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I'm not happy
But you love me
So I'll be okay
I think
I wish you still loved
my handwriting
my bangs
my intelligence
my laugh
my smile
my eyes
my accomplishments
my stubbornness

I fear you've forgotten everything except that you plan on staying here.
I think once your mind wanders to

their sleeping breathe on your neck
the warmth under your shares covers
their dreaming hand finding yours

you're pretty much ******.
It doesn't hurt to think about you.
You didn't hurt me.
It hurts to think about me.
Who I am, what I've been.
I thin I may have broken my own heart.
I've never given you this much trust before. I've always control.
But what if you stop, when I no longer make you?
What if you choose someone else, when I no longer make you choose me?
I never had this trust and I don't know where I'm mustering it up from.
You're what I looked to when I was losing someone else.
I don't know who to look to now.
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