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AapkiHamesha Feb 2014
Humming all the sad songs
In this forest of white
I saunter through slowly
Reminded of blue, or green,
Maybe grey
Depended on the day
Melancholy coos
Dying to escape from
Crimson lips that
Only for you
AapkiHamesha Feb 2014
Drunk slurs on your tongue

Between your teeth 

Escaping your lips too quick for you to catch 
Letters that your heart adores

Spun together by inebriation 

Much to the dismay of your reason

Spelling my name
AapkiHamesha Feb 2013
I dream, I dream.
How I will be,
When his eyes finally lay on me.

I wait, I wait.
Please don't be late.
My brown eyes, my long hair I'll decorate.

My Blue Eyed Beast,
Your eyes like seas.
I adore, I adore,
To swim.
AapkiHamesha Feb 2013
And then your sleepy gaze finally closed for the night,

On my beating heart, your head full of forever rested and dreamt,

I hummed you Your Song, so you can drift deeper into your paradise,

I gently combed your short hair with my fingers, I felt the prickle on my skin,

My love cannot be contained, it spilled over my slow breath with a giggle,

I hugged you closer to me with my other hand, I'll never let go.

When that sun tickled my eyelids, my cheek was on your heart,

My hair spilling over you, your hands running through it,

I look up at you, squinting, you smile and whisper,

"Don't get up, I want to hold you for a little more."

So I giggle once more, squeeze you tighter, and fall deeper into you,

Into my paradise.
AapkiHamesha Jan 2013
I meekly rummage through my purse
Looking for my tangled earpHones
The sweet sounds of guitar and synth fill my ear
As we pass Eglinton West
I wait for the last minute of the song
Where I maximize the volume
Just to hear the faint bass in the ocean of noise
Like my pastel jelly fish amongst navy blue
Stinging my tearducts with poison
Is your bass
That romantic tune forever ringing in my ears
Like your breathe down my back
Like your eyelash on my cheek
Like your fingers in my hair
The same that pluck that bass
Cascading ******* sound waves through my tired mind, romantic heart
I put your bass away, back in my purse
And walk the streets of my city
Where I see you everywhere
You can't be put away neatly in my subconscious
You're their bassist,
But most of all,
You're my front man.
AapkiHamesha Jan 2013
I adore everything about you.
And I hate that I do.
Because it makes everything harder.

It makes me shake.
I can't even write a euphonious poem anymore because the thoughts in my mind are no longer so.
You're absolutely everything to me, yet, in all honesty, you're nothing.

It's that slightly shorter tooth.
It's that dimple in your chin.
It's that smirk I know you make when you like something I say.

It's when you said you'd like to steal my lips.
It's that moment when you said you'd dream of me after I sang for you.
It's that time you said my skin drives you mad when you think about it.

It's how you're the only one who knows about the hidden devil.
It's about how you love the way my tongue illustrates words bewilderingly so.
It's the way you want my mind just as much as my body.

It's about how you love dinosaurs and your dog.
It's the way you message me 4:00 in the morning with only a heart and a smiley face.
It's how I would do absolutely anything for you.

Like a drug, how I would sell my soul for just one more hit.
It's a lie, when I tell myself I love someone else.
It's the truth, when I say I would wait my whole life loving and waiting just for you.

It's how I pour my heart out this way,
I can never have you.
He must never see this.
AapkiHamesha Dec 2012
Pull me away from this foggy street,
Show me why it is you love me.
Why it is you need me.
Why it is you pull me.

Pull me into a nook of the city.
Squeeze me tight, don't let me free.
How can I be,
Your perfect fantasy?

To my heart, you have the key.
You come in so frequently.
It's hard to believe,
I won't let you leave.

Dim lights illumine the street,
You still haven't shown me,
Why it is you love me.
Why it is you need me.

I know you want me.

Am I only your perfect fantasy?
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