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 Mar 2012 AJ Enemie
Jesus Christ, Lord Almighty
     Expel my demons and watch them die with me
Satan Lord, Leviathan
     Give my demons an interesting origin
Plague me with poets smoking joints rolled with rejected poems
     Fill my thoughts with cockney accented thespians
Let them hold Academy award nominations from films long forgotten
     Enthuse my self-destruction
Bring me goth kids brought up in wholesome homes
Bring me Art school students choosing to abandon their degrees
Bring me women aroused by smashed clocks
Bring me men aroused by awkward teenagers
Bring me Christians questioning their faith
     Lord Almighty, God, Yahweh, Jehovah
Tell me the story of your disagreements with Vishnu
     Let me see Moloch's disgruntlement and subsequent drunk and disorderly
Show me when Hera was seducing your nephew
     Bring me into the world of the soap opera battles
Write to me Paris
Write to me Paris
     I want to read your poetry
     I want to read your mind
Sing to me Helen
Embrace me and we shall escape from torments
    Heavenly and humane
We shall watch hipsters walk past us
Smoking Spirits and drinking poison berry teas
     Let Adam grow disgruntled
     Let children laugh
If, Lord Jesus, you grant me my wish
    Send me a djinn with evil in his heart
Who's bound to be annoyed by my desires
    Send me an ent to lift me above my world
Send me an elf to love me for all my time
    Send me a mountain to travel over home
Transport me to Germany
Transport me to Spain
Transport me to New Zealand
Give me a free pass, one-way ticket to Darwin's islands
    Write my story so that I collect new, unprecedented species
And devour the flesh of my find
Hide me in Antarctica with a monstrous creation of my own mind
Let me eat
Let me gorge
Then starve me
    Show me Caligula
    Show me Marilyn Monroe
    Then leave me with Ed Wood
And force me to watch his films so that I may inherit my grandfather's fortune in comic books
    Which, of course, will bring her to love me again
Oh Lord Jesus
Lord of Hosts
Possess me so that I may live again
 Nov 2011 AJ Enemie
 Nov 2011 AJ Enemie
This One Time,
                        I stripped naked
        and ****** my couch.
This other time
  I threw a copy of The Fountainhead
at an RV moving at 64 miles an hour
  I have a tree
            In the foothills
    named Clementine Valencia Jeff
  and the same day, me and John
made a religion with Adam based
       on cloud formations
      You see, I'm a weird guy
         I got
           I got problems
      I see a therapist
           Her name's Rhonda
        She likes Batmaa aaaaan
     She sees people worse than me
        but recognizes I got problems
     and she
         she tries to help
            cause I got problems
      and the
         and the problem
                   with having problems
           is function
         You can't do anything
  You live to defy expectation
  And - and it's really hard
     to get into college
    You never really get accepted
       and and
            and even if
        even if you do you
               you never really accept that
  It's hard out there for a freak
I get lost within my own
       ridiculous quandaries
  You feel like you're not
    you're not built right
      like something's wrong
  and you just punch and
    and kick and
       and destroy
   Whatever feels des-
           destroy able because it gives
       But I finally think I -I
               found my mantra
My my
       My compass thing
   My map whatever

   It has the same number of
letters of something very very dear
     to me
      and that holds meaning
    I wrote it on the back of my door
      my door
  and- and I sprayed it on a
  I actually got it from a videogame with
   with a
    with Ayn Randian themes
   It's religious
   and every night now
before I go to sleep
       I- I look into Neil Patrick Harris's
   feel the warmth of my wonderful blanket
  admire some handiwork
    read about serial arson
close my eyes and tell myself
     She is our Salvation
 Oct 2011 AJ Enemie
curious to distinguish that which resides within us; defined so greatly by our flesh and the colour of our fingernails and what’s underneath our blouses or the size of his

but to figure out yourself is to figure out the universe.

curious as our species is, our species yearns to advance
and in that acquires indolence.

                                                     ­                            [one home
                                                            ­                      one source
                                                          ­                        one try]

like black molasses, poison gases;
curious as to which race our race is running.
but to figure out the meaning is to figure out yourself.

the blueprints left of thou are hidden in plain sight;
the blueprints left of thou are hidden in the planes (see it)
are hidden in the mountains,
are hidden in the trees.
o’ rotten heavens, fill our souls with waste but veil the orders that you’ve written:

what happens when we renounce?
*to figure out the universe is to figure out the meaning.
 Jun 2011 AJ Enemie
Tam Robbie
I bleed my resistance,
But you will never bend my knees.
I will not come with you.
You will not take me.
I will lie, defiant,
Hunched in the dark
Until I bleed my last.
And breathe no more.
You will not drag me,
Into the maw of hell,
Or into hedonistic heaven.

I will fight,
Until my blood runs empty.
And as I lay in the dust,
Numb and hollow.
I will have beaten you
One last time.
Please, stop talkin' 'bout yourself that way
as if you have a smaller brain
No one's buying that but you

You care too much about your good grades
and all the things your teachers say
Don't you know those thing will never last?

Educated idiot
In the desk right next to me
Educated idiot
Writing on the board where you teach
Educated idiot
Your words, they sound so sweet
From the pulpit where you preach once or twice a week,
once or twice a week

Well I don't want to know how much you get paid
or hear the ***** details 'bout the last time you got laid
Sometimes you really make me sick

You act like you have somethin' important to say
but then you treat people like animals
no, only a fool will listen to a word of it

Educated idiot
In the desk right next to me
Educated idiot
Writing on the board where you teach
Educated idiot
Your words, they sound so sweet
From the pulpit where you preach once or twice a week,
once or twice a week

Oh, how do drugs and cigarettes
help us to achieve
the greatness locked inside of us
that no one else sees
We're all wandering aroung
on nameless roads
the destination
no one knows

Lookin for a chance to bathe in the see

Please, don't be

The Educated idiot
In the desk right next to me
Educated idiot
Writing on the board where you teach
Educated idiot
Your words, they sound so sweet
From the pulpit where you preach once or twice a week,
once or twice a week

The red sun gazes upon a blue moon’s reveries
While the baker glazes over our doughnuts memories
5-9 TV talks of talcum dreams,
Suicide sweet
****** machines.
Fascist fornication with communist candy
Tastes kinda like Yankee doodle dandy

I whisper over the roar of a glazed man grazing,
Dazed, and drowned,
to the Automated telenation:
“Don’t use self checkout lines,
Don’t let the robots win!”
Read this one aloud. In fact do that with everything I write. Including this note.
 May 2011 AJ Enemie
Ted Hughes
"No, the serpent did not
****** Eve to the apple.
All that's simply
Corruption of the facts.

Adam ate the apple.
Eve ate Adam.
The serpent ate Eve.
This is the dark intestine.

The serpent, meanwhile,
Sleeps his meal off in Paradise -
Smiling to hear
God's querulous calling."
On a roof in the Old City
Laundry hanging in the late afternoon sunlight:
The white sheet of a woman who is my enemy,
The towel of a man who is my enemy,
To wipe off the sweat of his brow.

In the sky of the Old City
A kite.
At the other end of the string,
A child
I can't see
Because of the wall.

We have put up many flags,
They have put up many flags.
To make us think that they're happy.
To make them think that we're happy.
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