be clear of.
Future brawls in bodies,
Pasts I can't be sure of,
Warriors that I was,
Brains that I did mess up,
Were all my souls doing.
Feb 2012 · 575
AJ Enemie Feb 2012
It’s a known, thought fact this world isn’t that great
While the naïve and the innocent all say life’s so great,
The smart, and the mean too, say we’re all fishes or bait
And the religious ones say that we just gotta wait
But I’ll sit here or stand here, stupidly, and say this is so great
These small things have simple beauty that just can’t wait
They’re small, but right now they seem bigger than fate
And the light doesn’t hurt my eyes, but, man, it doesn’t fade
And here in this moment, yeah, it’s pretty great
Dec 2011 · 644
AP Government Class
AJ Enemie Dec 2011
Some young man is scratched up

They don't wonder why because

He is precisely the person who

Does not seem to belong in this particular classroom

Which is kind of like me

I do not quite understand the kids in "AP"

Advanced Placement, that is

It's a class for adolescents who

Think that they should have the privilege to

Rule our ******* ***** someday and I don't get that ******* so I just write poetry instead
AJ Enemie Nov 2011
How I feel when you say
To me it hurts so much
Bloodsuckingly good intentions
I pull out all of the foreign angsts of past lives
You are forgiven
But not forever
Because you'll die
No greed left in your bones
Maybe some sarcasm, definitely irony
But none of that consumerist ****
Nothing you had
Not people either
Your life's worth...  nothing
My anger wasn't *******
It was sane
Nov 2011 · 415
AJ Enemie Nov 2011

smiles are contextual

         smiles aren't something I do very often

but, occasionally, i'm looking for everything and nothing
and i see it in the way her hips sway when she walks

And I Hate That.
I Never Did That.

and now i'm smiling.
you think i'm lying?
later i'll be crying.
why isn't she dying?
Isn't That What We Do?!

the brick walls surround me
    the depression's mounding up, here!
        I Am Not One Of Those Pigs
           but sometimes you've gotta find something to feel good about ****
Oct 2011 · 1.6k
AJ Enemie Oct 2011
The world
Knock knock
The economy
**** ***** up
I say
Knock knock knock

The girl's made of glass
Her world's made of twigs
When you knock-knocked
The damage that it did

She doesn't like the Kit-Kat
She doesn't like your cat
She doesn't like the government,
the business, the school, the tax
She has a few cute things she likes
She likes herself sometimes
But a little girl with crazy views
Like her
Will die

AJ Enemie Oct 2011
Gutsy words
Facty tones
Make me want to shove your fist in your mouth, because I don’t care about your epic or what you’ve earned.  You’re a kid.  Just a kid,

Smiling, right
Insincere you’re
Defined by a definition of artificiality, there’s a smile over a brand that you sell and you sell it good.  I never would; you never should.

A crowd and
Girlfriend bought
With my looks and my humor. You’re not some gift from god, and if you are I’m more so. But I’m a female and I’m a lab rat.  It’s all I’ll never be.

What a kid
What a hoax
Your eyes are oval and your mouth is oval, like some plastic doll.  I hope you live like them, all the sheep and they never laugh ‘cause they never fall.

Matter of fact
You’re happy dead
Can’t you accept that the world isn’t shaped by those who can say, “You think too much”; the monkeys in their suits who are in such a rush, the people in their cage.

It’s not
It’s not about us being different from one another
It’s not even about me being different from you
I make the world while you go in play in it, or I mess it up
Because you are the world
and I’m just a human, I’m just a girl

Isn’t it ironic?
That you were the trouble maker
I was the good girl
You were once alive
Now you’re a lie
You’re just one lie
You coordinate
And cooperate
I’m irate
I disobey

You just want them and you just want they

But that’s it
Its just it
The world pays attention to all of your ****, just like they do with sitcoms and trash tabloids.  It’s so awful.  And you don’t respect me for being a human being.

But I’m something
I’m everything-
I’m everyone’s rage and somewhere deep where they care
I care
you just care about your picture on a chatroom
with bad music taste
and tight legs and a tight, but

I’m your only black mail
I am the black sheep
and I think

You’ll be that celebrity’s unknown brother; I promise

Sincerely, Freak
Oct 2011 · 2.3k
AJ Enemie Oct 2011
Be yourself
Be yourself
You are stay-in-the-line

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are achieve-in-school

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are parrot-the-teacher

You’re an individual, so I know that you can do as well as them,
because you’re unique
You can be just like them
just as good as them

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are buy-these-too

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are create-your-self

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are mimicking-the-6-foot-model

You’re one of a million, so how about you pick one of these six lipgloss flavours,
because it’s you
You can pick one of these
support the institution with your you-ness

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are corporate-climber

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are defining-your-strengths

Be yourself
Be yourself
You are do-it-for-the-raise

You’re indispensable to this project, you as you as you as a subordinate
because you’re important
you can get where you want in life
if you smash a few heads as you climb
Jul 2011 · 523
AJ Enemie Jul 2011
The reality slips away;
"don't lose your mind," she pleads,
Does she think that somethings wrong with your fantasy?
Everything you hold so dear and grasp so tight, it's just as stable as the night.
Ideals are like a battle scar; the stories change but not where the settings of the battles are.
Dogma changes or stays the same, rhetoric is like play dough shame, but in my gut it feels all the same.

The facts you spout are just in time.
The world changes without reason or rhyme.
The gods you hold like a golden chain don't even sway the game.
The people who look to the light are people, that's why they hold the sight-
the stories they tell to find what they mean, but they were out of breath and they had a dream.
The lights aren't real, but it's all the same.  We all try to feel something called love, whatever we've seen.
Jun 2011 · 395
AJ Enemie Jun 2011
Feel like
     I'm carrying the state of Mississippi on my arms
     Jesus just shot me with a silver bullet
     And I did
     I feel like the sky
     Is it what you feel like when you die

The girl drinks the empty pills
Can't relieve her pain with her thrills

You can't sleep in the colors of the room
I've never felt so
in my
Jun 2011 · 723
[don't] Sober up humanity
AJ Enemie Jun 2011
If there were no illusions
                    no mistakes in judgement
                    no dreams, there would be no dreams

I let it flow, now let it go
Reason's your delusion
Now you're just losing

I'm happy now;  I lie to myself.
The beer is sour and the cross is on a shelf.
Freedom is impossible, it'll always be
Getting out of your mind and world, now that's free

And ya strive
and ya die
and ya fight til the end

That's what life's about
getting as close to freedom as you can
when we do, we'll be gone, but it's worth the end

Don't sober up, humanity, it's worth your stupid epiphany, to dream like there's a reason to dream.  Dream when there's no reason to dream.
May 2011 · 523
Growing out of it
AJ Enemie May 2011
When she entrusted in me her golden locks
the tips were dyed orange,
but now all is lost

The punk-*** grrrl liberationist made me a deal
and I could've sworn that she'd made sure
that she couldn't feel

She believed that only logic and reason could sway me
but I'm weak for my hatred that
burns inside me

The hatred for the person that would grow into me
I wanted to destroy her so that
I could look at me

and now when I look in the mirror
I really see a girl
ugly and fake

but at least I see a girl

she told me how but she didn't tell me what
she cried a lot but she didn't even cut
she thought I'd always be her, and she me, but
she wouldn't have given up this easily

she ****** her head up when she felt she should
she didn't **** herself when she didn't look good
she was a fighter, and a lone rebel like a wolf
she wasn't the make up and denial; she was tough

And I think I'll cry, but the anger's not raw
Now I fight against her cause,
It wasn't about punk,
It was about the struggle, the rage, and the beauty of flaws
May 2011 · 525
AJ Enemie May 2011
I get pain in my joy and joy in my pain
I get pizza an' marshmallows, joysticks, juice, and things

Resistance won't break out
won't **** up your head
and if it does
thank god you'll get dead

The caged bird sings
but it's got a tiny head
so you cook all it's flesh
and keep yourself fed

The time is coming
and you'll be happier then
when you just get nothing
so your flag can win
Thank god you'll get dead
May 2011 · 632
AJ Enemie May 2011
  Trying to fit some kind

of cookie jar

Art,  Trying to break some kind of
   cookie cutter
with scissors too sharp
you always get it too hard

And then it all breaks through
like the blue blood bleeding red through

And they say you're revolutionary
but it was just temporary

art is imperfection, inherently imperfect
   but, man, that's what we're trying to do
      You took the thought out of it
         you took the hate out of it
           now you've sold it out, the exploited's all it is

what I want would weaken whatever we wish we'd finally win
fighting for false expectations, failing, and failing again

The girl stares at her screen for inspiration
       but when she finds it
       don't know that she finds it
       she feels it, she feels it
       but words only betray you, if they're only sentiments.
       facts are more constant but you never feel them
       feelings hurt harder when you never shield them

Nothing is constant

you're not a                   i don't care
      don't even fool yourself; you're not even an artist
      don't wave no black bandana, you're not an anarchist

Just a basketcase, wrecking her every space

staring up into the sky
trying to find meaning where it doesn't exist
May 2011 · 521
my hope
AJ Enemie May 2011
Everything disintegrates.
One realization leads to another epiphany.

Where I had once assumed my world lied,
Now my thoughts lie,

but I don't cry.
No longer do I cry.

None left to defy,
And no wings left to fly,

Once again, I've become who I hate,
What I hate.

When I am discontent with my presentation,
  when I am all that was left for me to become,
  am I resurrected,
  or more likely insurrected,
  stronger, wiser, sexier, more of a gorgeous reality.

I am a winner.
I won that last game;
  that last identity beaten,
  my person is lying on the floor,
  but my soul is not defeaten
Hey, look, made up a word; "defeaten"
Apr 2011 · 461
That's what I'll say
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
I hate my god in front of me;
or that's what I'll say
when I rise above or sink below
I loathe that very day.
Father, father, why did you
**** me in my sleep?
I'd rather die violently, as I will,
than fall to destiny like sheep.
The gunpoint is a forgiving force
compared to living forgotten,
I'd like to live in sin; **** your regard.
I know that I'm plain rotten.
If I see you in heaven above,
I'll kick you and I'll scream.
Because my brothers and sisters below
didn't agree to this ******* thing.
No, I won't mark this one explicit.
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
I hope death takes me before
The mindless chatter
The shallow water
The spinning chair
The scurrying trivial everything and battling insecure politics
Muted voices chiming out
Those pretending to believe in their dreamless lives
What is belief without a dream
What is life without the reassurance of death or at least

I don't want to cry about my hair
when the tint bounces back from white to gold
I don't want to cheer at the birth
of another cruel institution

I hope death takes me before
The white flag of "what shade of white is my favorite white flag?"
Apr 2011 · 461
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
There is a time when man-made is more beautiful than natural.

It fascinated me
        The sunny day, a bit chilled
        Buildings towered over me like silver chiefs
        A man in a grey hat and a business coat slivered past

What was it that made me look
        Over and under my head
        To try to find what wicked soul was pulling his string?
        I suppose there is a gun driving this handsome scene, like always.

Entering a room that seems so sincere
       To learn it was just planned;
       The better the food, the better the fantasy;
       Is it wrong for me to suspect that only the decaying walls can be real?

I feel like I'm giving in
To some kind of evil sin
I can't find the place I've been
I want this ****** boy to win

Jealousy is just another way
To say I love your way
I'd roll my eyes every day
If I just knew what's the pay

I'll admit I love metropolis
I'll admit I'm just a hoax
I look at the buildings like I look at the air
I know they're beautiful, It's fine and they're there
And that it's theirs
Basking in Chicago's rain, and in Chicago's wind
I have no home, as far as I'm concerned, but I hope I come back again
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
When you look at the ground and see a flower sprouting out of a crack in the concrete, you don't ask why the concrete formed on top of the ground
Which so clearly belonged as a home to the flower
You ask what that flower is doing sprouting out of that concrete

And the flower still sprouts no matter the place or the concrete

On cloudy days in cities sometimes you don't see the stars very clear
Only in the most polluted areas do you tend not to see them at all
You tend to say that there are no stars that night when you don't see them at all

But they are always there
No matter where you are, even when you see none
Even if they are hiding from a world who'd rather not see stars
They'll always be there

If people ask me if I've ever grown out of this stage
I hope that I respond that everyone dies,
Usually from age,
But you don't
ask an old
person if
grown out of life

And, when someone dies
Someone is always living
And you can't try and
Operate on death  if
someones still living

What we consume will be produced again and be consumed again if we look at it the right way, but will we?

Even when we don't see a living soul
Even when we don't see a star in the sky
I promise they are there

I promise we resist, hold our ground
fight for it, resist, as is our nature
Just like the flower sticks to the ground
I will stick my soul; I will stick to my heart
I will even if you don't want me to
Apr 2011 · 912
Lucky No. 84
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
Lucky number 84
The message you put on my grave-
Look at me in the face.
Deception and deceit-
You put me on my feet.
"With all my body, I need to defeat you.
That's my purpose,".
says a raygun mind
Oh, sad, desperate, bored, me
Fires or no fires in Cairo-
I don't care, no.
Someday I will.
Lucky number 84
I imagine freedom fighting is harder than it looks.  Dedicated to the brave revolutionaries fighting against despotic govts in various countries throughout the mid east - You inspire me.
Apr 2011 · 501
To the Chain on Her Neck
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
The girl smiled, and in her head she sang a song.

She leaned back; the sun was beating on her freckles all along.

She licked her lip while it was under her teeth.

Her shirt was painted like the Great Barrier Reef.

She turned around and adjusted her neck.

Everything was different; she didn't know what to expect.

The beach was gone, but she still thought the same.

All of her instincts were acquired while playing a game.

In this world, nobody read about her rise to fame.

She remembered never really rising up.  She always remaind lame.

Why was she always too busy to touch the snow or watch the rain?

But, all of this didn't affect her educated guess.

Maybe she was asleep, maybe this was her god-given quest.

Never ever did she think to believe
that she just saw what she was told to see

Never did she suspect that her reality was just perception;
something of that effect.
From the colors she saw to the chain on her **neck
Apr 2011 · 1.2k
The Birds Chirp
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
The birds chirp;
I hope what they're saying doesn't mean a-thing.

If it does, it's a shame I hear nothing.
(Just chirps)
Apr 2011 · 3.5k
No Respect
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
No respect
bound to a hateful cause-
No respect
Your vengeance fills your head with false.
No respect
You should listen to your head and your soul.
No respect
Do you think you're cool?

You're  always right.
The world is always black and white.
The liars always lie.
The fighters always fight.

No respect
Protect your sisters
No respect
You're ******* bitter
No respect
Do you want this to happen again?
No respect
You don't give a ****, do you think you'll win?
I marked this as explicit because of my dropping the Fbomb.  This was supposed to be lyrics for a song for my "punk rock girl band".
AJ Enemie Apr 2011
In front of me, there is
Sensitivity but no respect
Revision but no change
Charity but no real action
Apathy; no opinions

There is a malevolent, beautiful perfection
I feel it slick and cold

Your optimism beats my realism, my cynicism
In keeping you down

In front of me
There needs to be

Intelligent people
who see past their education

who see
not what they want,
but what they **need
When I think about it; this could be paradise. for a person who doesn't like to think.
Mar 2011 · 421
big words
AJ Enemie Mar 2011
As long as you keep using big words** you ****.

I hope you die; you aren't very real.

The world is a circus.  The world is a zoo.

I hope no one slows down their **** for you.

I don't use big words all the time, 'cause, you see-

I don't have a body to impress but me.

I don't just think; I also feel-

And I feel that's what poets ought to do.
Kind of bashing myself.  I wish more people understood what I had to say.  Apologize for any profanity.
Mar 2011 · 520
How did she come to be?
AJ Enemie Mar 2011
So, I guess I'm a museum now.  **** it, I'm a wonder of the world
They'll say; "How did she come to be?"

Well, I don't care about them
I'm not going to rip your heart out because you can't put your hand on your chest and feel your
I'm not going to scam the whole world with nuclear winter just 'cause they can't keep their ice cream from melting.

Why would anyone do that?

They can mess up;
They can ***** up.
I don't give up;
I just want them to live up.
Can't they see?
(I'm not writing for myself.)  Sorry, I tend to use profanity.
Mar 2011 · 368
She is Guilty of Nothing
AJ Enemie Mar 2011
The guilty girl sits in her room,
What is she guilty of?
I don't know.
Everything she does makes her feel like she's being chased by a dog.

"Baby,"  He says to her; that girl in his mind.
He looks at his own face
and he thinks he feels her body next to him,
He looks back at his mirror again.

Now the first girl is peering back at him.
The second girl had disappeared,
considering the urgency of the situation,

The guilty girl starts to cry in her "filth",
In front of that mirror.
(on identity)
Mar 2011 · 1.1k
The Children aren't Shocked
AJ Enemie Mar 2011
The children aren't shocked
They're staring at the screen
Watching the mad fires on the DTV
The children aren't shocked
They know so well what's true
Police hats, stolen, could be me or you
The children aren't shocked
After a day of COD
The children aren't shocked
By the books they have to read
The children aren't shocked
"Riot ****" is eye candy

What do you expect?
The freeing feel of mayhem;
Mayhem unlike you bosses make it
The feeling isn't the world
The world is the feeling
The children aren't shocked
Merely satisfied
This computer generation consumes pixels and burning cop cars

— The End —