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Amy Childers Mar 18
My tar pit heart
Holds all of the souls of
my loved ones.
I watch them gasp for air
But they drown in my
Tar covered sorrow.

I am sorry . . .
Amy Childers Mar 18
I feel like a broken clock.
I always want to move forward but I go 10 minutes back.
I hang on the white wall with red dots and tick to the beat of my dead heart.
When someone notices I am telling the wrong time they
Drop me in the box that
Is labeled

Rejects . . .

Then one day they take me out of the box
And hang me on the wall again.

Like a broken record they do this sick cycle again and
                                                                              again and
                                                                                      again and
                                                                                                   again . . .
Amy Childers Mar 16
 not realize
   how much you
     meant to me until the
    tear ran down my face and
      into your endless and black  
     oblivion. Too bad I had to
    let you go without a
     goodbye. . .
Amy Childers Mar 14
We were connected to each other once.
A red string connected our hearts
and passions.
Your love filled me like a balloon
With helium and I felt so light and boundless.

"Why did you cut the string that brought us together?"

". . . because I love you . . ."
Amy Childers Mar 14
Screaming faces and walking mannequins.
They are no longer my parents but concrete walls.
-"You told me to work more hours ******!"
-"Why do you always work over. I wanted to spend time with you!"

Murmured words and uttered curses.
I have never seen inanimate objects show so much emotion.
Black and red walls with no portraits has never seemed so appealing.
Escape while you still can they whispered to me.

"How can I leave when I have nowhere to go?"
Amy Childers Mar 13
Pressed flowers in books of lore and
Dead poems lying on the floor.
Small journals of what could have been and
Dolls with button eyes and dimpled chins.
Unfulfilled art of the child's grin and
Dusty love and its unjust end.
Just looked through my bookshelf and this is what I found.
Amy Childers Mar 12
Fireflies in a jar . . .
                         Camping by the fire . . .
Looking at the stars . . .
                          For all the world to admire . . .

All things found in nature
Are being destroyed for mans greed.
We believe that we own this world
But truly it belongs to me.
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